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Chapter 13: Sanctum (2)

‘The fuck.’

‘Lee Shinhyuk succeeded in killing me?’

‘Then why did that bitch regress in the first place?’

‘No, that’s not what’s important right now.’

The longer he hesitated, the more her doubts would grow.

‘I need to go over this as naturally as possible.’

“The moment my spear pierced his heart, he disappeared into a handful of black dust.”

He replied with a composed voice.

As long as there wasn’t any way to confirm how the Heavenly Demon died, there was no choice but to believe his words.

The words of a witness in a case without evidence would be no different from the truth.

[So that’s what happened.]

Vega let out a regretful exclamation and nodded her head.

Thankfully, not even the slightest sign of suspicion could be seen.

[Then, do you have a method of finding the owner of the Black Heaven?]

‘Method of finding? He’s right in front of your eyes.’

“There isn’t one currently. The only method right now is to wait for him to make his move.”

[Hmm. When does that Heavenly Demon emerge?]

“In three years time.”

He made sure he mentioned a time a long ways away so that he had time to come up with countermeasures.

Three years was enough time to make a nonexistent Heavenly Demon come to life.

“We need to grow our strength to the limit before then. Naturally, we’ll also try finding traces of the Heavenly Demon during that time.”

[That seems appropriate.] Vega nodded while touching her chin.

‘Should I seal the deal?’

He was met with a bit of danger in the middle, but the flow then was just as he had planned.

Now was the time to activate the hidden card he had prepared.

“A new gate will appear at Mok-dong in two days.”

—Information of the future he had acquired from Lee Shinhyuk’s memories.

With that information revealed, he would become free of any suspicion directed towards him.

‘Since this is information unobtainable by ones that aren’t Regressors.’

The moment a prophet was called ‘prophet’ was not when they first made the prediction but after the prediction was proven to be true.

It was the same for Regressors.

The moment ‘something’ that only Regressors could know was proven to be true was when you would truly be recognized as a Regressor.

[A new fissure… Is there an alternative reason you placed your attention on that place?]

“A star relic lays dormant in that location.”

He didn’t actually know how well the star relic would perform.

No, there wasn’t even the need to.

‘That’s not what’s important.’

The fact that he knew a star relic existed inside a dungeon that would appear in two days…

Proving that fact was the core of his plan.

[Indeed. So you plan on enjoying the privilege unique to Regressors.]

With a satisfied smile, Vega nodded her head.

[…My child.]


The beautiful dress consisting of starlight spread out.

Slowly floating on thin air, she headed towards him.

‘My child?’

‘Do all celestials usually call their apostles their child?’

‘Then do I have to call Vega, mama?’

No matter how he thought of it, the title made him lose his mind.

[Even though you have the fate of the world resting upon your shoulders, please… don’t overdo yourself.]

She stretched out her hands and stroked his cheek.

The soft touch tickled his cheek.


The touch made his soul feel warm.

The conscience that took place deep within his mind momentarily screamed out.

Do you really have to deceive this kind-hearted celestial and use her to your advantage?

‘Of course I do.’

‘I’ll die if I don’t.’

He lightly stamped over his screaming conscience.

If he had to ignore his conscience for the price of living, he would do it any day.

‘No, this is beyond simply staying alive.’

He would thoroughly take advantage of whatever he could, even if that was the celestial called the North Star.

“I’m not overdoing myself.”

He shook his head with a bright smile.

‘Should I sprinkle some MSG as the finisher?’

“Lady Vega… if it’s for you…”

He gently grasped the hands that had been stroking his cheek.

“I’ll do anything.”

Gaze, looking down.

Voice, deep and thick.

“It’s okay if you don’t remember. It doesn’t matter if you don’t reminisce.”

Not excited, but serene.

Like reciting a poem—filled with peace.

“If you can smile like now, that’s enough for me.”

‘Finishing with a bitter smile!’

‘Kya! Yes, this is it!!’

‘Though my hands and feet feel like wringing up out of cringe, with the current mood and timing, this should be more than enough to work.’


Vega spat out a low exclamation.

He could feel her hand slightly tremble in his hand.

[H-How do you… say those words like it’s nothing…]

The cheeks of the Goddess flaring up could be seen.


It appeared that the finishing touch of MSG he sprinkled was effective.

‘It seems that celestials have emotions no different from humans.’

‘That being the case, there’s no way my plan wouldn’t work.’

“…Then I’ll take my leave.”


He bowed down and turned his body around.

‘That wasn’t bad.’

Even though you couldn’t call it perfect, at least his actions wouldn’t cause any suspicion.

‘Lee Shinhyuk’s memories played a big part.’

If he hadn’t read Shinhyuk’s memories through the Black Heaven, there was no way it would develop this smoothly.

‘If this plan goes well, the rest will be easy.’

It wasn’t easy for celestials to move outside the sanctum while enduring the restrictions, and it wasn’t like they could observe your actions in real-time either.

In other words…

Even if he accidentally caused a mistake ‘unlike that of a Regressor’, it wouldn’t matter as long as the word didn’t get across.

‘If I can’t deceive her with this, I’ll need to take down my title of scammer.’

In fact, once you had reached this point, deceiving would be easy even without the experience of a scammer.

In a situation where you weren’t even being doubted, how could you get caught when the opposing side couldn’t even observe.

‘It’s like cheating in an exam without a supervisor.’

