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Idle Mage: Humanity’s Strongest Backer – Chapter 202: Drawbacks and Starting Point Bahasa Indonesia


Name: Douglas Mcbeth

Age: 17

Race: Human


Mageroot: Phantasmal Aurora

Magical Artifact: Heavenly Wrought Iron Pan

Providence: Gourmet Emperor (Sealed)

Remarks: A loser with a lot of potential. Train him well and he might actually amount to something.


[You’ve received Douglas Mcbeth as your Beneficiary. You also showed him hope by showing him that Spirit Cuisine, a technique that was invented by his Ancestors, was real.]

[As a result, Doug was now hopeful again and is willing to learn everything under your tutelage.]

[×100 Beneficiary’s Return, Triggered! You received: Heavenly Gourmand’s Secret Recipe Book, and 100 Skill and Spell Points.]

Ashton nodded to himself. The reward wasn’t bad considering that he did the bare minimum.

The Heavenly Gourmand’s Secret Recipe Book was a consumable so he used it, allowing him to gain knowledge of hundreds upon hundreds of ingredients that could be used for cooking.

‘I told him that I don’t have much to teach him but here we are…’ Ashton pursed his lips in irony. ‘Oh well, let’s just roll with it I guess.’

After sending Doug away, Ashton shifted his attention to Grotto Heaven where Justin was currently in.

There was a wretched look on the kid’s face as he sat there unmoving. Ashton could faint traces of blood leaking through the corners of his lips. It was obvious that whatever it is he was experiencing, it must be painful.

Of course, none of the pain Justin was experiencing had anything to do with Ashton. In fact, Justin brought this all to himself, he’s just paying his dues, more or less.

See, while it’s true that the Heavenly Punishment Sword contains immense power that could potentially destroy an entire city with a casual swing, this power has a price, even if the one wielding it was acknowledged by the sword.

Half of the pain he inflicted on others will be his own torment. That’s the condition of the sword for him to use. Note that this only works when he’s using more power than he’s initially allowed to use.

And since Justin went a little too eager on proving himself, it isn’t entirely wrong to say that he asked for this.

Besides, he knew that this was going to happen. The sword informed him everything he needed to know the moment he pulled it out. Justine just kind of zoned it out because he got drunk in power, and now he’s suffering because of it.

Still, though, the kid’s one hell of a talent and Ashton was glad that he signed up with them.


Name: Justin Willow

Age: 17

Race: Human


Physique: Thunder and Lightning Physique

Battle Spirit: Flowing Thunder War Banner

Providence: Heavenly Sacred Illumination

Remarks: an upright young man who lost his way due to the death of his loved ones. Has a strong sense of duty with unhealthy coping mechanisms. Train him well and teach him how to love being alive again and he’d most likely reach his full potential.

Ashton appeared inside the Grotto Heaven, materializing in front of Justin and sitting there as if he never left at all.

‘It should be over soon.’ He guessed.

And just as he was expecting, Justin opened his eyes and wiped the blood from the corners of his lips a couple of seconds later. When he re-organized himself, Justin bowed to him and said:

“Maybe thanks, for opening my eyes, Guild Master.”

Ashton’s lips twitched for a bit before saying: “Loosen up, will you? You’re too stiff, this is why things like this happen.”

Justin looked a little lost when he heard that. Well, this guy might be one of those airheads too and frankly, it is too late to explain.

“Whatever. So, do you understand now how to use that thing properly?”

“Yes, Sir!” Justin nodded, “I’ll be careful from now on.”

“Yeah, you do that.” Ashton agreed, “But also, don’t be afraid to temper your limits by exceeding your output little by little each day. Just be careful to not go overboard, you might fry up your brain when that happens.”

“Sir, yes Sir!”

He even saluted this time, causing Ashton to sigh.

“Anyways, here.” Ashton passed down a Storage Pouch to him, “That contains the resources you requested plus your signing bonus. I’ve also included the book which contained the rules and regulations of our guild in there.”

