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Chapter 149: Elemental Property (1)

“The fuck did you say?”

Sosuke’s expression became severely distorted.

He frowned once he heard Ohjin’s unpleasant words in the midst of creating water droplets with his body.

“What do you mean by ‘pregnant’ all of a sudden?”

“You… are you trying to deny the fact that you’re bearing children?”

“What the fuck are you talking about.”

“You piece of trash!!!!”

—Trying to deny being pregnant after laying that many eggs?

“Bastards like you are the reason why there are parents who irresponsibly abandon their children and run away!!”

“I said I’m not pregnant!!”

“No! You’re pregnant!!”

“What the fuck are you on about?”

“I saw it!!”

“Saw what?!”

Sosuke looked at Ohjin like he had a headache.

He hadn’t imagined that he would encounter someone who would say those kinds of insane words to the ‘King of Seahorses’.

“Have you forgotten, Sosuke? That night… those long and thick tentacles went into—”

“You crazy son of a bitch!”

Believing that discussing any longer would hold no meaning, Sosuke shot the droplets he’d made at Ohjin.

Was it because he had just heard a bunch of bullshit?

For some reason, the flying droplets actually looked like eggs and caused him an intolerable amount of displeasure.


Droplets shot forward like they were shot from a machine gun.

After cackling and observing Sosuke’s reaction, Ohjin calmly moved his feet.

It seemed that the fierce battle he had with Cheon Doyoon made avoiding the pouring droplets relatively easy.

‘The image training I did back then is helping me again.’

Experience obtained through the training of avoiding lasers in a near hypnotized state that was brought upon by using ‘lies’ gave him the ability to avoid the hundreds of droplets.

‘But honestly speaking… there’s no need to avoid them.’

He hid his devious smile and started to move.

Pop! Pop!—

The water droplets that passed by Ohjin and touched the floor exploded with a clear sound. The sound wasn’t loud, but judging from how the floor looked like it was dug out by an excavator, the force behind them couldn’t be underestimated.

“You little rat bastard…!”

Sosuke swore at Ohjin while he watched him dodge the droplets like a ghost.

It seemed that he believed things wouldn’t progress at that rate, as he sprinted to Ohjin while simultaneously shooting droplets.

“Do you think that you’ll be able to continue dodging?”

He turned his arms into a sword shape and swung it at Ohjin, who was avoiding his attacks.


Ohjin created a wall of blue lightning in front of him.

A cunning smile appeared on Sosuke’s mouth.

“Didn’t I already tell you that it’s useless?!”


The sword made of pure ‘water’ cut through the lightning wall like paper and left a long cut on Ohjin’s chest.


Ohjin tried to avoid it, but it wasn’t easy to avoid the sword in addition to the water droplets. The sword made of water grazed past Ohjin’s chest, causing his flesh to tear and blood to gush out.

“Hahaha! This is the inevitable advantage that comes from elemental properties!”

In most cases, electricity would have an overwhelming advantage in a battle between water and electricity, but that elemental advantage was completely reversed from the moment he was able to make ‘pure water’ that hadn’t a single impurity mixed within.

Needless to say, it didn’t mean the victor would be decided purely on an inherent advantage when it wasn’t a Pokémon battle, but a fight between Awakeners.

‘Isn’t he a 7-Star?’

Even if the Lightning Wolf was a North Star’s apostle, he couldn’t be his opponent when the elemental disadvantage was applied on top of the difference in ‘stars’ that existed in the first place.

* * *

* * *

“Well then! Where has that arrogant mouth of yours gone?! Huh?!”


Sword strikes sharply dug into the openings that appeared as the droplets stormed from all directions.

Ohjin would be able to avoid them somehow if he used the ‘Stigma of Clepsydra’, but he had no choice but to keep letting Sosuke attack since he couldn’t endlessly use a stigma that had a limited number of uses.


His flesh was torn from the sharp sword strikes, and his skin was crushed by the droplets containing destructive power.


“Why don’t you try saying that bullshit again!”


“Stop screaming and try it!”



Sosuke laughed broadly as he looked at Ohjin, who was getting one-sidedly beaten up without even being unable to retaliate.

Not only had Ohjin thoroughly ruined his plans, but he had also mocked him with an arrogant expression. The way he was miserably beaten up made a sensational thrill run down his spine.

“Don’t even think about dying in peace.”

Sosuke grinned and continued attacking while avoiding the vital areas on Ohjin’s body.

It appeared that damage started to accumulate in his body, as Ohjin, who once avoided the attacks swiftly like a rat, started to slow down.

Sosuke continued attacking even more viciously and persistently.

“I was wondering how strong you were since you killed that Owl bastard, but all of your strength just comes from your celestial, doesn’t it?”

He’d thought it didn’t make sense when he first heard that the Lightning Wolf had killed Cheon Doyoon, but now, after fighting Ohjin personally, he was certain the reason was entirely because of Vega’s power.

“But you can’t receive the Star of the Weaver Girl’s help right now!”

Sosuke was well aware of how big of a punishment would follow after a celestial materialized their true form. Even if she was a North Star, she wouldn’t be able to defy the Commandment’s Restriction.

In the present, where it hadn’t been long since Cheon Doyoon had died, it would be impossible for her to materialize once again and lend him help.

