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Chapter 77: Streaming of the Genius Awakener (6)

-Cutiepie, LMAO

-WTF is that ID (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖

-Judging from her reaction, I think that’s her ID, LOL

-That’s fucking hilarious.

Her shocking ID was laid bare in front of over a hundred thousand viewers.


Ohjin looked at the ID that appeared boldly at the top of the point leaderboards and slowly opened his mouth.

“That isn’t me.”

“Then who is it?”

“I-It isn’t me!!! I said it isn’t me!!” shouted Ha-eun, on the verge of tears.

It appeared that she was fairly embarrassed.


She wouldn’t be human if she wasn’t embarrassed when an ID like that was revealed in front of the eyes of that many people.


Ohjin looked at Ha-eun, who shook pathetically with tears in her eyes.

‘—This is fun!’

He approached her with a broad grin.



Ha-eun’s body flinched.

“What did you want to slurp slurp so badly?”

“I-It isn’t me. I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Is that right~? But I think that I understand very well.”

“Sh-Shut up!!!”

‘Ah, why are her reactions so cute?’

“Hmm, lizard woman. Did you get encroached by your stigma by any chance?”

At that moment, Riak approached her with the most serious expression in the world.

‘Encroached by my stigma all of a sudden? What’s he talking about?’


“Doesn’t the ID mean that you’re craving to lick your fellow kind and swallow them whole?”


“If that’s the case, your condition is quite severe. You are an Awakener of Draco. If the stigma encroaches on your consciousness, your habits will also become one with the constellation…”

Riak continued to give out advice with a serious expression.

As his words continued, Ha-eun’s face started to turn as red as an apple.

“Shut up.”

“What! This great body of mine is giving you serious advice, and you’re saying what?!”

“I said shut up.”

“Hmpf! Although it hasn’t been long since our meeting, as a warrior, this Riak cannot sit still while a comrade is faced with danger—”

“Please… Please shut up…”

Ha-eun crouched down and dug her face in between her legs.

She plugged her ears, not having the remaining strength to endure the shame any longer.

“Uh, umm.”

Even Ohjin, who was one of the ones making fun of her, looked at Riak with a gaze like he was to blame.

“Yeah, this is your fault.”

“Just what did I do wrong for her to be acting like this?”

“Man, being unaware is even more malicious.”

Stuff in this category was naturally more grievous the more seriously it was approached.

-LOL this is fun.

-Wow, so she already had a boyfriend.

-She’s probably the Lightning Wolf’s girlfriend, right?

-I’m fucking jealous, for real.

-A North Star’s stigma and a girlfriend on top of that… but why am I… (T⌓T)

-Fire!! Fire!!! He’s an enemy!!

-Stab him to death!!

It appeared that the chat that saw Ha-eun’s ID misunderstood her as Ohjin’s lover.

The chat started to be filled with conversations about Ohjin and Ha-eun, so much so that it no longer could be thought of as Jerry Kim’s stream.

‘It is pretty fun to look at their reactions in real-time like this.’

Ohjin smiled while reading the chat that went up at a speed hard to follow with the eye.

He didn’t have any thoughts on streaming himself, but he thought it wouldn’t be bad to appear as a guest as he had currently.

‘Let’s start to wrap this up.’

Ohjin had already accomplished all his goals.

No, he had gained more than his goals, to be accurate.

‘I’ve also proved that I’m a 5-Star.’

He even won a huge bet of over 1000 starstones.

In honesty, he had earned more money than winning 1st place in most lotteries through the stream.

‘I should pay back some of the debt I have to the general manager with this.’

Ohjin was thinking of repayment, as he had received help in various things until then.

“Then, since the betting has finished, let’s stop the stream here.”


Jerry Kim, who was in great distress, exclaimed in shame.

Although Ohjin had taken many things away from him, Jerry Kim still wanted to hold onto him a little longer since it enabled him to get an unprecedented amount of viewers.

“Don’t be like that… just a little lo—”

The moment when he tried to stop Ohjin from packing up and leaving…




Rumble, rumble—

A group of Murlocs on the other side of the tunnel started to charge at them.

“H-Holy shit, how many are there?”

Jerry Kim’s mouth opened wide.

The number of Murlocs on the other side of the tunnel easily exceeded 30.

“…Looks like I’ll have to take care of that before I go.”

Ohjin quickly raised his spear from the severe number of Murlocs.

[My child, do you need a blessing?]

“No, it’s not that dire. Just give me a little support.”