“Read it up when you return home. Rest well tonight and report at Guild Lobby by 1 pm tomorrow afternoon. Bring Doug with you.”

“Understood, Sir. I’ll take my leave then.”

“Do you even know the way out of here?” Ashton raised a brow.

That’s when Justin realized that he didn’t know where he was. And much to his embarrassment, he needed the Guild Master’s help to return.

Ashton sighed due to his unexpected silliness and snapped his fingers. And just like that, they were back at Ashton’s office.

“Alright, you may take your leave then. Use the map in that Storage Pouch to know where your dorms are. Your friend already went ahead without you.”

“Understood, thank you once again, Guild Master.”

Justin bowed to him and made his way to the door, leaving Ashton alone in his office.

He finished some additional paperwork before leaving the office himself. Thanks to the Vorpal Steps, distance somewhat lost its meaning to him, using this footwork, he could practically appear anywhere within the Last Bastion in mere seconds.

Once he returned him, he audibly sighed and loosened his tie.

Aria appeared from the other room and smiled at him, helping him remove his coat and his tie. She then coerced him to sit down so she could massage his shoulders, making Ashton groan in comfort.

“You’re like…seriously the best…ever.” Ashton said in between groans.

“You’re just tired and hungry.” Aria smiled fondly while shaking her head. “Jerry’s already preparing the meal. Go get changed first.”

Ashton nodded and dragged his exhausted body towards their shared room to change.

It was honestly surprising that Ashton felt tired from just this. It had to be known that he had experienced far worse than this. Back then, when he was still out surviving on his own, he used to get himself into battles that lasted for hours and hours, and barely felt tired.

Hell, some of his battles even lasted for days, which understandably tired him out. But now, simple office work was taking a toll on him like he just faced an entire hoard all on his own.

He doesn’t get it, and he didn’t want to think about it anymore so he just ignored it for now.

‘Justin and Doug still need some time to adjust to their new lives from now on. After that, maybe I’ll let them commune with the Dragon Vein.”

“And that would be 5/10 then. If this works, I’ll only need 5 more Children of Destiny to commune with the Dragon Vein before the requirements to upgrade it was reached.”


‘Come to think of it, I didn’t receive any rewards from receiving Justin?’ He mused to himself and stretched his upper body.

Now in his regular clothes, he dragged his body out of the room where he was taken to the table by Aria.

“So? How many did you end up receiving?” She asked.

“100 new members in total.” Ashton automatically replied. “Wait, you were there! Why are you asking me?”

“I was there for only half of the entire schedule.” She giggled, “I had to return since I received an alert. I didn’t get to see the final results.”

“Ah, is that so?”

Aria didn’t have to be with him all the time anymore. Since the security of Fantasia was increased. He felt confident to station the Grand Library to their house so that she could roam freely.

“So, was it only those two you received as your Beneficiaries?” She asked.

“Mn.” Ashton nodded.

Then came Jerry with their food.

“Most of the ones who joined were still skeptical or not good enough so only two passed for now. Doesn’t matter though, there’s still time.”

“Right.” She nodded, she then turned to Jerry and said: “Thanks, Jerry. Feel free to return to your tasks now.”

Jerry let out some eager whirs before waddling away.

Ashton wasn’t really looking for any outstanding people to become his Beneficiaries. It’d be fine if they were but more than talent, he valued their morals and will first and foremost.

He knows that at some point in the future, the people under him will face immense pressure like no other. If their determination was weak, then their talent doesn’t mean anything at all.

Ashton wanted people who won’t fold or give in to despair easily. He’s not lacking resources or methods to raise powerful people after all.

The battle ahead of them will be long and arduous. There are still a lot of things that needed to be done before it all even began.

The Mystic Guild is just a small pebble for now. Unable to cause any real waves to the real world, given time, Ashton could certainly turn into a hegemon that will shake the entire world.

For that, he needed his men to be steadfast. That’s how they’re going to survive and how they’ll keep going.

But as far as things considered…this isn’t a bad start. He could certainly work with this.


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