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Chapter 82: Rome’s Saintess (3)

“…Is there a specific reason as to why you believe that to be the case?” asked Ohjin as his eyes shone keenly.

“Have you heard about the Black Star Organization increasing its forces in Italy recently?”

“Yes, I have.”

It was a different faction than the ‘Owls’ that were active in Korea, but it was true that the Black Star Organization was increasing its forces.

“It has been confirmed that forces suspected to be from the Black Star Organization showed up frequently near Isabella’s house; it strangely coincides with when assassinations attempts took place, as well.”

“How did you get that kind of information…?”

“We have a trustworthy informant in Italy. The same can’t be said for his combative abilities, but his informative capabilities are exceptional.”

“I see.”

If it was from someone the vice-leader of the Valhalla guild would praise with such grandiloquent words, it was likely that the information was trustworthy.

“Then are you saying that the Black Star Organization has been trying to assassinate Isabella?”

“Well… there isn’t any decisive physical evidence yet.”


Ohjin briefly stood there in silence and narrowed his eyes.

‘The Black Star Organization is targeting Isabella?’

‘Why’ was the first question that popped up in his head.

“Is there a reason they are targeting her?”

“I’m not sure about it either… ah!”

Kim Sunyoung, who was shaking her head, suddenly exclaimed and clapped her hands.

“Now that I think of it, I’ve heard that Isabella’s stigma shows great effectiveness to ‘demon beasts’.”

‘Does that mean she has a certain power that opposes demon beasts?’

“Though I’m not sure if that alone would be enough for the Black Star Organization to try so hard to kill her.”


‘It is enough.’

‘I don’t think she’s aware yet, but the Black Star Organization… no, the existence of the ‘Black Stars’ are connected to demon beasts.’

‘If a super rookie that’s the center of attention worldwide has a power that opposes demon beasts…’

It was more than enough for them to target Isabella.

‘So that’s why the Lee Shinhyuk two years into the future said that she would be able to stop the calamity.”

Lee Shinhyuk had regretted the fact that he didn’t meet her on June 30th.

Recently, there were cases of a force suspected to be the Black Star Organization attempting to assassinate Isabella.

One conclusion could be obtained from the two facts:

‘In the 1st Round, on June 30th, Isabella will die.’

And If that was the case…

‘I have to save her.’

So that Isabella wouldn’t get killed by the Black Star Organization’s assassins, he needed to go and prevent her death.

He needed to rewrite a new page into the predetermined destiny.

“I want to thoroughly investigate the Black Star Organization in Italy as well, but… honestly, we don’t have that leisure,” said Lee Woohyuk as he exhaled a deep breath.

“Then I’ll go to Italy and investigate.”

“…Pardon? You will personally go?”

Ohjin nodded his head.

“However, with there being no decisive physical evidence yet, the Black Star Organization in Italy should have… much more forces compared to Korea.”

He already knew.

The Executor that led the Black Star Organization in Italy was ranked 3rd.

When they couldn’t even think about opposing Cheon Doyoon, who was ranked 6th out of the Executors, going there was an insane act.


If he couldn’t save her…

If the hurricane of blood that swept over Italy two years in the future ended up reaching where he was…


-S-Save me!!!

The screams that filled up the city rang inside his head.

A street drenched in blood.

Rampant deaths shimmered right before his eyes.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter up to that point, but…’

He wasn’t a great warrior who had to heroically sacrifice himself to save numerous others, nor was he a hero who had to climb up treacherous roads to slay the Demon King.

…He was a scamming piece of shit who lived off of deceiving others.

However, at least…

‘What I have in my grasp.’

That handful of warmth…

He would protect it no matter what it cost.

‘There are also plenty of ways Isabella can be used.’

A super rookie that had become a 6-Star within a year…

Ohjin was certain that if she was an Awakener who possessed a highly effective power against demon beasts, she would be a big help in the future.

‘If I’m able to use this opportunity to get her on my side…’

If he could make her indebted and control her to his liking…

‘There’s more than enough value in it to bear that risk.’

The tip of Ohjin’s mouth tilted up.

He stuck out his tongue and licked his lips.

‘Thanks, Lee Shinhyuk.’