No different from selecting easy mode in video ga—


“Hm? Is there a problem?”

[This lady will go with you.]


* * *


“What do you mean by ‘with’…?”

[It means exactly what it sounds like.]

Vega put her hands on her hips; her golden eyes shined with determination.

[This lady will personally materialize herself on Earth and go with you.]

‘No, wait.’

‘What the fuck are you talking about?’

“H-However, the commandment’s restriction on earth for the celestials— ”

[Fufu, just who do you think this lady is?]

Pushing her chest out, she continued.

[Of course, there are several restrictions, and my materialization time is limited, but using this method will make it somewhat feasible.]


A radiant silver light poured out of Vega’s body.

Her body started to shrink together with the light, and soon her size was reduced to a small size of about 30cm.

‘The fuck?’

With his mouth wide open, he observed her turn into the size of a small doll.


Giggling, Vega floated through the air towards his shoulders.

[Here, take this.]

Vega, who had flown up to his shoulders, put a silver pendant around his neck.

“This is…”

[If you’re wearing this, I’ll be able to materialize next to you in this state for a couple of hours per day.]

“T-There’s no need for you to do this.”


‘Don’t do this to me, Mama.’

[…This lady didn’t have thoughts on doing this at the start. Even this method won’t be able to make this lady entirely free from the commandment’s restriction.]


[However, didn’t you say so? That you would do anything for this lady.]

Sitting on his shoulder, Vega lent out her hand and gently patted his head.

She continued with a smile full of benevolence.

[How could this lady possibly stay still after hearing those words from her child.]

‘What the fuck?’

‘It’s because of what I said earlier?’

[Don’t worry. This lady will carry your weight together with you.]


[The dark and lonely ahead—I will walk it with you.]

‘Didn’t they say that rumors of MSG being bad for your body were false?’

‘They said it was fine…’


‘I’m screwed.’

‘Fuck my life.’

* * *

[Hmm, it’s been quite a while since I’ve looked around the Earth’s scenery like this.]

The way back home.

On top of his shoulders, Vega looked around with eyes full of amazement.


The fluttering silver hair brushed past his cheek.

‘It tickles.’

[Why have you been so speechless?]

“…No. It’s nothing.”

Shaking his head, he put strength into his lifeless legs.

‘It’s already spilt milk.’

Even if he dwelled on it with regret and frustration, nothing would change.

‘Since what’s done is done.’

He just needed to trick her more thoroughly.

It wasn’t like you couldn’t cheat in an exam with a supervisor present.


Exhaling a large breath, he headed towards his house.

Approaching the familiar neighborhood, a gloomy atmosphere took place.

[…Is this where you live?]


[You live in quite a shabby area.]

“I don’t have money,” he replied nonchalantly.

Poverty was a misfortune, and it wasn’t something to be embarrassed about.

[Hmm. Although this lady wants to help out… this lady is in no possession of what is of value to humans.]

“Haha. It’s alright.”

He could make money since he was an Awakener now anyways.

‘And well, I could move at any time if I put my mind to it.’

Ohjin had saved up for the past eight years.

It was just that there was simply something more important than where he lived.


Together with the sound of the rusty door,

“You returned. Did you have a good meeting with that Vega or whatever?”

Once again, Ha-eun, who had been hovering around the door with crutches, greeted him.

“Why were you so late?”

“Wait, I have something to tell you.”

“Eh? What is it?”

“That is…”

Before he explained his story, Vega glanced at Ha-eun from head to toe and opened her mouth.

[—Are you the youth that’s living with this lady’s child?]

“Kyaaaaaa!! Fuck!!!”


He quickly caught Ha-eun, who had fallen backwards in shock.

“W-What?? Whose voice was that?!”

She looked around in a hurry.


Vega, who was looking at her, soon straightened her hips and continued speaking with her arms crossed.

[This lady’s name is Vega. The Celestial of Lyra.]


Ha-eun reached out her hands and pulled down on the tip of Ohjin’s clothes.

“W-What’s going on? W-W-Why is a celestial here?”

“I’ll explain.”

“Hurry. I think I’m going to lose my mind.”

Setting down Ha-eun on the creaking bed, he opened his mouth.


Ohjin briefly explained the things that had occurred.

Naturally, he had discussed the plan to hide his identity as a Regressor with Vega in advance.

“…I mean, where on earth do you find an Awakener that’s accompanied by their celestial!”

[Just because it hasn’t been seen doesn’t mean it cannot be done, correct?]


Ha-eun was left speechless in exasperation.

[By the way…]

Vega’s eyes narrowed.

Her sight headed towards Ha-eun’s eyes and right leg.

[So you were a disabled child.]


[How did th—]

“Lady Vega.”

Ohjin cut her off in a low voice.

“Let’s not talk about that,” he said with a smile.


As Vega looked back at Ohjin, she slowly opened her mouth.

[So you… can also make an expression like that.]


[This lady apologizes for her discourteous behavior.]


Vega slightly bowed her head towards Ha-eun.

“N-No! Moreover!! V-Veg— Lady Vega, weren’t celestials unable to com— reside on Earth due to the commandment thingy? Isn’t that so— the case, Lady Vega?”

[Your words are all over the place. If it’s uncomfortable, it’s okay to talk casually.]

“Just why did you come to Earth, you bitch.”

[I think that’s a little too comfortable.]



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