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Chapter 153: First Date (3)

—An adult store.

Literally as its name, it was a store that sold products for adults and lovers that wanted to make love.

On the first floor, there was lewd underwear that made you wonder if it was really underwear or just a string of cloth and sultry cosplays that would make nurses and police officers grasp their napes out of distress.



Ohjin and Ha-eun stood still in silence with dumbfounded expressions.

They’d exchanged lewd jokes now and then, but being confronted with a bunch of actual products in person made them quite flustered.

“Should we leave?”

“Huh? U-Uhm…”

Ha-eun looked around with beet-red cheeks and slowly pulled on the hem of his clothes.

“I-It’s not like we’re kids. There’s no need for us to act like this. Let’s take a brief look around and leave.”

Ha-eun took the lead and went into the store.

Despite speaking with confidence, her steps were careful like those of an infiltrating thief.

Ohjin contemplated for a moment and soon nodded his head as he followed her inside.

‘Yeah. like she said, it’s not like we’re kids .’

After becoming lovers with her, he’d obviously also thought about physical intimacy.

In actuality, she had also actively sent signals to him before.

There was one reason he had not laid his hands on her despite that…


Ohjin’s gaze headed to Ha-eun’s right leg

There was no discomfort in running or walking thanks to the top-quality prosthetic that was custom made, but…

‘It still can’t be compared with a real leg.’

He wouldn’t lay his hands on her until he fully healed her body.

–It was a vow Ohjin had made with himself when he’d started his relationship with her.

‘If someone achieves everything they’ve ever wanted… they’re bound to get lazy.’

Finishing 90% of the given assignment and continuously putting off the remaining 10% with the thought ‘I can just do it later’.

Hasn’t it ever happened to you?

It felt like he wouldn’t be as desperate to heal her leg if he didn’t put some kind of restriction on himself.

‘I don’t feel the same desperation as when I needed to fix her eyes.’

In any case, he vowed that he would never make a move until he healed Ha-eun’s leg, however…

‘…This is driving me crazy.’

The surroundings were full of adult products.

His head especially heated up whenever he looked at the sultry underwear and cosplay costumes displayed on one side as he imagined Ha-eun wearing them.

Ohjin tried his best to hide his feelings when he was with Ha-eun, but he was also a healthy man.

It was impossible for desire to not build up when he lived with a beauty like Ha-eun and stuck together with her nearly the entire day.

‘…I need to hold it in.’

—At least until he completely healed her body, he needed to somehow suppress the desire that felt like it was going to explode.

“Is this your first time coming to our store?”

At that moment, a female employee approached the two people that were awkwardly looking around the store.

She exclaimed as she looked at Ha-eun, and then sent Ohjin a devious smile.

“There’s a fitting room here. Would you like to try them out?”


Ha-eun flinched and looked back at the employee who had spoken to her.

“By trying them out… do you mean those costumes?”


“Ah, I really recommend the police costume. I wore it a couple of times with my boyfriend and he really liked it.”


Ha-eun’s ears perked up.

The employee’s eyes shone as she guided her to where the costumes were hung.

“Having a couple of these is really nice for stuff like roleplay.”


“Yes. Don’t you know, something like ‘I’ll arrest you~’.”


Ha-eun gulped as she looked at the lewd cosplay costumes.

Police outfits, nurse outfits, maid costumes… There was a bunch of variety, but something all of them had in common was that there was so much exposure that they couldn’t function as clothes.

‘He likes it… when she wears something like this?’

Ha-eun glanced at Ohjin, who was standing a bit away.

He was looking somewhere else and pretending to be uninterested, but she could see that his ears were pricked up as if he was focused on the conversation.

“I-I’ll try it out.”

Ha-eun nodded her head, and her eyes contained firm determination.

“Yes~ Please wait a moment!”

The employee went inside the storage and came out with a basket filled with cosplay costumes.

“Based on how you’re tall and have a nice body, I think a police outfit will fit you well! Let’s see… we also have a school uniform and a qipao. Please try them all!”

“A-All of them?”

“Yes! Ah, there’s also a bondage outfit for dominatrix play here!! Please, this as well!!”

The employee handed over the costume with an extremely excited expression.

Rather than the intent of wanting to sell products, the fierce intent of purely wanting to see Ha-eun wear costumes was contained in her eyes.

“H-How am I supposed to wear something like this!!”

“Please, I beg you! You don’t need to show it to your boyfriend, so just show me!”

“Who do you think you are?!”

The employee persistently pushed over the bondage outfit, but soon pouted like it was a shame as Ha-eun took the police outfit that had comparatively less exposure and went into the fitting room.


“Huff, huff!”

Ha-eun escaped from the employee and arrived in the fitting room.

She looked at the police outfit clenched in her hands and gulped.

‘So you’re telling me… he’ll really like this?’

Even if it had less exposure, she hesitated to wear it as she saw the short skirt that looked like it would expose her butt with the slightest slip.

