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Chapter 49: Demon Beast Subjugation (5)


Ohjin organized his thoughts before tracking down Choi Jungchul’s smell.

“He was a 6-Star Awakener of Aquarius, right?”

From the information he had searched up after the incident, he had heard that Choi Jungchul was quite an influential Awakener even in the Starlight Lake guild. Though he still naturally didn’t possess the influence to dare provoke the Star of the Weaver Girl’s apostle.

‘Even if the stigma isn’t specialized in combat, it won’t be easy if we’re two stages apart.’

Fundamentally, differences in ‘star’ rating would lead one to fall behind in physical specifications, that difference was even wider as the star rank was higher. The difference between 4-Star and 6-Star was something you couldn’t neglect.


‘If it’s me…’

Ohjin’s eyes shone.

If other Awakeners had heard his thoughts, they would ridicule him, saying ‘how could a mere 4-Star face off against a 6-Star Awakener’, but…

‘I can win.’

He had the confidence to leap over two stages and face off against him.


His confidence didn’t extend to simply being able to win.

He had the conviction that he would be able to overwhelmingly beat him down.

“Still, I shouldn’t let my guard down.”

He recalled Choi Jungchul’s confident expression. No matter how stupid he was, he wouldn’t have put on that expression without any grounds.

‘He has something.’

He didn’t know what it was, but he was certain that Choi Jungchul was hiding a secret card. IT had to be something powerful enough to be used as a threat against a North Star’s apostle.

‘If that’s the case…’

With the opponent hiding a trump card, there was a need for him to set up an ‘insurance’.


He sent mana into the necklace.


Vega appeared with the silver rays of light.

[Hmm. Didn’t you say that you would not call me during the subjugation operation?]

“Excluding the demon beasts, there’s another bastard I need to take care of.”


“Sex Maniac, Choi Jungchul.”

[Sex Maniac…?]

“He’s an infamous criminal that forcefully violated the bodies of over 300 women in my past life.”

[Such malice!]

Vega’s expression violently distorted.

“It’s about a year before that bastard started his activities in earnest, but I’m planning to eliminate him before then.”

[Indeed. So you’re planning on eliminating the evil of the future in advance.]

Vega nodded her head in understanding.

However, soon, her face faintly stiffened.

[But… Is there no other method than eliminating him? Although he is a seed that will sprout into evil in the future, this lady doesn’t think that he should be held accountable for sins that haven’t been committed yet.]

Her words had grounds.

It was illogical to say ‘Since that bastard will become evil in the future, we need to kill him right now’.

‘Then… let’s add some more character background.’

“According to the testimony given once he was caught in my past life, it was said that he had committed those deeds for a long duration of time.”

[Then that means…]

“He isn’t a seed that will become the evil of the future.”

That person was already ‘evil’ itself that had to be punished.

[Hmm. Then we should punish him immediately.]

Vega nodded her head as she crossed her arms.

It seemed as if she had accepted it for the moment, but her expression said that she was somewhat uncomfortable.


When the words were no different from suddenly pointing out and saying ‘that person is a bad person and needs to be killed’, there was no way a feeling of repulsion wouldn’t surface.

‘It’s different from Lee Shinhyuk’s case.’

Different from back then, they were in a situation where they ‘had to go kill’ Choi Jungchul; even if the brain understood, feeling instinctive repulsion couldn’t be helped.

Testimony without evidence ultimately had its limits.

If so…

‘I just need to make the evidence.’

Of course, it was impossible for him to produce evidence out of thin air in the moment, but…

‘I can make as much as I want in the future.’

After creating evidence in advance, he could use the Special Officer’s authority to investigate Choi Jungchul’s house or bring to light the pre-existing crimes he had committed.

It was that kind of world.

There were countless amounts of crimes that weren’t solved.


Leaving that thought behind for the moment, it was more than enough if he had secured Vega’s temporary ‘acceptance’.

“Then, shall we go?”

[Let’s do so.]

Vega got on top of Ohjin’s head and grabbed his hair like a handle.


He flew using the wire shooter.


Flying across building to building, he followed the smell.

When Chung Jungchul’s scent that he had engraved within his head was becoming thicker—

‘Found him.’

—he could see Chung Jungchul’s form from a great distance.

Despite being in a situation where his party member was ambushed by demon beasts, he was sitting on the edge of some building debris with quite a calm expression.

‘Should I ambush him?’

Ohjin would normally strike from behind without hesitation, but since he didn’t know what Jungchul was hiding, there was the possibility of getting done in by a counterattack.

‘I’ll gauge the situation for now.’

* * *

He observed the surroundings and landed next to Choi Jungchul.


Choi Jungchul’s eyes opened wide as he looked at Ohjin’s sudden appearance.

“What business do you have in coming here?” asked Choi Jungchul as his eyes shone in amusement.

“What business?” Ohjin’s eyes sparkled coldly.

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

“Hm? What are you referring to?”

Confused, Choi Jungchul furrowed his brow.

Ohjin observed his reaction and held in his bitter laugh.

‘Well, he’s probably surprised.’

From Choi Jungchul’s point of view, Ohjin appearing all of a sudden and quibbling over whether he knew or not would come off as surprising.

‘It can’t be helped.’