[Alright! Leave it to me!]

It looked like Vega also thought the situation wasn’t dire; she floated up into the air and made lightning.

‘Let’s start off with the leading runner.’

He swung his spear in a wide arc at the fastest Murloc.


The leading Murloc screamed out as it rolled on the ground.



The chains of lightning sent by Vega tied up the legs of the two Murlocs that were behind.

As the leading runners collapsed, the Murlocs behind started to collide with each other and fall onto the ground.


Taking down the frontlines didn’t mean there was time to waste.

The number of Murlocs approximately exceeded 30. They needed to prepare to block off the attacks that would rush in right after.

‘They’re coming.’

A Murloc jumped over the ones that were entangled with each other and approached him.

Its violent muscles wiggled threateningly as it—


—ran right past Ohjin.


It wasn’t that it was heading towards Jerry Kim or Ha-eun, who was supporting from the back.

The Murlocs were running to the tunnel’s entrance like crazy.

“Huh? What’s going on?”

Jerry Kim also looked around with a confused expression.

“Ohjin, this is…”


Ohjin thought their actions were weird from the start.

“They’re not ambushing us.”

—They were running away from an unknown entity.


The entire tunnel trembled.

As if something outrageously massive was running, a deafening sound rang out from the other side of the tunnel.

Rumble!! Rumbleeeeee!!—

“O-Ohjin! T-The walls!”

The walls near the entrance collapsed due to the sudden impact.

“It’s alright! There’s a gap over there!” shouted Ha-eun, who took off her eyepatch and observed the collapsed tunnel.

As she said, there was a gap that would narrowly allow a person to pass through.

“I-I don’t know what’s going on but let’s quickly escape through there!”

Jerry Kim urgently looked at Ohjin.


“What do you mean…!”

“Someone’s coming.”


This time, people started to come rushing in from where the Murlocs escaped from.

They approximately numbered 20.

It looked like they were parties of Awakeners that were hunting deep inside the tunnel.


“S-Save meeeee!!”

“W-Why is a monster like that in this gate!!”

They were running towards the entrance with faces colored pale from fear.

“Th-The entrance is blocked!!”

“Damn it! A-Another entrance! Look for another entrance!!”

A man with a bushy beard looked around with a nervous expression.

“Wh-What’s inside there?”


The man frowned as Jerry Kim approached him and asked.

“Damn it! How would we know?”

He continued with an annoyed voice.

“H-Hydra! It’s a Hydra! There’s a hydra deep inside!”

An answer came from somewhere else.

It was the woman who approached them with an ear-piercing scream.

“…Did you say Hydra?”

Ha-eun’s expression distorted heavily.


It was a powerful monster that was classified as a ‘Boss’ amongst 7-Star monsters.

Just the fact that it appeared inside of a gate where mainly 5-Star monsters appeared was no different from a calamity.

“Here! There’s a gap here!”

Someone who had found the gap that Ha-eun had discovered shouted out with joy.


“H-Hurry! We need to hurry up!”

The Awakeners quickly gathered by the gap. However, the tunnel was so narrow that it would take time for even one person to pass.

It was useless when over 20 people were trying to rush out like starving monkfish.

* * *

Rumble! Rumble!!—

While the pandemonium continued, the figure of the humongous monster started to appear on the other side of the tunnel.


“Hydra!! It’s a Hydra!!!”

Rumble! Rumble!—

The Hydra appeared as it destroyed the tunnel walls.

It had an overwhelming size, nearly reaching 20 meters.

Green scales covered its entire body, and it had nine heads that were wriggling menacingly.

The intimidation that could be felt was on a different realm than mere merfolk on steroids.

‘Why is a Hydra here?’

Ohjin furrowed his brow as he looked up at the Hydra.

Elites or boss monsters appearing in gates weren’t uncommon, but it was a bit different in this case.

‘Hydras and merfolk have nothing in common.’

…An Elite Murloc or Murloc King.

It was understandable if it was one of those, but a Hydra was extremely out of the blue.

‘In the first place, a Hydra isn’t a sea creature.’

Why did a Hydra crawl out in a gate where Murlocs resided?

“Ohjin! What are you doing!”

Ha-eun’s shout brought him back.

As she said, it wasn’t the time to think about why a Hydra appeared there.


“D-Don’t push!!”

“I said go in quickly!!”

Ohjin took a glance at the entrance that had become a pandemonium.

“Escaping is off the table.”

No, even if he could escape, he didn’t plan to in the first place.