“Yeah… if it’s for Ohjin.”

After hesitating for a long time, Ha-eun finally made up her mind.

She had received a lot of help from Ohjin until then.

She had only ever received…

When she’d lost her sight from the curse of the Thousand Curse Dragon…

When she was kidnapped by Cheon Doyoon…

No, even from far before then.

Inside her pitch black life that was like the night sky, only Ohjin had shone.


She couldn’t imagine a life without him.

She didn’t even want to imagine it.

‘I won’t be able to repay the things I got from Ohjin with something like this, but…’

She at least wanted to make him the tiniest bit happier.

She wanted to make him smile.

If only he liked it, how could wearing sultry clothes or performing roleplay that was embarrassing be a tall order?

If it was for him, she would do things that were way worse as much as he wanted.

* * *


Ha-eun took in a deep breath and changed her clothes.

After putting on the black stockings, excessively short skirt, and a top that clearly exposed her cleavage, she put on the tall, black high heels.

‘A police officer would freak out if they saw this.’

You seriously couldn’t find the smallest bit of practically in the outfit.

“Have you finished putting it on~?”

She could hear the voice of the employee who was excitedly waiting outside.


Even if the employee was also a female, receiving a gaze that heated would make her embarrassed.

No, she didn’t want to show that kind of outfit to someone other than Ohjin in the first place.

“Ohjin, Ohjin.”


She slightly opened the fitting room door and called Ohjin.

Ohjin, who was hovering outside, flinched his shoulders.

“Hurry up and come inside.”

“Are you crazy? Go in there?”


As Ha-eun opened her eyes wide and glared at him, Ohjin awkwardly looked around and went into the fitting room she was in.



A silence that was like death settled down between the two people.

Ha-eun kept pulling down the hem of her skirt that slid up and carefully opened her mouth.

“H-How is it?”


Ohjin gulped and slowly lowered his head.

He couldn’t help but observe her clothes, as the fitting room was so cramped.

Ohjin’s impression of seeing Ha-eun wear the police outfit that was heavily modified to be sexual was…


In fact, wasn’t it fine if she was missing a single one of her legs?

It wasn’t like you couldn’t do the act because it was missing.

When he would be able to fix her leg if he continued to train as he already did, it wasn’t really necessary to hold himself b—


“Kyaaah! Wh-What? Why the fuck are you screaming all or a sudden?!

With a surprised expression, Ha-eun looked at Ohjin, who suddenly made a fuss while pulling his hair…

“Huff, huff. It’s nothing…”

“You scared me.”

Ha-eun sighed and rolled her eyes.

“So how is it?”

“Well… it more or less looks good on you,” Ohjin replied with the most dull expression he could make.

It was a reply that would make others think that he was uninterested—

‘Looks like this bastard really likes it.’

—but it couldn’t fool Ha-eun’s eyes, as she had lived with him for over 20 years.

Ohjin had a habit of twitching his left eyebrow when he forcefully suppressed himself from liking something.

It seemed that he liked the police outfit quite a lot judging from how his eyebrow was still zealously twitching up and down.

‘Hehehe, he should just say he likes it. Look at him, being embarrassed.’

Ha-eun suppressed the laughter that tried to explode out and slightly stuck her chest to Ohjin.

“Specifically what part looks good on me?”

“Just… everything.”

“But I want to hear every single bit in detail~”


Ohjin narrowed his eyes.

‘Damn it.’

“…I’ll be outside.”

“You don’t want to see me wearing something else? There’s a nurse outfit and a lot of other things.”

“I’ll pass.”

It felt like he really wouldn’t be able to hold back his desire if he went there.

Ha-eun smiled joyfully as she looked at him open the door and leave.

It had been a while since she’d seen him that flustered.

‘It certainly is effective.’

Ha-eun took various poses in front of the mirror installed in the fitting room, though it was a bit uncomfortable, as her chest was a little big.


The purchase was decided.


She discovered the employee once she changed back into her clothes and left the fitting room.

“Aw. I also wanted to see it.”

After sighing out of disappointment, she approached her crafty eyes and smirked.

“How was it? It’s effective, right?”

Ha-eun silently raised her thumb.

The employee giggled and clapped her hands.


She unnecessarily cleared her throat and headed to the counter to make her purchase.

By the time she finished her purchase and went outside, the sky was completely settled in darkness.

“Where should we go next?”

“Let’s start to head back now. We need to make preparations about going back to Korea tomorrow.”

“Ah, you’re right.”

She’d been having so much fun that she’d forgotten that they were returning the next day.

“Then let’s just have dinner and return.”

“Wait, let me buy something before that.”

Ohjin took out his smartphone and searched for a large mart near him.

Ha-eun tilted her head.

“Is there something you have to buy?”



“I’m planning to buy a box of high-quality apples.”

Now that he’d moderately enjoyed his date, it was time to make the ‘Adam’s Apple’.


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