How could he have possibly obtained the information that Isabella would be ambushed on exactly the 30th if it wasn’t for him?

He was able to create a new future thanks to the memories that were passed down.

“Still, if there’s a possibility that the Black Star Organization is targeting her… there’s a need for me to go there to confirm it.”


Lee Woohyuk stood in silence with a contemplative expression.

His eyes harbored worry that a ‘North Star’s apostle’ with an incredibly bright future could possibly be lost in vain.

“Then rather, how about if I go along with you…”

“Guild Leader. You haven’t forgotten about this, have you?”

Kim Sunyoung waved the USB containing the information about the Black Star Organization in front of Lee Woohyuk’s eyes.

“It isn’t the time to pay heed to Italy right now, is it?”

“That’s correct, but…”

“There’s no need for you to worry. I’ll go to Italy alone,” said Ohjin with a firm voice.

‘It’ll be more of a hassle if Lee Woohyuk joins in.’

How would he explain that Isabella would be ambushed on the 30th? He would be able to brush past it with the appropriate words, but it would be difficult to avoid suspicion.

* * *

* * *

“Ah, then take this with you.”

Kim Sunyoung lent out a card that was engraved with a roaring tiger.

On the back was a contact and a name he had never seen before.

“Paolo Lanzoni. It’s the contact details of the informant I mentioned before. If you find him and show him that card, he should assist you.”

“Thank you.”

Ohjin’s plans would proceed much more smoothly if he had an informant that was very knowledgeable of Italy.

“And… do you know how to speak Italian by any chance?”


If he was being completely honest, he wasn’t even able to speak English properly. There was nothing to be learned in that shitty orphanage.

“Then this will be much help to you.”

Kim Sunyoung headed to one corner of the room and opened a drawer.

What she took out was a device that looked like a hearing aid.

It was an item that Ohjin was also familiar with.

“Is it a translation device?”

It was one of the devices made from starstones that were like a miracle.

Thanks to the fact that it was able to be manufactured with relatively cheap starstones, it was one of the items that was supplied in decently high quantities to people that weren’t Awakeners.

Naturally, it definitely did not mean that they were cheap.

They were at least a couple tens of thousands in price.

“It’s a top-quality translation device. There should be no problems in understanding and speaking with this alone.”

“…I feel like I’m receiving too much.”

A top-quality translation device on top of an informant…

At that point, he was starting to worry that he was receiving too much.

“Fufu. This amount of support is only natural when you’re on your way to a dangerous mission. In compensation, please share the information you obtain in Italy with us.”

“Of course.”

The Valhalla guild was his hound that he had made with his own hands.

Giving the hound some information to chew on was only a matter of course.

“Then I’ll go prepare and head off right away.”

“Is there a need to be in that much of a hurry?”

“It’s always better to be early.”

They didn’t know, but…

‘There isn’t much time.’

There wasn’t even a week left until the 30th.

“I’ll contact you once I get there.”

Ohjin exited the Valhalla guild and headed to his home.

* * *

“Hm? Italy? Why Italy all of a sudden?”

Ha-eun, who was digging up some ice cream, opened her eyes wide.

“A request came in from the Valhalla guild. I ended up having to go there for about a week.”

“Hmm. Italy.”

Ha-eun’s mouth turned into a bright smile.

“What was there… the Colosseum? Sight-seeing places like that?”

Her eyes glittered.

“Kyahaha! I couldn’t even imagine in my dreams that we would go on an overseas trip when we lived in that shitty orphanage!”

It was a manner of speech as if she was going to enjoy traveling abroad.

She dug out a big spoon of ice cream and held it close to Ohjin.

“Here, open wide. The ice cream’s going in!”

Her mood was considerably elevated.

But it seemed that she had a bit of a misunderstanding.

“We’re not going together. I’m going alone.”


Ha-eun’s expression distorted in a heartbeat.

“Why are you going alone when it’s a request?! It’s only a given that I go as well!”


Ha-eun interpreted it as them going to Italy together.

“I need to go alone since it’s an infiltration mission.”

“Infiltration! I-I can do it as well!”

“Ha-eun, you’re not good at hiding your presence.”


Ha-eun’s eyes wandered around aimlessly.

In honesty, it wasn’t a mission where infiltration was a necessity.

