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Idle Mage: Humanity’s Strongest Backer – Chapter 165: Upgrade Chips and Rewards Distributed Bahasa Indonesia

Of the three growth paths available for Jerry, Ashton liked the idea of him being a Task Manager.

Based on what he read from the System’s description, Task Managers are linked to the System, they do possess some form of individuality but ultimately they are extremely loyal to the System’s Host, which is him of course.

Don’t misunderstand, Ashton isn’t doubting Jerry’s loyalty. The little helper has been with him through thick and thin so there’s not even a shadow of doubt in his mind about Jerry’s loyalty.

Ashton just thinks it’s best that Jerry was to be linked with the System. Who knows what possibilities may occur if this was to happen?

But of course, changing Jerry wouldn’t be so simple. Before he could even consider making him a Task Manager, Ashton has to upgrade everything about Jerry first.

Looking at the System’s Prompt in front of him, he could see the list of materials needed for Jerry’s upgrade.

To upgrade his body, he would need the following: 1 ton of Sapphire Silver, 10 kilograms of Emerald Copper, 50 grams of Titanium Alloy, and 10 grams of Sky Wrought Iron.

These metals are extremely rare, which also means that they’re expensive. A ton of Sapphire Silver costs at least 1 million Federation Dollars already, and the rest are just as expensive.

The material that would’ve been a pain in the ass to get his hands on would be the Sky Wrought Iron. A metal this rare couldn’t be bought with just money anymore, he needs to apply for it and that’s a troublesome process in itself.

Thankfully, he already has a good amount of it. He received it from Signing in back then.

For Jerry’s Core upgrades, it’s simple yet complicated at the same time. He needs one material to replace his core and that would be an ARC Core.

Yes, that same core that almost took them a year to create. The one that could supply enough energy for an entire city and could absorb Mana and convert it to use as a power supply. That’s what’s needed for Jerry’s core upgrade.

Ashton has one available, however, he is a bit hesitant to use it for Jerry’s upgrade. He also felt torn, wondering if he should ask Aria to create another one despite how time-consuming and demanding the project is.

‘I’ll think about it later…’ he decided, then he looked at the required materials to upgrade Jerry’s tools.

The tool upgrade basically wants him to prepare a Tool Kit for Jerry to use. He needs a wrench, screwdrivers, hand drill, hammer, scalpel, chisel, and a tactical knife.

Ashton has all of this and he could certainly proceed with the upgrade now. And that’s precisely what he did. He called for Jerry and proceeded to confirm with the System that he was going through with the Tool Upgrade.

The System gave him this:

[Toolkit Upgrade Chip]

Install it to Jerry’s System and the upgrade will occur.

And since he’s already at it, he also produced all the necessary materials for Jerry’s Body upgrade as well. He received a [Frame Upgrade Chip] from the System which could be used the same way as the previous upgrade chip.

“What are your orders, Master?” Jerry asked while tilting his head.

Ashton smiled and patted the bot’s head. He then walked behind him and opened the port where he could place the upgrade chips.

“I have some upgrade chips I recently bought. I’d place it in your port so that we can check how long it’ll need for them to take effect.”

Jerry made some whirring sounds as soon as the upgrade chips were inserted. More whirring sounds occurred and Ashton curiously waited for Jerry’s response.

“According to the data I received from the chips, it seems that the upgrades could be installed overnight.” Jerry stated.

“Is that the suggested time of installment?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Very well. Finish your duties for today and go with the upgrade. I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.”

Jerry made a cheerful sound before he waddled away to continue with duties.

‘System, the Benefactor’s Return will trigger the moment the upgrade’s finish right?’

[Yes, Host.]

‘Alright, cool. I can wait.’

[Notice! Since the System’s Overhaul was already over, all of the functions are now fully resumed along with the changes.]

[Notice! Discovered that the Host’s reward for successfully taking down the Chaotic Warzone and rescuing both Acacia and the Dragon Vein, was withheld due to the System’s Overhaul, the rewards are now being distributed.]

[Congratulations Host! You received the following: Beyonder’s Astrolabe.]

[Cleptomancy’s rewards for killing hordes of invaders including 5 First Sphere Angels and 5 Demon Princes, superimposed! You received: Blue Marble Grotto-Heaven.]