‘I heard starstones with the highest quality come out of boss-rank monsters.’

And as it was a monster that appeared in that gate, there was a possibility that it would be holding onto two starstones.

‘I can’t miss this opportunity.’


Ohjin’s mouth went up brightly.

Thump, thump—

His heart pulsated as an electrifying thrill ran down his spine.

“Ohjin… you’re planning on fighting, right?”

“I can’t miss this good opportunity, can I?”

“Sigh. You really like making life tough for me.”

Despite sighing, Ha-eun was also stretching her body.

“Well, alright. Fuck it, let’s try it. It’s a bit embarrassing to run away from a dumbass with nine heads, isn’t it?”

Ha-eun smiled fiercely as she ignited her flames.

‘If you look deeply into her, it seems that she worries a lot about me when she actually likes to fight a lot.’

Well, she wouldn’t have been able to rise up to a 7-Star Awakener if she was afraid of fighting.

It was wise to escape from an opponent that was judged to be too strong, but there was no reason to run away from an opponent that could be handled.

‘And a Hydra isn’t an opponent that’s too strong.’

Other people would ask what kind of 5-Star Awakener could face a 7-Star monster that’s classified as a boss, but he himself had already proved that he was capable in multiple instances.


Ohjin narrowed his eyes.

Even if the opponent was deemed to be manageable, he couldn’t let his guard down.

In addition, the gate he was in was one with a weird phenomenon where double the amount of starstones appeared.

‘It would be nice if I had something like bait.’

There was nothing as great as bait when it came down to testing the waters.

In the moment where he was stuck in thought—

“E-Everyone, calm down!! No one will be able to escape at this rate!!”

—he heard Jerry Kim urgently shouting at the people.

“Huh…? H-Haven’t I seen that person before?”

“Isn’t he Jerry Kim?”

“The streamer?”

The eyes of the people who were trying to escape through the tunnel fixed onto Jerry Kim.

“You! You’re that famous streamer, right?”

“Ah, yes. Th-That’s right.”

“Then go and buy us some time!”

“Pardon?” The dumbfounded Jerry Kim asked back in shock.

They were asking him to buy time when he himself was busy trying to escape?

“Aren’t you an apostle of Sagittarius?! You’re the strongest here, so hurry up and buy time!!”

“What kind of nonsense are you on about?”

“Nonsense? Did you say nonsense just now?”

The man’s expression distorted intimidatingly.

His eyes headed towards the marble floating around Jerry Kim’s back.

“Everyone! This streamer right here doesn’t give a fuck about the lives of others!!”

“When did I—”

“Everyones heard, right? That coward only cares about himself and is telling us to get lost and stop blocking the entrance!”

The man shouted out in a resonating voice and pushed Jerry Kim’s shoulder.

“You son of a…”

Jerry Kim, who was about to pour out cuss words, stopped in his tracks.

Unless he turned off the stream, he couldn’t fight with the man while swearing in front of the eyes of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

“Shouldn’t a public figure take care of others? Huh? Did I say something wrong?”


The man knew about his circumstances and persistently used the fact that he was a ‘public figure’.

“Huh? Isn’t that the Lightning Wolf?”

“The Lightning Wolf is here as well?”

Their gaze went to Ohjin in the midst of the quarrel.

“What? Isn’t the Lightning Wolf the guy who the Association is throwing their support behind these days?”

The man’s eyes shone like he had found good prey.

“There are two famous people gathered up here!! Oh, my! Please save the lives of these weak and unsightly peasants!”

The man shouted while pushing Ohjin and Jerry Kim towards the Hydra.

“That’s right!!”

“The two of you should help us!!”

“Aren’t you two famous!!”

Even the other people started to shout in addition.


A forced chuckle left Ohjin’s mouth.

He didn’t know what being famous had to do with helping others, but as they said, it was true that a ‘public figure’ should have a strict moral compass.

—You’re famous. so you need to be the sacrifice.

—You’re famous, so you need to be exemplary.

—I can.

—But you can’t.

“Fucking bullshit.”

Ohjin smirked as he looked back at the man.

“I’ve decided.”


Ohjin whispered in a quiet voice that could only be heard by the man and lightly flicked his fingers so that it wouldn’t be seen by the camera.


A faint sliver of lightning that couldn’t be seen by the eye went up the man’s pants and dug deep inside.

And then—

“What are you taaaaAAAAAhHHHhhH!!!!”

The man’s eyes opened wide as he screamed with all his might.


The nine pairs of eyes looked towards the man.


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