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Idle Mage: Humanity’s Strongest Backer – Chapter 115: Learning, Entertainment, and Breakthrough? Bahasa Indonesia

Scythes are difficult to use…

That should be expected since they’re not considered an orthodox weapon, they’re mostly used for harvesting crops and other things, the one who invented it probably never intended for it to become a weapon.

Alas, humans can be creative. Sometimes, they’d just make do with what they have. A single moron who used a Scythe to kill some beasts is enough to make it a trend, things can snowball from there.

Ashton was currently in the Simulation Zone, practicing the basics of scythe-wielding. Most of the time, it looked like he was harvesting some invisible crop which makes him look stupid but he did anyway.

That’s what the manual told him to do and he’s following it. The manual came from the System so it wouldn’t lead him astray, he wouldn’t suffer a loss if he followed it faithfully.

The Scythe he’s using is one of the better ones that Aria crafted so far within the past few days. Her skills were steadily climbing and it wouldn’t take long before she creates a Scythe worthy of the materials that were given to her. For now, though, Ashton has to make do with the simple ones.

Scythe wielding can be a bit dangerous. The curved edge still gives him the chills whenever they spin a little too close to his body. But, giving credit where credit is due, Scythes are mildly intimidating to face.

When even he feels nervous as he did the basic drills with the Scythe, how can his enemies stay calm?

Unlike other Mages, Ashton’s body was far stronger and more fit. It’s something that he had to have if he wants to survive on his own in this cruel world.

Naturally, this converts into him knowing how to control his strength to his advantage. Whenever he swings his Scythe, he could feel the air being split apart by the curved edge. It’s like he’s cleaving something invisible in front of him.

The cold gleam of the Scythe’s edge brings chills to one’s soul. Despite this though, Ashton’s far from laying down a solid foundation for his Scythe-wielding art.

Believe it or not, his Basic Staff Technique, which he hadn’t touched for quite some time now, actually helps with his improvement of his Scythe wielding.

Both can be considered as pole/long weapons, which meant that the Basic Staff Technique was helpful enough since it is the ultimate basis for those anyway.

Still, there are many differences between the Basic Staff Technique and the Basic Scythe Art. The former may help Ashton in a way but in the end, his focus will ultimately be on the latter.

To help with his progress, Ashton fights against a simulated version of himself with a Lv.10 Basic Scythe Arts. It does feel a little depressing to have a clone of himself killing him in a cold-blooded manner but well, it’s for the sake of the greater good is it not?

Currently, Ashton’s Basic Scythe Arts is Lv.5. On three days passed since he had gotten this skill but his proficiency over grown considerably. Alas, don’t be fooled by this…

The reason why he managed to level this up this fast was due to the assistance of the Basic Staff Technique, his constant sparring with a simulated version of himself, and his natural aptitude. No matter what, the moment he upgrades this to the Unity Rank, his speed of improvement will naturally slow down.


Aside from practicing his Scythe, Ashton also didn’t forget to get his daily practice with his guns and physical conditioning. He added a 5-star Training Room just for the sake of that so it’d be a shame to not use it.

With Spells to help him alleviate his muscle pains and help him recover faster, Ashton’s training causes his progress to skyrocket. He is both talented and hard-working, this is the reason why he’s able to survive this long so far.

Aria’s locked up in the lab. Madly refining her skills in crafting so that he can create a Scythe worthy of Ashton’s ever-growing skills. Her pride is also at stake here so there’s no way she’ll slack off when her boyfriend’s doing all the heavy lifting.

Ashton regularly takes breaks now and then. Of course, he would! Especially when he has a never-ending source of amusement which is Demon Prince Lu.

If anyone would think that he’d let a chance slip by ruining that demon’s day, then they must be out of their damn mind.

Why would Ashton let go of such precious entertainment? Those are hard to come by nowadays! Hell, he’d even kill for a new movie right about now since he and Aria are stuck watching replays. How the hell could anyone expect him to let go of an entertainment source that easily?