Ashton’s eyes resplendently shone as he received those notifications. He’d admit that he almost forgot about all of this due to how crazy it has been. Thankfully, the System didn’t cheat him and still distributed the rewards.

He might’ve just received only two items are this point but both are extremely useful, especially for what he’s set out to do.

[Beyonder’s Astrolabe]

A Transcendent Artifact with mysterious origins.

With this artifact, the user can shroud all types of fate/destiny scrying from specified targets.

This artifact can also misdirect unwanted people from infiltrating a specified area.

In case of emergency, this Artifact can cast an Absolute Protection Spell that can defend against anything for an entire month. Afterwhich, this Artifact will be damaged.

The Beyonder’s Astrolabe is extremely useful, especially considering the position they are currently in. It’s basically a life-saving artifact, and based on the description of the item, he could totally use it to protect Last Bastion as a whole!

‘Damn!’ Was all Ashton could truly say about that.

As for the other item…

[Blue Marble Grotto Heaven]

Size: 150,000km²

A pocket dimension with life where the owner can do everything he pleases within the limits of the Grotto Heaven.

That is a rather simplistic description of the item but the implications are immense. Ashton basically has an entire island all for himself to use. In there, he might as well be worshipped as a god. If he wanted rain, there will be rain. If he wanted any specific season to start, then it shall start.

‘This is a strategic place for me to experiment and use for many other things.’ Ashton mused to himself.

‘I can place it within my inventory too, much like the Grand Library! This is insane! I can do so much with this!’

Ashton felt giddy. He didn’t expect to be rewarded this heavily for doing what he was supposed to do. He’s thankful for it of course, but the items he received were a bit overwhelming for him to process.

Nevertheless, Ashton soon calmed down.

Now more than ever, his confidence in his goals was stronger. It was obvious that he had the System’s support in his endeavors.

He kept all the items inside his inventory first. He’ll find a use for them later but for now, he needs to re-organize his plans.

‘…I should talk to Aria about the core. Wait!’

‘System, is it possible for me to make Aria my beneficiary as well?’

[System needs a visual of the target to confirm.]

Ashton raised a brow and thought to himself: ‘You’ve seen Aria before.’

Unexpectedly, the System replied:

[Indeed, the System had seen mistress Aria before, but that is before the System’s Overhaul. The System needs to calibrate the target’s potential based on new parameters.]

‘Ah, that makes sense.’ Ashton nodded to himself and began walking toward their shared room.

Upon entering, he saw Aria still wrapped in a thick cocoon of duvets. A smile formed on his lips as he asked the System: ‘How is it?’

[It is possible, Host.]

Then, the System displayed Aria’s current information to him.

Name: Aria

Age: omitted

Race: Spirit

Bloodline: Sprite

Specialization: N/A

Cultivation Rank: Sorceress Lv.9 (Bottleneck)

Aptitude: N/A

Potential: S-grade


Once a Human, this usually timid and soft-spoken girl dedicated her life to exploring the depths of her imagination. She died and became an Artifact Spirit of the Grand Library, making her pseudo-Immortal.

It wasn’t until the chance encounter with her now beloved that her life changed and her hidden talents started blossoming.

She’s currently dreaming of a nice open field filled with grass and flowers where she and her beloved are locked in a passionate activity…

Ashton blinked and felt rather shy when he read the last part. Unknowingly he started thinking to himself…

‘Right, it has been a while…things had been rather hectic so we just kind of slept beside each other.’

‘She must’ve been feeling rather lonely so she threw herself into her inventions again until she was completely exhausted.’

Ashton cleared his throat and decided to lie down next to her. He didn’t even need to do anything. His mere presence was like a beacon for Aria and she began unconsciously seeking his warmth.

It didn’t take long before he too was wrapped in that same cocoon of duvets. Ashton stared at the ceiling and thought to himself.

‘…I’ll deal with the Beneficiary thing later. Right now, I have other matters to attend to.’

At some point, Aria woke up. Ashton didn’t waste time pampering her in all ways he could think of.

Thankfully, nobody disturbed them this day so they were free to spend all day and night tangled in between the sheets.


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