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Chapter 74: Streaming of the Genius Awakener (3)

Twitch, the largest streaming platform in the world.

Jerry Kim was a high-ranking streamer who specialized in gates on that platform.

With his strong facial features and trademark orange hair, the fact that he was a uniquely skilled individual despite being one of the ones who insisted on hunting solo was the main reason for his popularity.


Arrows made of blue light shot out with a frightening sound.



The Murloc that was shot on each of its shoulders and knees screamed out in pain.

“Nice!” Jerry Kim cheered.

The floating marble next to him sparkled as a hologram appeared in mid-air.

[Mission Complete!]

[‘Take down a group of monsters (more than three) within five minutes’]

[‘Almond’ has donated $3000!]

[Sheesh, you succeeded on the first try.]

“My god~ Almond! Thank you for your precious donation!!”

Jerry Kim put on a bright smile as his lips curved up. He shrugged and sent a peace sign at the marble.

“Ah~ aren’t these missions too easy?”

While saying those words, he observed his live chat.

-Wow, isn’t this just insane?

-Even if he’s a 6-Star, how can he take down three 5-Star monsters in just five minutes?

-It wasn’t even five minutes. It took exactly three minutes and 58 seconds.


-Jerry Kim! Jerry Kim! Jerry Kim! Jerry Kim!

-So this is the level of an Awakener of the 12 Zodiacs;


Jerry Kim smiled in satisfaction and observed the chat that went by rapidly.

‘Kya! This is why I stream!”

Streaming brought in good income, but besides that, the messages that praised him made him ecstatic.


He looked down at the scattered corpses of three Murlocs on the ground and stretched his shoulders.

‘This is nothing much.’

Jerry Kim belonged to the upper ranks of 6-Star Awakeners. What he possessed wasn’t an insignificant stigma but the stigma of Sagittarius.

Facing off against three 5-Star monsters simultaneously was not that big of a deal.


And then…

On the other side of the tunnel, he could see that a party consisting of two people was walking towards him.

‘They even have a guardian spirit and a pet.’

Jerry Kim, who was observing them with interest, suddenly opened his eyes wide.

“Th-The Lightning Wolf?”

The Lightning Wolf.

…The super rookie who had received the Star of the Weaver Girl’s stigma and was recently drawing attention worldwide.

‘Why is the Lightning Wolf here?’

According to the Association’s official statement, he was still a 4-Star Awakener. He shouldn’t have been strong enough to come to a dungeon where 5-Star monsters appeared in groups.

‘No… maybe a North Star’s apostle is able to close the gap of one star.’

On top of that, he wasn’t hunting alone but with a party.

‘The girl next to him is…’

Jerry Kim’s pupils trembled.


‘R-Really fucking hot, holy shit.’

He had met a lot of female streamers while working as a streamer, but it was his first time seeing a girl as breathtaking as the one in front of him.

-Omg. Is that really the Lightning Wolf?

-Wasn’t the Lightning Wolf a 4-Star?

-Nope, he’s a 3-Star.

-Huh, but the articles said that he was a 4-Star.

-Do you really trust those? Lmao, how can he possibly be a 4-Star when he’s only awakened for a little over half a year.


-But didn’t he take down the demon beast boss that appeared in Sokcho alone?

-That’s also bullshit. Why would he fight alone when there were over 100 Awakeners there? Lol

-Don’t 5-Star monsters come out here? How did a 3-Star get here?

-Maybe he’s getting carried?

-Who’s the girl next to him? Holy crap.



The chat also heated up from the appearance of the Lightning Wolf.

‘The Lightning Wolf, huh…’

Jerry Kim’s head started to spin at a rapid pace.

‘Isn’t this… a jackpot?’

The Lightning Wolf was a super rookie who received attention from all over the world. If Jerry Kim could get him to appear on his stream, popularity was more or less already guaranteed.


The edge of Jerry Kim’s lips slowly went up.

‘—I won’t be satisfied with that.’

Popularity wasn’t enough. If he won a competition against him with something along the lines of a race of who kills more monsters as streaming content, wouldn’t he be able to receive the title of ‘The man who defeated a North Star’s apostle’?

‘This is the only opportunity I’ll get.’

One year… no, if even another half a year passed, he didn’t have the confidence to win against the Lightning Wolf.

However, if it was this point in time…

‘It’s worth a shot.’

Weren’t there rumors of him being a 3-Star? No, even if he managed to reach the 4-Star rank within half a year, it didn’t matter.

A North Star’s apostle wouldn’t be able to overcome the difference between two stars.

‘It’s not like I have a second-rate stigma, either.’

Though it was inferior when compared to the North Stars, he was in possession of a stigma of the 12 Zodiacs.

Honestly, it would be strange if he lost.

“Do you have any thoughts on partaking in my stream as a guest?”


Ohjin tilted his head and looked at Jerry Kim.

‘A stream…’

He did start to gain interest, but he didn’t imagine that he would get in touch like this.

“We’re not interested, so why don’t you go away?”

“Wait, Ha-eun.”

“Hm? Why? Are you really planning to go on stream?”

Ohjin couldn’t deny that he was interested.

‘The false rumors will also disappear if I use this opportunity to authenticate some extent of my strength.’

Ohjin had no plans on streaming himself but started to wonder—

‘Won’t it be alright to make an appearance as a guest on others’ streams?’

