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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 23.2: Dance With The Orcs! (4) Bahasa Indonesia

“Aaaagghh!!! Y, You! You goddamned bastard!! F*ck youuuu—!”

A bat screamed in the air.

‘What’s this…’

Lugar looked at the bat with a ridiculous expression on his face.

Until just now, he was fighting quite fiercely with a human named Howl.

This Howl came out to be a better warrior than that previous human named Clark, thanks to which Lugar was quite enjoying this duel.

As the duel continued, Howl suddenly made a big mistake, probably due to the lack of strength.

‘Is it only up to here.’

Leaving behind his disappointment, Lugar swung his sword to finish this duel at once.

His sword was on the verge of ripping this human’s body to pieces.


When the smoke rose up with a sound, and a bat flew up through the smoke.

It was certainly surprising upto this extent, but what was even more surprising was this absurdity of a bat who was now screaming curses at that gutsy red-haired human.

The heck, the bat actually talks?!

At the sight they were experiencing for the first time in their life, Lugar and other orc tribesmen were stunned.

“I was a moron to believe in you! You sick human!”

“Can vampires believe in humans? My ãss..!”

On the other hand, the red-haired human who was being repeatedly cursed by the bat was laughing crazy while holding onto his belly.

The laughter seemed to have simulated more of the bat’s anger, who cursed like crazy but the red haired man’s laughter didn’t take a stop.

And so, a more confusing sight was enstaged—

A bat hollering curses one after another, while the human laughed nonstop, saying that it was the first time in his life that he had ever seen such a stupid vampire.


Even Lugar had heard of vampires.

They look like humans, but are actually monsters in human skin that can’t be compared to normal humans.

When he was way younger, he had been once told by his father to be prepared to lose his life if he ever met a vampire.

‘…I’m sure my father’s expression was serious.’

Lugar once again looked at the screaming bat.

“I will kill you someday! Surely kill you! No, death is not enough! I will make you my eternal slave and make you suffer for the rest of your life! Do you listen, you human punk—!”

‘…that’s it?’

No matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t believe it.

“Don’t be shy mate, go and tell your master. If he did one more stupid thing, I would tie him up and make him eat only garlics for the rest of his vampire life.”

“How dare you..!!!!!”

“Why, you wanna fight?”

Cloud shrugged his shoulders.

His hand was already inside a pouch of grounded garlic. He was planning to sprinkle some tasty grated garlic into the vampire’s eyeballs if he dared rush in.


Krappa fell into silence.

He would, by heart, like to tear off this man’s jaw right off his face right this instant, but the situation didn’t permit Krappa to do so.

He was already in a bad state because of the overconsumption of garlic which was no less of a poison to vampires. Moreover, he was present in the direct sunlight.

In such a situation, he even had to use his blood skills against the orc in the duel, which completely make the blood inside his body go berserk.

If he doesn’t find a safe place right now and stabilizes his blood, he will definitely be left with a great sequelae. There may be even aftereffects, which will weaken his strength, and then he may have to step down lower in the hierarchy of power in his master’s family.

“As soon as my body recovers, I will definitely find you! Until then, wash your neck clean!”

In the end, Krappa had no choice but to flee, while only leaving behind some threats.

“Oh, well, well, I got threatened.”

Cloud smiled and stepped forward and stood in front of Lugar.

“Then, I shall be the last one.”

“…Was that really a vampire just now?”

“Hm? Oh, right. Is this your first time seeing a vampire?”

“Yes. I’ve heard of them from my father. He said that vampires are a terrifying existence, but now, it just looks more like an exaggeration.”

“I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. It was only because he was very weakened earlier, that’s why he lost, if it wasn’t for certain things that happened earlier, your life would have been in danger. Especially if it was at night, you would have died unconditionally.”

“…is it that bad? The vampires?”

“Mostly, but no matter what, they can’t be ignored.”

“Wasn’t he also your follower?”

“I didn’t take him with me, he just followed me on his own. Ok, when will the duel start? I think we better finish this early.”

After a moment of thoughtful silence, Lugar looked at Cloud for a moment and said.

“Apparently, you are after all just a young human, but I will give you another chance. Give us that money, I will safely send you to the border.”

“But I don’t need it.”

Cloud drew out his sword.

His sword gleamed in the sunlight and radiated a soft silvery light.

“…you are risking your life.”

Lugar sighed. Soon his eyes turned sharp.


With the sound of crackling of the wind, his blade aimed for Cloud at high speed. The blade came from an upper right oblique angle. Cloud placed his sword’s front toward the direction the blade was coming from.

‘Stupid decision.’

Did he not learn anything from the previous battles?

If one can not even learn anything from watching his predecessor’s results, one doesn’t deserves to be called a warrior.

The greatsword containing Lugar’s might touched Cloud’s sword. Just at that moment, Cloud moved. He glided, moving with the sword surface, dispersing the shock.


The greatsword hit the floor with force. Making the sand and dust rise in the air.


Finding the change, a sword was swung in an inverse angle and passed by Lugar’s arm.

His skin was torn and blood dripped down.

Not only Lugar, but also the orcs and the humans were greatly surprised.

The moment the greatsword touched Cloud’s sword, everyone thought he would die as horribly as Clark, but suddenly he moved with a whirl, and not only did he avoid the greatsword, but also injured Lugar’s arm.

