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I’m not a Regressor – Chapter 106: Ha-eun and the Queen (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 106: Ha-eun and the Queen (1)


Roberto quickly looked up with a shocked expression.

“H-However, if your Majesty becomes absent at this important moment…”

The bothersome hindrance that was the Marco Family had just disappeared. The ‘Hirudo’ faction was in desperate need of Isabella’s strength in order to take over Italy.


A pretty smile was placed on Isabella’s face.

She slowly extended out her hand and stroked Roberto’s chin, who was bowing down.


Roberto’s face turned pale.

“Roberto, since when were you allowed to comment on my words?”

“Forgive me!!”


His body shook and soon—Bang!, he slammed his head into the ground.


Isabella looked down at Roberto with cold eyes and ran her fingers through her hair.

“Well, meeting him isn’t the only reason I’m going there.”


“The Owls.”


Roberto’s face stiffened from the word ‘Owls’. The way he appeared as he bowed down beneath Isabella’s feet while shivering completely disappeared as killing intent like that of a bloodthirsty serial killer spewed out.

“I’m thinking of finding out how they were able to get their hands on the Forbidden Purple Enclosure.”

Isabella narrowed her eyes and continued.

“After all… there’s a slight possibility that the ‘Snakes’ were controlling the Owls in the dark.”

“If that’s the case, I should also—”

“Didn’t you just mention that it’s an important moment?”

Isabella going absent was already a big problem. The plans of taking over Italy would basically go down the drain if the second-in-command, Roberto, also left his seat.


“Fufu. Roberto, you stay here in Italy and lead the Black Star Organization, okay?”

Isabella put on a faint smile and lightly tapped on Roberto’s cheek.

“I shall follow the queen’s command.”

Roberto deeply bowed down his head.

“Hmm. Well, then…”

Isabella’s eyes shone as she slightly licked the tip of her finger.

“Roberto, there’s something I need you to find out.”

“Give me the word. If it’s about the Owls, I already have a decent amount of—”

“No. Not that.”

“…Then?” Roberto tilted his head.

“Get me a list of what Korean males like the most! Everything ranked from 1st to 30th place!”

Isabella puffed air out of her nose with excitement as she clenched both of her fists.


Robero clutched his head as if he had gotten a headache.

* * *

[According to the results of the Association’s investigation, the mastermind behind the horrifying terror that occurred in Guro-dong was one of the board members, Managing Director Lee Woosung, who was also connected to the group known as the Black Star Organization…]


Ohjin pressed on the remote’s power button with his toe and turned the TV off.

‘With this, the existence of the Black Star Organization has become known in earnest.’

The Black Star Organization’s brutality had been completely exposed from the incident. The organization that controlled demon beasts to massacre hundreds of civilians was an abomination to man and god.

‘The other atrocities they committed are also starting to come to light.’

And amongst them, the fact that they kidnapped and brutally murdered the brother of Lee Woohyuk was a big shock to people all around the nation.

“Pieces of shit.”

Ohjin shook his head at the heartless atrocities they committed.

He wasn’t the only one who was furious.

It was easy to tell how overwhelming their fury was when the petition to punish the Black Star Organization had received over hundreds of thousands of agreements without it having passed three days.

‘Well, the Black Star Organization won’t disappear that easily.’

Though Cheon Woosung had died, it didn’t mean the complete disappearance of the Noctua faction. Not only was there an unknown number of members remaining, their ‘King’, Cheon Doyoon, was still alive.

‘Although he hasn’t been seen lately…’

Once the Association and large guilds started to make moves to punish the Black Star Organization, Cheon Doyoon would also have no choice but to become exposed.

Looking at the situation, Ohjin should also be very busy with preparations, however…

[—Do not even think of moving until your arm is completely recovered.]


Vega, who was sitting next to him, flew in front of his eyes and crossed her arms with a stern expression.

“I’m okay now.”

[Okay? What part of you is okay!!] Vega shouted out as she placed her hands on her hip.

[Didn’t you turn the TV off with your toe just now because you can’t move your fingers?]