The satisfaction he gets whenever he ‘honks’ at the demon at some ungodly hour is just immense. The exhilaration that fills his body whenever he spits at the demon’s drink without the latter being any wiser is addicting.

There’s no way he’d give this up this easily. Hell, he’s even considering spreading his pranks to the rest of the demons in this city. The only thing that’s stopping him is the invisible threat that they may run away if he went too far. He doesn’t want that to happen of course.

But in all seriousness, just from a single glance, Demon Prince Lu is already getting used to the chaos he brings to his life. On some days, he just looks absolutely done with everything and couldn’t care less anymore since he’s so god damn tired.

This is what Ashton wants. His plan was working well and that’s a good thing for him. The more this demon’s sanity gets eroded with the chaos he ensues, the better the ending of this whole plan would be.

Demon Prince Lu is still unaware that all of the Ghouls he’s raising are now severely ill from Ashton’s ‘poison’. He’s also unaware that the production of Ghouls was also at an all-time low.

Ashton still has no idea as to why he’s raising too many Demon Ghouls but there’s still time to spare. Whether he discovers it or not, it’ll hardly matter at the end of his plan anyway.

Ashton would blow this whole place up, regardless of whether there’s an ongoing scheme behind this whole operation or not. He’s way past the point of giving an inch to Demons and Angels. Their debt piled up so high that it can only be repaid with blood.

In the grand scheme of things, whatever he does here might not affect the foundations of Celestials and Hypogeans but for Aston and Humanity as a whole, this is the first sign of retaliation.

Although he’s acting upon his wishes right now, it wouldn’t be a mistake for Ashton to say that he’s not alone in this sentiment…nor he’s alone in this war he’s waging.

Well, it’s a little too early for him to call this ‘waging war’. After all, his foundations are non-existent at this point. Truth be told, Humanity does not hold any reputation yet for others to treat them seriously.

However, all of that will change the moment Ashton begins to make his move.

But for now…this would suffice.

Torturing a Demon Prince to the brink of insanity is enough to keep him distracted for now.


“…it’s time,” Ashton muttered to himself.

His perception traveled to the depths of his body where his Mageroot is located.

The appearance of his Mageroot had seen drastic changes as he progressively grew stronger.

Now, the rainbow-colored plate which served as the foundation of his cultivation and represented his Mageroot, is surrounded by a single yet ever-so-complex magical formation that was refined countless of times thanks to the Treasure Glazed; Nine-Refinements Sutra.

On the plate itself, there’s an image of a tree carved on its surface – which represents his Fae Bloodline, at the core of the tree carving, there is a chained book – which represents his Magical Artifact – the Cursed Book of Infinity.

And last but not the least, hovering at the center of this place was a crystallized core, shining with a rainbow-colored splendor and revolving on a designated pace and axis.

This is Ashton’s Mage Core, something that he condensed upon his breakthrough to the Archmage Rank.

A Mage Core is the source of a Mage’s Magical Prowess. It is the crystalization of their Mana infused with their Willpower. This is what allows Mages to cast more complex and more demanding spells.

Currently, Ashton could already feel the beckoning of the Warlock Rank. He’s just a shy step away from that stage but he just hasn’t made a move during the past few days.

Ultimately, he’s waiting for something…

‘A Mage’s pursuit had always been the Absolute Truth.’ This is something that has been consistently ingrained in all Mages the moment their magical studies begin.

In a sense, Mages are the scholars of this world. Researchers hoping to uncover the truth of this world. In their pursuit of tracing the existence of Magic down to its roots, they will inevitably come across the Laws of this world.

And if a Mage wants to continue with their path, they will eventually have to study Laws as well.

To reach the Warlock Rank, Ashton must make contact with the Laws of this world. He hasn’t been able to feel its presence before so he didn’t push it.

…but now, the time has arrived and he felt the beckoning of the Laws.

‘This might take me a while…’ Ashton mused to himself.


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