‘I thought he didn’t have the qualities of a warrior… but actually, he’s the most warrior-like guy…’

He had judged his opponent’s abilities rashly.

Lugar reflected briefly and paid attention to Cloud. He was no longer complacent like before and was going to take his opponent seriously.

“Even though I equipped a bleeding ring with my attack power ring, that’s all…”

Cloud muttered something that Lugar couldn’t understand. Looking at the ring on his finger, Cloud raised his head and stared at Lugar.

“That thing on your shoulders. It’s a glyph, right?”

“…how does a human knows about that?”

“There is no other way to explain the compactness of your body.”


The mysterious power of the orcs that descends from the distant past.

A warrior with a glyph engraved on him inherits the karma of the monster he kills and acquires the abilities that commensurates with it.

It is also an ability that the Hero Gis obtains later.

“…that’s right. This glyph was procured by defeating the giant scorpion that plagued the tribe a few years ago.”

When he heard the word giant scorpion, Cloud thought of the scorpion’s shell. Soon, he understood why Lugar’s body felt strangely impenetrable.

“I see, I see. Then let’s do what we shall be doing.”

Cloud pointed his sword at Lugar. Lugar jumped up and slammed his greatsword down towards Cloud.

The duel continued under the fierce supporting chants of the orcs and the humans.

* * *

The heat and vigour surrounding the duel was soon gone. Not only the orcs, but also the humans watching the duel couldn’t speak.

Thud! Thud!

This time, Lugar’s greatsword did not reach Cloud. His sword banged on the ground and made a dull sound. At the same time, another large scar was made on his back.


With a sonorous bellow, Lugar swung his greatsword wildly. The hulking piercing force seemed to be on the verge of tearing Cloud’s body to pieces at any moment.

But in reality his body was still safe and sound.


The wounds on Lugar’s body increased one after another.

After that, the fight continued for several dozen more minutes, and soon Lugar—

—knelt down on his knees.

Countless wounds were carved on his herculean-like body.

He wasn’t wounded as deep as it seemed, but he was left exhausted.

Blood from his body pooled down on the floor, forming a large pool of blood.

Cloud’s sword rested on the nape of Lugar’s neck.

“Haa… Haa… After all, it’s a little too much to handle it with this body.”

Cloud took a deep breath. His hair was drenched in sweat, and his expression wasn’t light like before.

With this weak body, he met hundreds of collision with an orc, so it was partly inevitable.

“…it’s my defeat.”

Lugar admitted it surprisingly calmly.

He, too, had just fully realized from the fight.

The gap between Cloud and his own skills.

Orcs, who had been staring blankly at Lugar’s declaration of defeat, came to their senses.

– This is not a fair duel!

– He must have used some cowardly tactic. Protect the chieftain! Aagh!

They each grabbed their weapons and stepped to run to Cloud, but…

– Stop!

Lugar yawped aloud and blocked their actions.

– How far are you planning to embarrass me? I surrendered to the outcome of the duel as a warrior, not as a chieftain. If you don’t intend to insult me, you too, as orcs, accept the results.

– Chief…

The orcs looked at Lugar with gloomy expressions. They knew it too. That their actions were fraudulent and that it would damage Lugar’s honor.

Nevertheless, they tried to act because Lugar was precious and important to them.

Lugar understood their feelings and gave a small laugh, and as the chieftain gave his final order.

– Migatan, my friend. When I die, you will be the next chieftain of the Wolftooth clan. May you lead the tribe wisely with a warm heart and a cold head.

-…I swear, my Chief.

Seeing Migatan promising with a firm determination, Lugar had a relieved expression on his face.

“My tribesmen made a commotion. I’m sorry. It’s my defeat, you are the winner. Follow the winner’s right.”

Lugar raised his neck as if to make it easier to behead him.

But Cloud did not decapitate him, but put his sword back into its sheath.

“…what are you doing?”

“I have no intention of killing you.”

Lugar frowned.

“Are you going to insult me too? I lost in the duel against you. For a warrior, defeat means death. So go ahead and kill me.”

“I refuse. It’s the winner’s right to take his opponent’s life, and it’s also the winner’s right to not take it.”

“What kind of nonsense is that…”

“I am not satisfied with today’s fight.”

Lugar stopped talking, and Cloud continued.

“Obviously, I beat you. But I didn’t quite win. Because my sword couldn’t penetrate your muscles. I don’t like that. So I’ll save you for now. And if I’m sure one day my sword will pierce through your muscles, then I’ll fight again. Got that? I’m not keeping you alive for some trivial feelings like sympathy. I’m keeping you alive because of my self-esteem issues. So…”

Cloud stretched out his hand towards Lugar.

“Don’t bullsh!t about insults or anything, just get up. Because I want to fight with you again.”


Lugar raised his head and looked at Cloud. There was no emotion like compassion on his face.

Lugar turned his head to look at the people of his tribe. They were looking at him with anxious expressions.

He looked at Cloud’s hand toward him one last time.

With calluses and scabs, a sweaty palm.

It was a small hand compared to the hand of an orc, but it was the hand of a warrior, a real warrior.

Lugar sighed and held Cloud’s hand.

“After all, isn’t it still compassion?”

“It’s a winner’s right, not a compassion. If you are gonna twist it like that, better try to win next time.”

“I guess so.”

Lugar got up and smiled. He hollered towards the people of the tribe as they cheered out loud.

– Prepare a banquet!

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