As she said, his mana circuits themselves had become wrecked due to excessively compressing mana into both of his arms during the last fight.

He was able to move his arm somehow, but his fingers wouldn’t even budge.

‘Water Affinity can only heal external wounds, after all.’

He had heard that the stigma of Aquarius could heal internal wounds at a higher proficiency, but his proficiency wasn’t there yet.

Ultimately, Ohjin was in a state where he couldn’t use either of his hands until his mana circuits recovered naturally.

“…There’s a mountain of things I have to do.”


Ohjin clicked his tongue and exhaled a deep breath.

Not being able to use both of his arms was quite fatal when he needed to get used to his strengthened body and stigma from rising to the 6-Star rank and also had to experiment with the nearly learned Charge and Discharge skills.

[Why are you in such a rush when you’ve become a 6-Star recently?]

Vega asked reproachingly.

“A huge war will happen soon.”

[…A war?]

Ohjin nodded his head.

Even without Lew Shinhyuk’s memories, it wasn’t hard to come to the conclusion that an all-out war with the Noctua faction would happen soon.

“Before… I wasn’t able to do anything because I was powerless.”

Ogjin looked at Vega with hazy eyes like he was recalling his past.

[By ‘before’, do you mean…]

“In the 1st Round.”

He avoided her gaze with eyes containing sadness.

“I was a beginner Awakener who just became a 3-Star back then.”

Ohjin created false memories.

Like writing a novel, the memories of his made-up past came out of his mouth.

“I… I didn’t even know why a fight broke out. Forget about saving others, I was too busy trying to protect myself.”

[My child…]

“However, isn’t it different now?”

Ohjin smiled faintly.

“My strength has become incomparable to back then. Vega… I also have you by my side now.”

And so…

“Can I do training that doesn’t require my fingers—”



‘That didn’t work?’

[My child.]

Rays of light covered Vega’s body as she enlarged.

After Vega returned to her true form, she extended her hands out and pulled on Ohjin’s head.

—A gentle touch like an autumn breeze.

Cozy warmth spread from the skin that contacted his cheek.

[How are you able to constantly put others before yourself?]


Putting others before himself? Ohjin had decided to let her think of him that way, but honestly, he had never imagined that he would hear someone say those words to him in his life.

[I understand how you feel about wanting to protect others. However, you shouldn’t overexert yourself to the extent of ruining your body.]

She continued in a tone of admonishing an immature child.

[Aren’t you the only one who can change the predetermined destiny? Of course, other people are also important… but you must place your highest priority on yourself.]


[Don’t try to shoulder everything on yourself.]


Vega used the tip of her finger to playfully push his nose.

[As you have said… aren’t I with you this time?]

Vega smiled caringly and increased the strength of her pulling arms.

An unexplainable soft sensation pressed down on both of his cheeks.

[Just like how you are trying to prevent the destiny of my tragic ending, I will also put everything on the line to protect you.]


[Fufu. Are you flustered? Your cheeks have heated up.]

‘…How would it be normal in this situation.’

[There’s no need to be flushed. Put down everything… and leave your body to this lady’s embrace.]

Her tender voice rang through his ears.

Was it because she was a celestial? Some kind of irresistible magic was permeating through her voice.


A drowsy sensation settled in his body.

Heavy sleepiness spread out.

Ohjin slowly closed his eyes in Vega’s embrace.

[Fufu. You’re strange.]

She smiled warmly and stroked Ohjin’s hair.

[Tell me whenever you want to loosen up and act immaturely. This lady will take care of you.]


‘Wow, is this the thing called a mother’s love? I can see why that bastard Cheon Woosung became like that.’

With a somewhat itchy sensation, the craving of wanting to leave everything to her soared up.

‘If it’s for just a moment, isn’t it fine to stay like this?’

When he left his body to her embrace while having those thoughts—

“What are you doing?”

—Ha-eun’s voice woke up his drowsy mind.

“K-Khm! H-Ha-eun, you’re home.”

“Oh, yeah. I bought some things for you to eat.”