Infiltration was nothing more than an excuse to leave Ha-eun—who wasn’t good at hiding her presence—behind.

There was a separate reason why he didn’t want to take her with him.

‘It’s too dangerous.’

As long as he didn’t know how many Awakeners the Black Star Organization would invest into ambushing Isabella, it was too dangerous to bring her with him.

‘I can just use Black Curtain to run away if the situation gets out of hand, but…’

The same couldn’t be said for her.

“So… you’re telling me that you’re going to leave me behind?”



Ha-eun looked away with an extremely sullen expression.

Munch, munch—

As if she was stealing it, she shoved the ice cream that she had held out to Ohjin into her mouth.

Her cheeks puffed out as she kicked his shin with the tip of her foot.

“Instead, let’s go on a real trip that isn’t related to business later.”

“…You promise?”


It seemed that she herself knew that she had no talent in hiding her presence, as she didn’t go out of her way to argue in an attempt to follow him.

“So when are you going?”


“Hm? Right away? What about the airplane?”

“Why use the airplane? I can just go through the ‘sanctum’.”

“Oh, right.”

Ha-eun clapped her hands as if she had just remembered.

In the ‘sanctum’, the world where celestials resided, entrances were located all around the world.

Using the sanctum like a portal, it was possible to easily and comfortably travel overseas.

‘Though I don’t know where the entrance to Italy is…’

He simply needed to go and ask Vega.

“Ugh. So that means you won’t be back for an entire week, right?”

“Hehe. Why? Do you feel lonely without me?”

“Oh, my. Are you acting up in front of me again?”

Ha-eun raised her middle finger and fiercely opened her eyes.

However, moments later, she looked away and mumbled in a low voice.

“Well… call me frequently when you can.”

‘Damn, it feels like I’m a husband going away on a business trip.’


“Don’t laugh.”


“You bitch.”

After sharing light chats with Ha-eun like that, he packed up his luggage and headed outside.

He went inside the sanctum and looked for the entrance that led to Italy.

Thankfully, he was able to arrive in a place close to Rome, as there was a gate that was located right next to it.

—The time it took for him to arrive in Rome was a mere hour.

It was so fast that the fact that it was a country that was over a 10-hour flight away felt meaningless.

“It would have taken longer to reach Busan by car.”

Ohjin smiled and inserted the translation device that he had received from Kim Sunyoung into his ears.

The Italian that was no different from alien to Ohjin was translated into fluent Korean.

“One, two, three. I wonder if my words are being translated, as well.”

He wasn’t able to confirm that yet as he didn’t have someone to share a conversation with.

“Should I start off by meeting Paolo?”

He had already finished contacting Paolo Lanzoni as soon as he arrived.

After he informed him that he had arrived there with the Valhalla guild’s introduction, Paolo sent him a link that had displayed his location.

‘It said that he’s near a station called Rebibbia.’

He started off by mindlessly walking to where Paolo was located on the map.

“This is…”

The place he arrived was a Gypsy village where worn-out apartment buildings were laid out.

‘Does he live in a place like this?’

He tilted his head while he entered the Gypsy village.

“Damn, just where is he?”

It wasn’t easy to find his way when it was his first time in that place, with the Gypsy village itself being additionally complicated like a maze.

While he was running in circles within the Gypsy village—

“Are you perhaps lost?”

—a woman with a pushed-down hat approached him.

She had blue eyes reminiscent of the ocean and an affable smile that seemed to melt one’s heart with just a look.

The blond hair exposed through the gaps of her hat couldn’t shine more beautifully.

“You are…”

He had only seen her through an image, but he was certain.


Ohjin opened his mouth wide with an astonished expression.

‘What the fuck? Does this make any sense?’

Coincidences also had their limit.

Ohjin couldn’t finish his sentence in that situation which seemed ridiculous rather than coincidental.

“O-Oh, my. Do you perhaps know who I am?”

Her cheeks turned red with her slightly surprised expression.

“I thought you wouldn’t know since you’re a foreigner…”

She took off her hat and held out her hand.

Her golden hair that flowed down to her shoulders shone radiantly.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Isabella Colegrande.”

Rome’s Saintess smiled brightly.


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