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Idle Mage: Humanity’s Strongest Backer – Chapter 50: Black Magic Class Bahasa Indonesia

Ashton never really had any experience on using quills and ink. His hand-writing is okay but it doesn’t mean anything when he’s using something he’s not really used to.

He glanced at his surroundings and saw that it wasn’t just him who was struggling. Some students even spilled ink all over their desk already at this point.

Somehow, he wished that there’s a demonstration for this. Leon did it so fast and didn’t teach them how to do it, he just gave them materials and then asked them to copy it so everyone is struggling.

Ashton doesn’t really know what Leon’s aiming for by doing this, nevertheless, he still tried.

On his next try, he decided to draw a smaller symbol first. He wanted to master the shape of the Breath Symbol first by doing it multiple times without wasting too much paper.

As he felt like he’s getting used to it, he started drawing them bigger and bigger until he finally gets it.

This might be due to his increased learning capability but he adjusted pretty quick. He doesn’t know if he’s doing it correctly but he’s getting used to the feeling of using quills to write something.

After many tries, he finally managed to make an acceptable Breath Symbol. He looked at it and thought that it looked quite similar to the one Leon made. He decided that, that should do it.

He brought out a stapler from his belt and stacked all the papers he used for practice, he placed the final attempt at the very bottom before stapling them together.

Then, he moved on to the next symbols…

He used the same approach for the others as well and stapled the attempts together. When he’s done, he noticed that he still has some ink and plenty of time left.

Without nothing better to do, he decided to refine his calligraphy by doing them again until either the period ends or he runs out of ink and papers.

Time passed just like this and before he knew it, he already ran out of paper to use and there wasn’t much ink left at the container. That’s also when Leon peeled his attention away from his tablet and caught the attention of the class.

He stood up and began walking towards them, saying: “Alright, that should be enough. Leave the papers on the desk. That would be all for today.”

Most of the students were a bit frazzled by this but nobody complained. Most of them just stood up and exited the classroom, leaving their attempts at the table.

Ashton stood up as well, his gaze met with Leon so he nodded and made his way out of the classroom as well.

As the students left the classroom, Leon remained. Gathering the papers left by the students and inspecting them.

He carefully analyzed every single paper, his face remained stoic.

‘Well, it’s to be expected.’ He thought to himself, ‘Nobody really gets it in their first try.’

There is a reason why he didn’t do a demonstration. An important reason at that, but that’s story for another time. The thing is, the reason why he wanted to see even the failed attempts is because it’s part of the process.

Leon wanted to have a general idea on how he should teach the class because this is bound to be different for each of them. He wants to see what he can do so that he can be better at his job.

None of the students he inspected so far succeeded. Not even close. They just drew random shapes and called it a day.

Some of them seemingly ignored his words and crumpled their paper anyway. Some used it to secretly talk to friends or something while there’s also some who just doodled whatever they wanted.

It’s a bit disappointing but this behavior wouldn’t last, especially when they realize how important his class is going to be. And it won’t take long for that to happen.

Though…someone from this class really surprised him.

It’s none other than Ashton of course.

Leon had a good impression of the kid. His profile was clean. His results were impressive so far, especially considering that he’s an orphan. The kid was polite and mature compared to kids of his age.

Ashton is reliable at his job too. He learns and adapts quick. He even managed to get that shy lass – Aria to be comfortable around him in no time flat.

It had to be known that the girl is afraid of social interactions. The only one she could speak to was him, she’s estranged to the rest of librarians, making her the odd one out even at the odd bunch. Yet Ashton managed to blend-in with her and make her feel safe enough to speak her mind.

He’s an impressive kid so far, and Leon hopes that he continues being this way.

Now, he knows that Ashton hasn’t encountered Inscriptions yet, much less have any experiences with it. Even though his profile already says that he’s a Lv.1 Apprentice already, any professor could easily know if he played around with Inscriptions since it will reflect on his aura.

Yet looking at this organized stack of papers that he left, it gives off an impression that he knows about them.

Though, it also shows that he doesn’t since he failed so many times. Every attempts is recorded here.

Ashton managed to succeed. Although his methods are bit crass and unrefined yet, he still managed to do it when all of his classmates didn’t.

Looking at the recording of the class, he saw that Ashton practiced diligently. Even when he already succeeded, he still continued practicing, resulting in him using all the papers and almost all of the ink.

When others finds this rather boring, Ashton doesn’t seem to mind. He didn’t even talk to anybody during this period, he was focused on his work, which is a good attitude when it comes to learning.

Leon collected the rest and as expected, only Ashton’s work was worth noticing here.

Had Ashton been the only person in this class, he would’ve already moved on to the next phase and begin teaching him how to properly write them then apply it to his cultivation. Sadly, he has to wait since Leon can’t make an exception just yet.

Well…that’s unless he asks for it. And for some reason, Leon can see that happening.

‘Continue this attitude, Young Man. You’ll certainly go far.’

Leon then disappeared from the classroom after murmuring that.

Just like before, Mary invited him to have lunch with her, Alice and Blake.

Ashton doesn’t really mind. But unlike yesterday, they didn’t go to Auntie Rosie’s Pasty Shop. They spent their lunch at another store where they also rent a room to spend for their lunch break.

After that, it’s back to class. This time, Black Magic.

The entirety of 1st Year, Class C enrolled to the Black Magic Class, the reason is because this class will let them know more about curses which may let them device a way on how to break theirs.

The time eventually came, and following punctuality of the others, their Professor arrived just in time.

Their teacher is a woman who wore a long black gown. She has a pale skin, platinum blonde hair, icy blue eyes, plump red lips and had a body that could mesmerize even the toughest of men and women.

Ashton could’ve sworn that he heard some of his male classmates gasping or exclaiming in awe but he effectively chose to ignore them. He remained calm despite being in the presence of an elegant woman.

“Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Nina Violeta. I will be your Professor for Black Magic. Nice to meet you all.”

‘Darn.’ Ashton exclaimed inwardly as he vocally greeted their new professor. ‘Even her voice sounds seductive.’

‘I have to keep it together. Can’t appear like a horny teenager. First impressions are important!’

Their Professor then began with the usual stuff; showing them her profile, setting up expectations and whatnot. Her words are basically the same as the rest of the professors so far.

After that is over, she then began to speak about what this class is going to be all about.

“Black Magic…” She says, “It always gets a bad reputation just by existing. Due to the common misconceptions of the crowd and the rumors going on. Most people think that Black Magic is related to something evil.”

“More often than not it’s frowned upon. Mostly because some people doesn’t like the way how Black Magic works and what are its effects that makes it this way.”

“Black Magicians are most of the times branded as witches, apostles of evil, so on and so forth.”

“However, those who are well versed in Magic will be the first one to tell you that Black Magic isn’t bad. It’s just a branch of Magical Studies and nothing more. It is neither evil nor good, same goes with White Magic.”

“I know all of you here bear curses. More importantly, I know your goal by enrolling yourselves into this class. I understand it, believe me. But…”

“…I’ll be the first one to tell you that if that’s all you’re going to use Black Magic for. Then forget about getting rid of your curses. You might as well drop out of this class to not waste your time.”

Ashton was understandably shocked upon hearing this.


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