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Idle Mage: Humanity’s Strongest Backer – Chapter 61: Ruined City Bahasa Indonesia

Ashton woke up with a horrible headache.

He could feel his head pounding and he also felt dizzy. It took quite sometime before he adjusted and when he opened his eyes, he was surprised to see where he was.

Everything around him was charred beyond recognition. The burnt smell flooded his nose, causing him to feel nauseous. He also noticed how his uniform got so tattered that the automatic cleaning functions it has weren’t working.

He found himself resting against a wall, what remains of it at least. There’s no one alive on sight, everything was in ruins.

It’s probably because he just woke-up that all of this wasn’t sinking to him just yet. Ashton felt mostly confused for now, he also felt incredibly weak for some reason.

He tried to stand-up but he can’t just yet so he could only stay where he is. He closed his eyes and tried to breathe despite the awful smell around him.

‘System, you there?’

[I am with you, Sir.]

‘Can you tell me what just happened?’

[System advices Sir to recover his health first before viewing the footage.]

‘That means you’ve recorded the event, that’s good. I didn’t know you can do that.’ Ashton grunted as he adjusted his position. ‘You’re right, I should probably recover my health for now just in case. Open up the Inventory please..’

A hologram appeared before him. Ashton opened his eyes and scanned the items he collected so far by just signing-in everyday. He looked at the accumulation and saw several items that could help hasten up his recovery.

Arguably, Ashton could’ve probably used a spell to heal himself but the problem is, he sensed that his mana reserves were almost dry and he’s too weak and hurt to go into meditation right now so he could only use items.

[Small Health Potion]

[Small Mana Potion]

He has lot of these thankfully. He got them whenever he signed in during the Herbology Classes. Sometimes he’d receive them by tens, if he’s lucky, by hundreds even. On rare occasions, he’d get a Medium or Large Health Potions. He never had any practical use of these so it was just stuck to his inventory, now he can finally test them out.

With weak hands, he removed the cork and downed the potion in one go. He sighed as he felt the liquid smoothly gliding down his throat. Next, he felt a cool and soothing sensation spreading all over his body. He groaned in comfort as he felt himself recovering, he’s starting to feel light and energized.

After a minute or two. He finally opened his eyes. Another sigh escaped his lips. He no longer felt weak but his mana reserves are still empty. Well, that’s what the mana potion was for.

Once he drank the potions. Ashton felt as good as new. He stood-up slowly and looked at his surroundings. He bit his lips and felt the realization sinking in.

There’s really nobody in sight. All he could see was charred ruins everywhere. He bit his lips and suppressed the bubbling dread on his stomach.

He sat back down to where he was earlier and took a couple of deep breaths. He asked himself if he’s ready to know the horrible truth. It took a couple more minutes if introspection before he finally got the courage to do it.

‘System, show me the footage.’


Ashton then felt his mind jerking. He then saw scenes flashing past his eyes.

Several hooded figures hovered on top of the Academy. One of them raised their hand to conjure a miniature sun which they then threw at the Academy itself.

Several instructors showed-up in attempts to stop-it but it’s useless. A devastating explosion ruined the entirety of the Academy.

The footage then showed himself as well as his friends celebrating his birthday. When the explosion occurred, he saw himself launching to the opposite side of the room, hitting the edge of the table on his way which caused him to lose consciousness.

He then saw an very injured Leon appearing right before them amidst the fire. He encased all of them in a bubble of barrier before dragging his exhausted body out of there.

Sadly, before they can escape, another explosion occurred and this time, Leon couldn’t hold the barrier.

Ashton bit his lips as he Leon coughing out blood as he used his body as a literal shield to protect them from the shrapnel flying around. One said shrapnel pierced his body, right at his chest, causing the man to buckle forward and cough out even more blood.

He saw how Leon’s gaze sharpened. He started chanting a spell unknown to Ashton. Just from the look on his eyes, Ashton knew that Leon had already decided to sacrifice his life to save them.

