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Chapter 158: To Paradise (1)

On their way across Ganghwa Bridge…

The bridge that’d been newly built as the Heaven’s Grace guild settled in was as extravagant and majestic as the bridge to Asgard in Norse mythology.

“Wow, I wonder how much they spent to build that.”

Ha-eun peeked her head out the window and stuck out her tongue due to astonishment.

As she said, the bridge leading to Ganghwa Island Special Autonomous Zone, also known as ‘Paradise’, left a strong impression that was fitting of its name.

“Well, they’re probably swimming in money as the best guild in our country.”

“Who do you reckon is more rich, Isabella or the Heaven’s Grace guild?”

“I’m not sure.”

Though he couldn’t know for certain, Ohjin was at least sure that they both had an unfathomable amount of wealth that he couldn’t even imagine.

“By the way, what is Isabella doing these days?”

“I’m not sure. We just text every now and then.”

He periodically exchanged contact with Isabella, but all she talked about was how she was too busy to meet him and how much she wanted to see him.

Due to that reason, he had no idea what she was doing and where she was.

‘There’s probably an uproar in the Black Star Organization.’

With their 7th and 6th-ranked Executors dying within such a short span of time, it was certain that they were experiencing setbacks in their plans.

They needed to make some kind of move. Whether that be going into complete hiding or mobilizing even more proactively.

“…I think it’d be best if you don’t contact her often,” Ha-eun said with her eyes narrowed.

The way she spoke expressed that it wasn’t because of jealousy regarding Isabella but purely out of worrying about Ohjin.

It was only natural for Ha-eun to be weary of Isabella, as she had been informed of her true identity.

“Don’t worry. I’m being as cautious as I can.”

That’s what he said for the time being, but Isabella was a variable that was impossible for Ohjin to control.

‘She’ll become a big help in collapsing the Black Star Organization if I can get her on my side, but…’

As much as the rewards were substantial, the risk involved was also hard to disregard.

Ohjin continued thinking about Isabella as he drove the car.

When they arrived at the end of the bridge…


Two people wearing security uniforms stopped the car.

Judging from their sharp gazes and meticulous movements, they appeared to be skilled Awakeners.

One of them approached the car.

“We will confirm your admission rights.”

Ohjin handed over the Paradise Admission Card that was given to him by Cheon Sanggil.

The guard thoroughly confirmed the card and politely bowed his head and opened the firmly shut entrance.

“You may enter.”

“Take care.”

Ohjin passed by the massive door reminiscent of a castle gate and went into Paradise.

What unfolded before them was a neatly decorated road.

The traditional Korean-style houses laid out on each side of the road made them think they were in some kind of folk village.

[Is this the place known as Paradise?]

“Yeah. I’ve also only heard about this place. It’s my first time coming here.”

Paradise; the place you could only enter after paying the enormous price of $10,000,000.

There were all kinds of rumors floating around, yet there was nearly nobody who knew about Paradise in detail.

Just what kind of life were the people in Paradise living?

Ohjin drove the car slowly and looked around.

The scenery of Paradise seen through their eyes was…

“Uh… hm. Ohjin, we are in Paradise, right?”

[This place is rather deserted for a place named Paradise.]

As Ha-eun and Vega said, the scenery outside the window couldn’t look any more deserted.

For a place named Paradise, they’d imagined a city with neatly dressed nobles walking around going, “hehe, hoho,” but it was so deserted that it felt like they were in a ghost town.

The few people they could see were only Awakeners wearing the uniforms of the Heaven’s Grace guild.

“It’s a bit different than I imagined.”

Ohjin tilted his head and headed to where Cheon Sanggil was said to be—the house located at the center.

It was a small and neat house that felt completely out of place for Cheon Sanggil, who held the title of ‘Star of Celestial Pivot’.

It was even much smaller than Kuroushi’s hideout.

The way lettuce and green onions were being grown in the small garden made it look like any other house in the countryside.

“Have you arrived?”


An elder wearing a neatly ironed Hanbok walked out as the worn-out door opened.

His gaze was full of clear energy like that of a Taoist who’d attained enlightenment.

The atmosphere he gave off even felt holy and was enough for them to momentarily misunderstand him as not a human, but a celestial.

The Star of Celestial Pivot, Cheon Sanggil…

The Awakener known as one of the Seven Stars and acknowledged as one of the strongest in the world greeted Ohjin.


Cheon Sanggil’s eyes headed to Vega, who was sitting on top of Ohjin’s shoulder.

Without giving him the time to say she was his guardian spirit, Cheon Sanggil politely bowed towards Vega.

“This old man greets a great being.”

[Ho. Have you recognized who this lady is?]

“There are no other souls who emit a ‘sound’ this pure other than the gods born from the stars.”

Vega nodded her head with her arms crossed while looking at Cheon Sanggil displaying his respect.

“In any case, for a celestial to be able to personally materialize themself… there truly is a reason why you are called a North Star.”

[It is nothing but a restricted materialization.]

It appeared that he thought continuing a conversation would be disrespectful, as Cheon Sanggil turned his head around to face Ohjin.

“I’ve heard about the matters that happened in Japan from Sakaki. Well done.”

“I only did what I had to.”

“Hoho. That makes this old man feel at ease.”

Cheon Sanggil turned around with a satisfied expression.

“Come inside. It’s disrespectful to leave guests standing outside.”


Ohjin and Ha-eun followed Cheon Sanggil into his house.

Like its modest exterior, there was nearly no furniture inside the house.

“So how was the trip here?” asked Cheon Sanggil as he handed over tea.

