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Idle Mage: Humanity’s Strongest Backer – Chapter 170: New Home for the Dragon Vein Bahasa Indonesia

Ashton pointedly ignored what he just received from the System due to the surprise he felt.

He stared at both the Dragon Vein and Acacia with a confused gaze, seemingly wanting some answers. What was that all about?

“Don’t look at me, this one has a consciousness of its own.” Acacia said in a helpless voice, “I’m just collateral.”

Ashton rolled his eyes at her and sighed. Well, since the contract was made, he couldn’t just remove it. He might as well see what he’s working with here.


Name: Auspicious Dragon Vein

Type: Earth Spiritual Vein


• As one of the Spiritual Veins where the world’s vitality flows, Dragon Veins not only bring forth a tremendous increase of Spiritual Energy but also bestow fortune and luck to those who commune with it.

• Humanity has been lacking the blessings of the Dragon Vein which caused their destiny to be suppressed. Now that it has recuperated, it is ready to fulfill its part.

• ‘I might be the only one left. I hope this human can help me.’

Upgrade Routes:

• Auspicious Golden Dragon Vein — Requirements: 10 Favored Children of Heavens’ communion.

Name: Acacia

Type: Companion Spirit


• A Spirit born with the duty to guard and interpret the desires of the Dragon Vein. The Dragon Vein’s duty is her duty as well.

• While she may have reservations about certain things, in the end, her duty takes priority.

• ‘When was the last time I felt this comfortable? Hopefully, it all goes well from this point onwards.’

Upgrade Route:

• N/A — as a Companion Spirit for the Dragon Vein, any upgrades the Dragon Vein receives will affect her as well. They are a unit.

Ashton blinked and understood what he has to do. He then returned his attention to the two of them and said:

“As you might already guess, I’m back at the Last Bastion. I’ve already met Gaia. Do you want me to take you to her?”

“No need.” Acacia shook her head. “What’s important is to immediately find a location for the Dragon Vein to take root. Preferably somewhere private and accessible.”

Ashton got into thinking right away. He had been studying the map of Fantasia since he returned since he knew that it will eventually come to this. Unfortunately, he hadn’t truly seen any place that was suitable for the Dragon Vein to settle down.

He felt uncomfortable leaving them to fend for their own even though he knew that they could handle themselves. Thankfully though, there are other options.

“I have a Grotto Heaven. It’s small for now but it’ll grow bigger later. I have means of hiding it from the senses of the Invaders so the two of you should be safe there.”

“I’m also planning on establishing a force under my command so I’ll be bringing people in there too to commune with the Dragon Vein. Of course, that’s only if you agree.”

The Dragon Vein shifted and growled softly. Acacia looked at it and sighed, she then said:

“The Dragon Vein accepts your proposal. It said that it will follow your arrangements from now on and extension, I as well.”

Ashton smirked and said: “Very well.”

He then withdrew from his mindscape and descended to the Grotto Heaven in one fell swoop.

There, he saw West Two working hard. He’s using Psionics to do some construction and stuff. Sensing his arrival, West Two looked at him, and since their minds were connected, West Two immediately understood why he was there.

He pointed in a certain direction and said: “I think you can place them somewhere deep down there. That’d be the core of the infrastructures in the future and coincidentally, the center of the island as well.”

Ashton nodded to West Two’s suggestion and phased through the ground.

He decided to release the Acacia and the Dragon Vein at the center of the island since it’d be best for everyone involved. Once he felt that was deep enough underground, he materialized and used Earth control to make space for the new tenants.

At the same time, he also began inscribing a formation that will attract a good amount of energy down here. He also established some nodes which lead to many spots within the island. This is to make sure that the circulation of Spiritual Energy across the entire Grotto Heaven was balanced so that it will grow faster.

With the Dragon Vein at the center, this should be amplified even more. With the abundance of Spiritual Energy here, life should also flourish and this place would one day become a genuine Holy Land for cultivators.

Once he was done with the initial setup. He then stood in the empty space and closed his eyes.

Then, spreading his arms wide with his chest out. Light suffused from his core until strands of wooden vines crept out of his chest.

Ashton’s expression turned a bit ugly due to the discomfort he felt but he held on. The Dragon Vein slowly crept out of his body and started rooting itself on the spot he carved for its new home.

Acacia also flew out of his body, watching this entire process as it went.

A surge of ancient air flooded the space around him. He could feel something special as the Dragon Vein terraformed this place.

Flora and fauna started growing around him. Thick roots started traveling underground, spreading all over the island.

The sky above turned dark as clouds covered the sun. Out of nowhere, it started raining hard. This is no ordinary rain, of course, every droplet of this rain contained Spiritual Energy which reinvigorated the Grotto Heaven.

The vitality in there wasn’t bad, to begin with, but with this Spiritual Energy Rain? It rose to a whole new level.

This was a baptism of some sort, and it was meant for the nourishment of the Dragon Vein — who greedily drank this rain up and hastened its rooting process even more.

In under an hour and a half, the process ended. Ashton sat on the ground, panting and slightly pale. Nevertheless, his eyes remained bright even when he felt weak.

Releasing the Dragon Vein from himself was a taxing process but one that has to happen. And now that it has a new home, it can resume its task. Of course, it’s up to Ashton now to find some Heaven’s Chosen and have them commune with the Dragon Vein, but at least they don’t need to worry about its safety anymore.

[Notice! Your Beneficiary, the Dragon Vein and its Companion Spirit, now has a new and secured home thanks to your efforts. Both are feeling comforted with the idea that they won’t be in harm’s way anymore.]

[50× Benefactor’s Return, triggered! You received: 100 Spell Points and Skill Points!]

Ashton smiled and dismissed the message window. He looked at his surroundings and felt comforted by the sight.

The Dragon Vein terraformed this space to be a little paradise underground. It completely transformed it into a pocket dimension that only those that are worthy could access.

It’s beautiful here. The Dragon Vein is now slumbering once more, this is its way of familiarizing itself with the new home. Once he rested enough, Ashton got up and went back to the surface.

There, he saw West Two continuing with the constructions. The big difference is that the whole island is covered with a thick mist right now.

This is a representation of just how thick Spiritual Energy here is. Anyone who’s here can cultivate with twice the speed using half of the effort. And since there are only two of them here right now, this density will just increase even further.

Ashton didn’t bother with West Two’s work. He returned to the real world where only a few seconds passed due to the time dilation.

Acacia was with him when he went out, which made him raise a brow.

“What are you doing out here?” He asked.

“The Dragon Vein is in a deep slumber, it’ll be like that for most of the time unless you start bringing in people. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly healthy, it’s just the way how it is.”

“As for me, it’s boring there. I’m gonna go visit my Sister.” She said.

“You know where she is?”

“Yes.” Acacia nodded, “I can go anywhere within the Last Bastion. I can also return to the Dragon Vein’s side in a snap.”

“Alright, do as you please then.” Ashton shrugged. He doesn’t really mind.

So just like that, Acacia disappeared from his vision.

‘She didn’t inquire about the contract the Dragon Vein made with me, which also included her.’ Ashton mused, ‘Was it intentional or she just didn’t know?’

He was curious of course. After all, he too was surprised when the Dragon Vein took the initiative, he doesn’t remember revealing the System’s function to them so it made him wonder how the hell the Dragon Vein knew,

Did they have access to his memories? No, it can’t be. They wouldn’t do that without alarming him. Maybe they didn’t really know and just kind of did it?

‘Ah, whatever then. I’ll just think about it later.’ Ashton shrugged and went to the kitchen to get something to eat.


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