Before finishing the spell, he heard Leon saying this;

“I don’t know where this spell will take you. Hopefully out of the city but…*cough!* I’m too weak to stabilize it.”

Another explosion occurred on the background.

“Damned Revenants. How the hell did even passed through the bubble?” Leon coughed another mouthful of blood. “I’ve got to hurry-up. I can’t let the Revenants get a hold of these kids or else, Humanity will be done for.”

Leon grunted and summoned all the strength left on his body to finish the spell. Just before he was done though, he ripped his necklace and approached Ashton’s unconscious body.

“The Grand Library shouldn’t fall on their hands either. Young Ashton, you must never let them have this. And if you ever come out alive from this, I hope you take care of Aria. Be there for her…please.”

By the time he’s done with his speech, Leon clapped his hands and then their bodies were covered by a thin film of light. The footage blurred for a bit and before he knew it, he was already where he is now.

The footage then zoomed-out far enough to cover an entire landmass and before he knew it, Ashton found himself staring at the ruins of City M…

..whatever’s left of it anyway.

The footage zoomed-in on his unconscious body, next to him was Aria. She turned into a streak of light and entered the key that Leon gave him.

Ashton didn’t see Mary, Alice or Blake anywhere.

It was at this point that Ashton felt hot tears cascading down his face.

‘So, it’s just me and Aria now huh…’

[In this ruined City M, yes.]

‘How long was I unconscious?’

[3 whole days, Sir.]

‘I don’t get it.’ Ashton bit his lips. ‘Where are the people from the Federation? Why haven’t they done anything about this!’


‘What are Revenants anyway? Chief Leon hinted that they’re not from here, so Outsiders then? How the hell did they pass through the protective bubble? This doesn’t make sense!’


‘Just how many people died? What are they doing? Where are they? Weren’t they supposed to prevent this from happening? I don’t understand! Why has help haven’t arrived yet?’

[Sir! City M had been isolated.]


[The ruins of City M is no longer within the Last Bastion.]

Ashton’s mouth opened as if he’s about to say something, but unable to form words that could explain just how confused he was.

‘…how?’ Is all he could ask.

[My apologies, Sir. But I don’t have enough information to accurately answer that question.]

[All I could say is that, for unknown reasons, the ‘Revenants’ as Leon called them, managed to not only destroy the Mystic Academy and City M as whole, but also rip it away from Last Bastion, sending it away to an unknown territory.]

‘…we’re no longer inside the Last Bastion.’ Ashton chuckled hollowly as the realization finally kicks in at this point.

‘I’m literally in the middle of god knows where, presumably outside of humanity’s last safe haven where all manner of dangers are present. Me, the weak old me!’

Trepidation swam through every inch of his skin. Panic and horror kicked-in as Ashton found himself curling into a ball and feeling cold all over.

What a horrible day this was…

And out of all days, it just has to be his birthday. How cruel can this world be for him. He didn’t ask for any of this.

In the middle of Ashton’s meltdown, a voice called out from the depths of his mind.


His eyes snapped wide open. He recalled who that voice belongs to. Panicking, he took out the key from his chest pocket and held it dearly like it’s his lifeline.

“A-aria…you there? Can you here me?”

‘Focus on my voice Ash.’ She whispered, Ashton could hear the faint sobs in between her words. ‘I need you to focus.’

Ashton took a deep breath and did what she said. Once he found himself settling down, he felt a tug which caused him to open his eyes.

He looked around to see that he’s within a familiar place. The Grand Library.

He then looked down and saw a mop of auburn hair. Aria wrapped her delicate arms around him, hugging him so tight while shaking.

Ashton bit his lips to prevent another sob from escaping. He returned the hug and whispered:

“I’m so glad you’re here with me.”

“Me too, Ash.” Aria sobbed in his embrace. “Me too.”


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