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“…I’m sure that by now, you’ve learned about a lot of things about this world.” Gaia stated, “Most of which is information about the truth behind the current dynamics of this world.”

“Whether that pleases you or not, doesn’t change your involvement in all of this now.” She continued, sounding slightly saddened and a bit apologetic. “I invited you here to tell you things that might help you. As for how you’ll use what I’ve told you, that solely depends on you. But I do hope that you would do the right thing.”

Ashton stared at Gaia as his thoughts whirred.

Despite looking fine, for the most part, it is rather difficult to ignore the fact that Gaia looked extremely weak. She looks and sounds exhausted. Looking at her, it seems that staying awake is already taking most of her energy.

It’s very easy to forget that Gaia, is the collective consciousness of this world given form and intelligence — turning her into a Spirit. What happens to this world also happens to her. And given that at least 90 percent of the world out there had been violated by the invaders, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that Gaia must be hurting really badly right now.

Yet despite that, she did not force Ashton. She didn’t beg but calmly asked him to do the right thing. Ultimately, the decision falls under Ashton’s considerations so whatever happens after this depends on him.

“What’s the Auspicious Rainbow Cloud?” He asked after a brief silence on his part.

“The Auspicious Rainbow Cloud is an amalgamation of history, luck, and fate. In short, it is Providence given form.” Gaia answered.

Lights flashed in his surroundings, probably due to Gaia’s influence. He watched as the lights intertwined, combined, and formed a small puff of cloud that grew bigger as more time passed.

While watching this, Gaia’s words continued echoing inside his mind…

“Due to the profound laws that govern this world and basically all things, all life had a purpose for their existence. No matter how small or big something is, it can and will contribute towards the overall betterment of this world. This is how destiny works and how fate and luck accumulate.”

“The Auspicious Rainbow Cloud is the amalgamation of the never-ending cycle of life and death of all things. Every time someone serves their purpose or made outstanding contributions that surpass their fate, they will be remembered and a little bit of their essence will be imprinted in these clouds.”

“At the same time, the Auspicious Rainbow Cloud also benefits from absorbing the prosperity of this world. The more advanced and more prosperous the current era is, the more accumulation the cloud can receive.”

“…okay so, in short, the Auspicious Rainbow Cloud is a stockpile of Providence?”

“Yes.” Gaia nodded, “More specifically, it is a stockpile that we once thought lost forever until it appeared on you.”

“Lost?” Ashton frowned.

“Yes. We initially thought that the Auspicious Rainbow Cloud was already captured and refined by the invaders. We also thought that the only reason why they’re still here is that they still have time and they still wanted to continue feasting on Humans.”

“So, imagine my surprise when I suddenly felt its presence on you. I used to be its caretaker, you see. I was the one who kept it safe and the one who would unleash it when push comes to shove. However, it suddenly disappeared. After a couple of decades, it appeared once more. It’s in you.”

“How this happened, is something that I might never understand but considering that you and the Auspicious Rainbow Cloud seem to be in harmony, I don’t see it as a bad thing.”

Ashton went silent for a bit. He wasn’t expecting this all too. He could still remember that the only reason why he had the Auspicious Rainbow Cloud, was because he used a Providence Re-roll Ticket.

Then, like a domino effect, the rest of his aptitude changed too. As for why that is, he still doesn’t know to this day.

“Okay, so cool. I have the stockpile of Providence from ancient times until today. Cool, cool. But what that does mean for me?”

“What does ‘My Providence’ being the Providence of all things means for my future?” Ashton asked.

This is his main concern more than anything. The Mysterious Rainbow has always stumped him and now he’s finally getting answers so you best believe that he will try to clarify as much as he could while he still has the chance.

“Don’t you already have the answer for that?” Gaia replied with a helpless smile on her face. “Think about it clearly. Remember what you have encountered as you slowly made your way back home.”