Even though it was a bit forced, he needed to make him a criminal on the spot to fool Vega. Ohjin continued speaking while being conscious of Vega, who was floating above his shoulder.

“Choi Jungchul.”

Ohjin aimed his spear at him.

“I’ve come here after finding out what you’ve been hiding.”


Choi Jungchul’s expression stiffened firmly.

Ohjin ignored his reaction as he shot a furious glare at him.


He shouted out as he roughly stamped his feet.

“You coward, are you trying to deny it?!”


Choi Jungchul flinched as he took a step backwards.

Ohjin observed his expression with a sharp glance and predicted the next words he would say.

‘Now he’ll say something like ‘Deny? What are you talking about?’, right?’

It wasn’t hard to predict everything what would happen next, including the words he himself would have to say in response.

‘Then I’ll say something like, ‘I found out about you from the moment you approached Ha-eun, aiming for her body.’’

As that was an incident that occurred in actuality, there wasn’t even the need to create fake evidence at a later date.

‘Hiding lies inside the truth.’

It was the fundamentals of scamming.

‘Now… retaliate with all your might.’

‘I’ll make you the most malicious criminal with just my word—’

“—How did you find out?”

“You were aiming for Ha-eun’s bo… huh?”


“I definitely hid it thoroughly so that it would be discovered by no one… just where did the information leak?”

‘What is this bastard talking about?’

[You crude being!]

Crack! Crackleee!—

Vega flew up as blue lightning sparked out.

[Is how you got discovered what’s important?!!]

Clenching her fists, her body trembled.


“Hmpf! W-What is…!”

Terrifying energy pressed down the area.

‘Holy shit.’


His legs shook as if he was outside in his underwear in sub-zero weather. It was to the extent he couldn’t breathe properly.

[No matter how ignorant this lady is of the human world, this lady knows enough of it to be aware of how terrible and atrocious the deeds you have committed are!]

Vega ferociously opened her golden eyes wide and stared at Choi Jungchul in sincere anger.


An enormous amount of energy raged through the area once again.


Ohjin desperately wrung out his voice and stopped Vega.

It was obvious that unleashing that enormous amount of energy in a place that wasn’t even the sanctuary would have a powerful backlash from the restriction.

[…I am sorry, my child.]

Vega continued as she gathered the energy that was pressing down on the area.

[To be honest, this lady had felt repulsion from your words.]

From the sudden words that he had to eliminate an evil of the future in advance, she had unconsciously furrowed her brow.

Despite knowing the fact he was a ‘Regressor’…

Despite knowing that he was the one and only existence who personally experienced the devastating future…

Vega was not able to completely trust in his words.

[Even when it should be me who trusts and supports you more than anyone else… I had doubted you before confirming it with my own eyes.]

Vega floated towards Ohjin and continued as she stroked on Ohjin’s cheek.

[Please forgive this foolish celestial.]


‘About that… what situation is this?’

Ohjin looked back at Choi Jungchul with a shocked expression.

He wasn’t sure how to react as he had predicted that Jungchul would retaliate for sure, telling him about what nonsense he was on about, but he had confirmed it instead.

‘How did I find out? Find out what?’

“Haa! Haa! W-What is that?”

Choi Jungchul gasped for breath as he looked at Vega, who was floating above Ohjin.

“Guardian spirit…?”

‘Were guardian spirits able to spout out this amount of energy?’

Choi Jungchul chewed his lips in confusion.

As there was no way a rookie Awakener who hadn’t even been awakened for half a year would be able to obtain that kind of Guardian spirit on his own, it was right to deduct that he received it from someone else.

“Haha! Is this the desirability of the Star of the Weaver Girl’s apostle?”

‘Ohjin probably received it from those who panicked, wanting to show their respect to the Star of the Weaver Girl’s apostle.’


Choi Jungchul fiercely ground his teeth.

“Don’t… don’t you think that it’s truly unfair?”

One would lose everything just because they got on some little punk’s nerves,

and another would live a luxurious lifestyle just because they encountered a nice celestial.

-Once the black stars cover up the night sky, this unreasonable world will meet its end.

Out of nowhere, the words Arshad Khan had said resurfaced inside his head.

He had thought of it as nothing more than an ominous prayer back then but…

“Yeah, you were right.”

Choi Jungchul raised the black marble grasped inside his palm.

He stared at Ohjin with furious eyes.

“Following the Black Star’s will… I will punish that rookie!!”


The marble inside his hand explosively scattered out black light.

Overflowing energy rode through Choi Jungchul’s arm up to his head.

“Heh… hehehehe!!”

‘This isn’t revenge.’

‘This is but a ‘holy war’ needed to make the world a better place.’

“Come, demon beasts!!!”


The earth vibrated.

Following his command, dozens of demon beasts flocked towards him from all directions.

“Hahahaha!! I’m not sure how you found out I became a member of the Black Star Organization, but the price for fearlessly coming alone won’t be cheap!!!”


Ohjin shut his lips tight as he looked around at the demon beasts that surrounded him.

‘Well… shit.’

All he wanted to do was make Choi Jungchul a criminal in front of Vega’s eyes so she wouldn’t be suspicious even if he killed him.


‘Choi Jungchul is in the Black Star Organization…?’

‘And he’s controlling the demon beasts?’

‘Just what kind of situation is this…’

‘Someone… please explain this to me.’


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