Ha-eun put down the hefty plastic bags and glanced at Vega sharply.

“You couldn’t hold it in for that small amount of time and went into heat.”

[W-Went into heat?! How impertinent!]

Vega quickly got back up.

[This lady is simply taking care of her child!]

“Keep taking care of him like that and there’ll be another child we have to take care of.”

[Y-Your mouth is vulgar!]

“Heh. It’s better than pretending to be elegant.”

A feisty atmosphere settled down between Ha-eun and Vega.

However, soon after…

[Fuu. Let’s stop this unnecessary fighting. My child’s body is injured right now.]

“…Tch. Alright.”

Was it because they were used to each other?

Or maybe because of Ohjin’s injured state?

Their battle of nerves didn’t last all that long.

“Ohjin, let’s eat food. I bought a lot of all kinds of stuff.”

“What did you buy?”


Rustle, rustle—

Ha-eun took out what was inside the plastic bags.

Inside was take-out nutrient porridge, ginseng chicken soup, eel, and various kinds of dishes that were known to be healthy for the body.

“Why did you get so much?”

As an estimate, the amount of food looked to be close to 10 servings.

“You need to eat a lot to get better when you’re recovering. Seriously, you always come back home injured.”

* * *

Ha-eun lightly hit Ohjin’s head and pulled him over to the dining table.

“Open wide~”

Ha-eun sat right next to Ohjin on the right and used her chopsticks to place a piece of eel close to his mouth.

“…I can eat by myself.”

“How are you going to do that with your arm in that state?”

“If I hold it with my wrist like this…”

“Stop talking nonsense, and open your mouth.”

Ha-eun recklessly pushed the eel into his mouth.

“…nom, nom.”

“Hehe, it’s tasty, right? I bought the most expensive ones while thinking about you.”

Ha-eun smiled sheepishly and picked up a spoonful of nutrient porridge.

However, before she was able to put the nutrient porridge inside Ohjin’s mouth, a finely cut piece of chicken entered it first.

[Fufu. Is it tasty?]

Vega, who had sat on the left, warmly patted the head of Ohjin, who was eagerly chewing.

“Hey! I’m the one who bought them!”

[Isn’t there too much food for you to feed him alone?]

“…You really are a sly snake.”

[You’ll become wise like this lady once you gather up experience across your ample life.]

“Heh. Must be nice to have lived so long, old woman.”

[O-Old woman…!]

“No, is it grandma? Hmm… no, not even that. A celestial should’ve lived a couple thousand years at minimu—”

[Be quiet!]

Ha-eun and Vega quibbled as usual as they kept placing food into Ohjin’s mouth.

‘…Should I be liking this?’

He couldn’t be happier as two shockingly beautiful women were feeding him, but it was hard to enjoy the happiness, as the mood was so intense.

A feeling somewhat akin to eating food between two extremely pretty bombs?

‘Well… still.’

A calm smile was placed on Ohjin’s face.

‘It isn’t cold.’

The cozy warmth that transmitted through his arms spread to his entire body.

The warmth that he would protect at all costs and that couldn’t be more precious.

“Now, now! There’s still a lot left!”

[Fufu. Try this out, as well!]


He even felt like he would explode as the warmth felt too hot.

Nom, nom—

He smiled as he rigorously chewed through the food that was pushed into his mouth.

* * *


Ohjin, whose stomach had been filled to the limit, ran away to the bathroom with the excuse that he was going to wash up.

“Too much is as bad as too little.”

He awkwardly shook his arms that didn’t move properly to take off his clothes and went into the bathroom.


When he turned on the water and was drenching his body—


—carefully, the bathroom door opened.


Ohjin looked back with a surprised expression.


In that place was Ha-eun with a heated face, standing there covered with a thin towel.


“It’s hard to wash with your arm like that, right?”

She twirled her hair with the tip of her finger and entered.

“I-I’ll help you wash.”

“What are you—”

Before Ohjin was able to say anything, Ha-eun entered the shower.

And then—

“Stay still.”

—the thin towel that was covering her body was thrown off without hesitation.


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