Ashton thought to himself a little bit before his eyes shimmered in understanding. He then exclaimed:

“Huh…how bizarre.”

It wasn’t that hard. After all, he already had the answer to himself since it was the one realization he made during this his journey back home.

His fate is to mold Humanity’s future. That’s one of the few ways his Providence can be interpreted. It also resonates with his goal of being Humanity’s Strongest Backer anyway.

“Unfortunately, it is way too early for you to exert influence over the Auspicious Rainbow Cloud.” Gaia stated, “You’d have to be at least a World Sage expert to do that.”

Ashton grimaced upon hearing that. He’s nowhere near that rank which meant that he’s also nowhere near strong enough to do what he wants with this Auspicious Rainbow Cloud.

After the Mortal Stages of Knights and Mages, the path of cultivation converges into one which is called the ‘High-Evolutionary Stages’.

The High-Evolutionary Stages are divided into several ranks, which are: Void, Star Child, Star Lord, Star King, World Sage, Cosmic Emperor, and Divine God.

Ashton is just a mere Warlock. Yes, he’s no ordinary Warlock but a Warlock nonetheless. World Sage is a but a pipe dream for now so he shouldn’t even think about it.

“Well, since I can’t do it just yet. I’ll just do what I can to build up foundations for what I’m supposed to do. By the time I become a World Sage, I should have enough funding to raise new Heroes.” Ashton stated.

“If you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to call for my disciples.” Gaia added, “I already informed them about you so they shouldn’t make things difficult for you.”

“Mn. I appreciate that.” Ashton nodded, “Right, I have another question. What’s up with my Virtues? Is this because of the influence of the Auspicious Rainbow Clouds as well?”

“It isn’t…” Gaia shook her head. She didn’t need to know what Virtues Ashton had apparently since she could already sense it. “Virtues, albeit being derived from Laws themselves, are only a facet of it.”

“Virtues are just a portion of Laws. What you get from your enlightenment depends on what resonates with you the most. The Auspicious Rainbow Cloud doesn’t influence that.”

“As for why the arrangement of your Virtues seems strange to you, then that is a puzzle that you must solve on your own. Ponder on it more and the answer shall reveal itself to you in time.” Gaia advised.

“…I see.” Ashton nodded, he then sighed and said: “You know, if your sister could’ve just told me all of this before then it would’ve saved us time.”

“Indeed.” Gaia sighed, which surprised Ashton, he wasn’t expecting her to agree. He then saw her placing a hand on her cheek as she grumbled, “Acacia has always been strict with others and herself. She does her best to stick to rules which makes her extremely boring sometimes.”

Ashton was speechless. This woman just roasted her sister in front of him. He wondered what Acacia would’ve said if she heard all of this.

“Well, it’s been nice meeting you but I need to leave now. I still need to update my living status on the government files and find a new place to live.” Ashton told her.

“I understand. Felicia already helped you with your new Profile so don’t worry about that. As for your new address, I believe I can leave that up to you.”

Ashton gave her a thumbs-up and then turned around to leave. It felt weird to talk to Gaia for the first time but in truth, meeting her didn’t change a thing for him.

If anything, his goal is much clearer now. Especially when he was quite literally chosen to do it.

As he walked away, the fog around him started clearing. After a while, he saw the shore and saw Felicia already there waiting for him with a complicated expression on her face.

Ashton couldn’t help but ask: “Why the long face, Ma’am?”

“…I’m just wondering. I mean, seniority-wise, I am older than you. But status-wise, yours is higher than mine. So how am I supposed to address you now?” She stated.

“My status?” Ashton wondered.

“Yes. In terms of status, yours is at the same level as Patron Gaia. Which roughly meant that you’re a Human National Treasure. In simpler terms, even the Federal President has to show some respect whenever he sees you.”

Ashton blinked a couple of times before looking back in the direction where he met Gaia previously. Felicia heard him muttering:

“…how troublesome.”


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