“There were no issues.”

“That’s a relief.”

After taking a sip of tea, he continued with a light smile on his face.

“Does Paradise look different from what you imagined?”

“Yes. It’s a lot different from what I heard from the rumors.”

“That’s expected.”

Cheon Sanggil nodded his head.

“Is there a separate area where the residents of Paradise live?”

“No. It’s just as you’ve seen. Paradise… no, Ganghwa Island has nearly no other people besides our guild members.”


It looked too different from the rumored Paradise.

Ha-eun, who was silently sipping tea on the side, carefully raised her hand and spoke.

“Um… then what are all those rumors about being able to live safely while eating three meals a day?”

Even Ha-eun, who usually talked freely due to how uncomfortable formalities were, spoke in a calm and mannered fashion in front of Cheon Sanggil, as he gave off a unique sage-like aura.

After hearing her question, Cheon Sanggil took a sip of the steaming tea and opened his mouth.

“Those are fake rumors our guild intentionally fabricated.”

Fake rumors…

In other words, it meant that all the stories about the ‘Paradise’ people knew were all fake.

“Why did you create such a rumor?” Ohjin asked while tilting his head out of confusion.

Cheon Sanggil’s reply was concise.

“To give them hope.”

Hope? What kind of hope was he talking about?

“Come to think of it, I’ve heard that it hasn’t been long since you’ve become an Awakener. Is that true?”

“Yes. It hasn’t been one year yet.”

“Haha. Becoming strong enough to kill two Executors of the Black Star Organization in one year… it’s hard to believe despite seeing it with my eyes.”

Cheon Sanggil smiled bitterly and continued.

“I’m sorry for leading the subject a bit off-track. If you awakened a year ago, you should also be well aware.”

“What are you referring to?”

“I’m talking about the lives of those who weren’t able to be selected by a celestial.”


Those who weren’t selected by celestials…

Ohjin knew better than anyone else how intense the lives of the unawakened were.

It was because he, too, had been one of the people who’d struggled to survive at the very bottom of the ladder.

“The conditions have become a lot better now, but just five years ago, the lives of those people was misery itself.”

“Yes. I’m very aware.”

“Though there are naturally people like you who overcame that rigorous lifestyle, in most cases, people completely give up on life.”

Three years after the gate leading to the Demon Realm was opened in the North Pole, with the lack of Awakeners and growth, it was literally the age of chaos.

The economy had fallen into ruins and jobs no longer existed.

There were monsters roaming outside, but you couldn’t even earn money to get a meal on your table.

Who wouldn’t despair in that kind of situation?

“So the government and I discussed and created the place known as ‘Paradise’.

“Were you trying to plant hope in the people by spreading false rumors?” Ohjin asked as he narrowed his eyes.

Cheon Sanggil quietly nodded his head.

“If there is a heaven in hell, wouldn’t people gain the will to survive in order to go to that place?”


Ohjin frowned after hearing Cheon Sanggil’s words.

He understood their intent, however…

“How crude.”

If they were trying to save people by utilizing fake ‘hope’…

“You should’ve had many better options than that.”


Cheon Sanggil looked at Ohjin with a surprised expression.

“…Haha. I didn’t think I’d hear this kind of response.”

Be it reproach or blame, he thought that his actions would be pointed out, but to think that his response was ‘crude’.

“As you’ve said, it was a crude method. I’m also regretting it a lot at this point in time.”

He’d believed that it wasn’t a bad method back then, but as Ohjin said, the existence of ‘Paradise’ didn’t give people much hope.

A failed lie…

Ohjin’s comment dug sharply into his chest.

Cheon Sanggil changed the subject with a bitter smile on his face.

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* * *

“Well… let’s continue this discussion at a later date. Is there anything else you’re curious about?”

“There just happens to be something I want to ask…”

Ohjin took a palm-sized medallion out of his pocket.

The medallion had a fierce pattern of a snake engraved on it.

Cheon Sanggil’s expression stiffened as he confirmed the ominous pattern.

“This is…”

“You mentioned previously that I should be careful of the ‘Snakes’.”

Cheon Sanggil received the medallion with a serious expression.

“Did you obtain it from the Executors?”


“Fuu… so her strength has already gotten uncontrollable in the Black Star Organization.”

He stroked his wrinkly forehead like his head hurt.

“The reason I came to find you today was to hear about the ‘Snakes’ in more detail.”


Cheon Sanggil sat in silence and narrowed his eyes.

“The Queen… no, it might be correct to call her the Empress of Snakes.”

He continued with a low voice.

“Truth be told, not even I know much about her. Just know that she is an extremely dangerous existence… and is basically the ruler of the Black Star Organization.”

The ruler of the Black Star Organization…

In other words…

“Does that mean she’s ranked 1st amongst Executors?”

“That’s correct.”

The 1st-ranked Executor…

That position significantly weighed down on Ohjin, as he had nearly been killed by Cheon Doyoon, the 6th-ranked Executor.

Even Isabella, who was ranked 3rd, was an unfathomably powerful Awakener. Just how strong would the Empress of Snakes be?

“Are you aware that each faction of the Black Star Organization has different goals and acts differently?”

“Yes. I already know.”

“She is trying to unite that kind of Black Star Organization into one by any means she can.”

—By any means…

In other words, it meant that she would even forcefully suppress her allies and make them follow her.

“Is that all the information you have regarding the Queen of Snakes?”

“There is one more thing I’ve heard…”


He took a sip of the tea that’d cooled down and continued in a calm voice.

“I have heard that she fanatically follows the being known as the ‘Heavenly Demon’.”




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