“D-Damn it!”

Ohjin’s surprised face expressed that he hadn’t imagined that he would be that much weaker than him.

Sosuke couldn’t help but laugh when he looked at how dumb Ohjin looked.

“You’re getting beaten up this badly when you said, what was it? That you’re going to face me alone?”


“Hahaha! Yeah! I guess getting beaten up like a sandbag is also facing me in a way!”

He spat words of ridicule and continued attacking even more intensely.

When he had attacked Ohjin without rest for around five minutes, slightly ragged breaths started to leave Sosuke’s mouth as well.

“Haa, haa.”

Sosuke looked at Ohjin while catching his breath.

Even if he’d attacked while doing his best to avoid vital spots to grant him the maximum amount of pain, Ohjin was surprisingly still standing after getting clobbered for the entire duration of five minutes.

‘He’s quite persistent.’

Too much time was passing.

‘I should start to finish things up.’

Sosuke’s eyes shone as he took in a deep breath, and the stigma engraved on his left chest started to shine with an ominous black light.


Thick fog flowed out of Sosuke’s body.

“Spread out.”

Following his command, the thick fog flowing out of body quickly surrounded the area. The scene looked as if the clouds floating up high in the sky had descended down to cover the ground.

It was on another level compared to the fog used by Mika.

The horrifying fog felt like it was sticking to him like a swamp and trying to pull him into an endless abyss.

The devilish skill that took away sight, movement, and even respiration, was inflicted onto Ohjin.

“Kuh! Kuk!! G-Gah! I-I can’t breathe!!”

Sosuke could see Ohjin clutching his neck and groaning out of pain—he appeared to be in so much fear that he displayed a pathetic show of shedding tears.

The grin on Sosuke’s mouth grew wider.

“Now, this is the end.”

He wanted to make sure he rigorously tasted even more pain, but Sakaki or the clan members of Kuroushi would chase after him if it continued any longer.

‘Though it won’t be hard to sweep them away if I use all of the potion I gathered.’

A hidden card would exert its true power when it was hidden.

If he used his last resort to destroy the mere Kuroushi clan, it would make it difficult for him to survive the competition that would happen between the ‘factions’ at a later date.

“Die, dog of Vega.”

With a cold look in his eyes, Sosuke spread out his arms to Ohjin, who was wrapped by fog.


The hundreds of droplets that poured out of his body gathered at one place. It couldn’t be called a ‘droplet’ anymore, as it bunched up into a ball of water that had a diameter of ten meters.

‘Adding rotation onto this…’

A whirlpool appeared inside of the massive water ball.

The destructive attack looked like it would suck in a body and tear it apart if just a finger was put near it.


The condensed whirlpool of water was shot at Ohjin.


It was hard to imagine that the origin of the loud noise was a ball of water.

“It’s over.”

Sosuke turned around like there was nothing worth seeing.

At that moment—


—six wires wrapped around his body.


Blue lightning ran down the wires.


Sosuke, who released his ‘pure water’ state after believing that Ohjin had died, quickly liquified his entire body.

After narrowly escaping from the wire’s range, he turned his head around in Ohjin’s direction.

Despite his entire body being covered with injuries, Ohjin didn’t collapse and remained standing.

“You persistent bastard…!”

Sosuke didn’t know how Ohjin didn’t die from that attack, but an immense amount of frustration soared up, as he was suddenly attacked by the person whom he believed to be dead.


He aggressively ran to him and poured down attacks once again.

Even if he somehow managed to endure through that attack, it didn’t mean anything. It was only the difference of dying in one blow or two blows.

Slash! Slice! Bam!—

Sprays of water whirled around as Sosuke ceaselessly attacked.


‘Why won’t this bastard die?’

No matter how he thought of it, it was strange.

He had successfully landed over tens… hundreds of attacks on him, but just how was he able to keep standing?


Vulgar language left Sosuke’s mouth.

“I’ll finish you with this.”

He decided to use a little bit of his hidden card.


A stream of water was created in midair as he stirred his arms widely.

It was different from the water he’d used until then.

The water that emitted a gentle blue light was the potion made by melting the Awakeners that were kidnapped.

A small portion of the potion entered Sosuke’s body.


Sosuke exhaled a low breath and raised his head.

What first started in a basement turned into an open space due to the combat between supernatural beings that were called Awakeners.


The thickly spread fog rose up and started to pour water down, causing the entire area to be covered in water as if there was a downpour.

‘He won’t be able to endure this.’

Each single drop of water was a fatal attack containing mana.

What fell down from the sky was an unavoidable and unblockable calamity.

“N-No way.”

Ohjin looked up at the pouring rain in shock.

No, to be accurate, he didn’t look up at the pouring rain, but at the blue message that appeared in front of his eyes.

It was the message that had appeared ages ago.

[The surroundings are filled with the energy of water.]

[The effects of 《Water Affinity Lv MAX》 increase dramatically!]

Ohjin shook and shouted out with an expression pale from fear.

“H-How is it possible to gather this much water in a dry area!!!”

The storm containing a bunch of mana poured on top of the fake wounds made by ‘Transformation’.

Ohjin desperately suppressed the laughter that tried to escape while getting hit by the pouring rain.


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