* * *

“Haha! Thank you!! Oh, right! I’m Jerry Kim, a streamer specialized in clearing gates!”

Jerry Kim held out his hand.

Ohjin nodded and received his handshake.

He could see that text was rising up rapidly in the hologram floating next to Jerry Kim.


-He picked up the Lightning Wolf on the spot lmao

-The Enchanting Man, Jerry Kim;

-Ah, don’t pick up the Lightning Wolf, try to pick up the girl next to him

‘Is that his chat?’

Ohjin’s eyes shone with interest.

As he was curious as to how many people were watching the scream, he looked at the left corner and discovered that the number 30,000 was written.

“Does that mean that there are 30,000 people watching the stream?”

“Ah, yes! Haha! There are quite a lot of people who watch my stream.”

Jerry Kim shrugged as he smiled.

“It’ll probably rise rapidly soon.”

He had managed to get a North Star’s apostle to appear as a guest. The viewers that were watching other streams would hear the rumors and gather up in his stream.

“Then what do I have to do now?” asked Ohjin as he glanced at the camera that was floating around the air.

“Should we start off with a simple interview? Everybody! Please type anything that you’re curious about the Lightning Wolf in chat!”

Jerry Kim skilfully proceeded with the stream.


-Are you really a 4-Star?


-How did you get to be a North Star’s apostle?

-Can you take down two Murlocs at once?


Questions poured out.

“There’s no need for you to answer every question. You just need to pick out the suitable ones and answer them.”

“…What does COUT mean?” he asked while pointing at the word that appeared frequently.

“Ah… about that.”

Jerry Kim scratched his head with an awkward smile.

“It means ‘color of underwear today’.”

The answer came from beside him.

Ha-eun looked at the chat like it was pathetic and sighed deeply.


A surprised voice flowed out of Ohjin’s mouth.

“Why are they asking that?”

“I-It’s something like streaming culture. Haha!”

Jerry Kim cleared his throat and avoided his gaze.

-Lmaaaaaao, I think it’s his first time seeing an online stream.

-Hey, stop doing that, you crazy bastards XD.

-Hahahaha, his reaction is hilarious.

Ohjin looked at the chat with a face that expressed how ridiculous he thought it was.

‘In what world is asking the color of another’s underwear at first sight ‘culture’?’

“Let’s move on to other questions…”

Ohjin skimmed through the chat and answered questions in moderation.

‘I got a rough idea of the atmosphere.’

It was still a bit unfamiliar, but he could get a rough understanding of what the viewers wanted from the stream.

“Let’s stop the questions here!!”

Jerry Kim switched the topic of conversation.

“ Wow… 60,000 more people came in during the time you were answering questions.”

In the short frame of time it took for Ohjin’s simple interview, the viewer count exceeded 90,000.

‘Holy shit!’

A bright smile was placed on Jerry Kim’s mouth.

He had never seen such an astronomical amount of viewers.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be long until he passed 100,000 viewers.

‘Kya! I knew it was a jackpot!’

The attention brought by a North Star’s apostle far exceeded his imagination.

‘Nice… now then.’

It was about time to achieve his main goal of taking down a North Star’s apostle in front of tens of thousands of people.

“For our next bit of content…”

Jerry Kim continued while smiling.

“How about having a simple competition?”

“…A competition?”

“Yes. Something like, ‘who can take down more monsters in a limited frame of time’.”

Jerry Kim gave the offer in a trifling tone.

-Holy shit xD he’s asking for a race with a 4-Star as his opponent

-That’s dirty, Jerry Kim!!

-This is seriously pushing it lmao. How can the current Lightning Wolf possibly beat Jerry Kim?

-Isn’t this like a diamond player asking a gold player for a 1v1 in mid lane?

-He’ll probably use this opportunity to win and continue to mention it for a couple years LOL

-’The man who defeated a North Star’s apostle’.

-(1 Year Later) ???: I’m telling you, I really trashed the Lightning Wolf back then!

The chat heated up.

“Of course, it’ll proceed with a penalty placed on me.”

Jerry Kim skillfully heckled the viewers.

“We’ll choose the penalty by votes a little later… How is it? Do you want to take up the offer?”


He smiled provocatively at Ohjin.

The chat heated up once again.

There were some people mocking Jerry Kim for offering an unreasonable competition, but most of them were looking forward to the match.

‘So this is why he wanted me to appear as a guest.’

Ohjin smirked as he looked at the chat.

He was curious as to why he had been approached at first, but now he completely understood.

‘I’m guessing he wants to beat me in front of the eyes of many others.’

They were reasonable thoughts for someone who didn’t know much about him.

And with that being the case…

‘I should play along.’

“Very well. I think it’ll be fun.”

“Haha! Everyone, you’ve heard it yourself, right? Ohjin has accepted the offer!” shouted Jerry Kim as he looked at the camera.


Ohjin smirked while taking steps forward.

“Won’t having a competition alone be boring?”


“Let’s raise the stakes.”

The chat heated once again from his offer.

“Hahaha! It looks like you know a thing or two about streaming!!! Very well! Should we wager some starstones for fun?”

“All in.”


“Let’s wager all of the starstones we have.”


Jerry Kim’s eyes shook.

T/N: Yes, the color of underwear thing exists. 오팬무 shortening of 오늘 팬티 무슨 색.


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