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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 60: Kurokawa arrives Bahasa Indonesia

“Your sister? I do remember her. Why are you asking? If I’m not mistaken, it’s been a while since the last time I saw her.” A little further ahead, Han Som does not seem to understand why A brought his sister up, as there is a clear look of confusion on his handsome face, but I do.

The reason for A to speak up like that is simple. First and foremost, he loves his sister a lot.

And by that, I mean he loves her In-A-Normal-Way, you perverts!

Jeez… Even though I can not see or hear you, I know some of you just expected something disgusting just now. Yuck!

Then again, those that can hear these words or are currently reading them are probably too twisted for anything normal… I blame the author for creating this wretched, perverted world that attracts all of you…

Anyway, the past iterations showed the sister’s obsession with Han already. That was her setting. In the past, Rachel was the clingy and stabby yandere, Kurokawa was the closet pervert yandere, and A’s sister was the worshiping yandere. As for the class representative, since she did not survive that long, she was not given such a setting. Still, if Laura were a yandere, the class rep would steer toward Rachel’s spectrum more. After all, she was always serious about everything.

Classmate A’s sister worshipped her love like he was some god. She had a shrine for Han hidden away inside her room and would pray to it every day. If I remember correctly, some of Han’s personal belongings, plus a picture of his face, were placed on silver-plated dishes. Those items included a flock of hair, a toothbrush, and a torn piece of his underwear. She salvaged those items by rummaging through his garbage when Rachel was not paying attention.

And the final reason, also the one I do not have any concrete evidence of, is the blonde-haired girl on my left. Classmate A fears Rachel deeply. That is clear as night and day. He understands what she is capable of and will limit his sister to protect her life. In the past, he was murdered by his own sister because of fear for her life. And soon after, she would then be killed by Rachel for real. I told you this before, right? She stripped A’s sister, opened her abdomen, and used her intestines as a rope to hang her dead body on the sakura branch. However, now that she has stated that we were somehow together, there would finally be a chance for his sibling to achieve happiness.

“Well, she has been thinking and talking about you a lot, so I wonder if you could spend some time with her. Please?” A explains while taking a glance at Rachel. His voice sounds a little tired. I bet he is still doubtful of Rachel’s sudden change.

“Ah, okay! I do miss that cute lady. We can catch up and hang out with your sister together.” Han agrees to classmate A’s proposal without thinking about it as usual.

Well, best of luck to you, my man. You are indeed there for a treat.

The only problem I have with this proposal is A’s place is not very close by, and I can not let my memories be erased by walking too far away from Han. On the other hand, since Rachel is already interested in me, there is no need to fear for A’s sister’s life anymore. I would rather not be there, to be honest. Rachel, Laura, and Kurokawa are already too much for me to handle. If A’s sister is somehow changed like the others, history will repeat itself, but with me instead of the main character.

There is a gaming arcade nearby A’s house, though.

Perhaps I should go there to wait while they are having fun? A date with the girls does not sound bad, though.

“Thanks, Han.” Classmate A pats Han on the back.

“No worries! Let’s pick up the pace. I don’t want to be late for class!”

“Wait up!” B speeds up. “Are you really not…you know…together with Rachel?”

A nods. “I still want to confirm it one last time. You have no idea how hard it is to believe in such a thing.”

“Man, you two need to trust me on this, okay? Rachel likes C. Don’t you see how she attaches herself to him?” Han points his fingers at me.

“Then, what about the class rep on his right? How do you explain that?” Classmate B then says the most important fact.

“Well…you see…um… How should I put this? They are both with C…” Even Han does not seem to believe his own words.



Yeah, that is the normal reaction. Even though I myself do not believe it, you guys must realize… It is indeed true.

“Huh?! Are you trying to say that Rachel and C are dating?! While Laura and C are dating?!” Classmate A can hardly contain his shocked voice anymore.

“Wait, that’s illegal…isn’t it?” B is also sharing the same kind of tone in his voice.

Han sighs heavily. Yet his eyes filled with admiration betray his true feelings. “Impossible, yes. That’s why he is my Master.”

A and B both turn their faces at me. After a few seconds of thinking, they both shouted: “Master! Please teach us your ways!”

Oh, for fuck sake… Not these guys, too… I am not opening a kindergarten, you know?

“Ah?” My right arm feels a bit tighter. When I turn to that side, Laura already has her eyes on me. “What’s the matter?”

“I just want to hug you tighter, that’s all!” She smiles softly.

Aw! Such a sweet girl.

“We still need to discuss Rachel, C.”

Ah, crap…

The class rep then turns to the blonde-haired girl on my other side.

“I still do not recognize you as C’s girlfriend.”

“Laura, Laura, Laura, you poor, naive girl.” Rachel shakes her head slowly. “Who says I need your permission?”

“OOOOOH! CATFIGHT!” Classmate A pumps his fists into the air. As he turns slowly to look at his friends, hoping for some cheering, Han and B look at him funnily. “What?”

No one says anything to him because they know what is coming next.

The atmosphere drops down instantly as two girls are now directing their chilling stares at him. It is already hard if there is one, but there are two.

“EEEK!!! I’m sorry!!!”

He quickly covers his face with his hands. I can see him shaking his legs.

Rachel then puts on an innocent smile. “You should stay quiet for a while.”

Laura does not. “Be mindful of what you speak.”

“Yes, ma’ams!” A stands straight up. He even salutes her like a superior officer.

“He never learns to keep his mouth shut, doesn’t he?” B tries his best to hold back waves of laughter.

Han nods vigorously. “I completely agree.”

But then Laura interrupts them.

“Leave! Now!”

“EEEEK!” Without waiting for a second sentence, all three guys cowardly run away.

Just like that, the scene is cleared. Such power, much authority, very wow…

Luckily, I do not have to catch up with them to keep my memories from getting erased. The school is already right up ahead. Still, to make sure, I also walk faster.

“Now that there is no redundancy, back to our topic.” Laura clears her voice.

“What did I tell you? Nothing to talk about.” Rachel nonchalantly responds.

“What do you mean there’s nothing to talk about?”

While they try to argue, I, as the goodest boi, decide to stay completely silent.

Laura hugs my arm tighter. “C is MY boyfriend. You are NOT in a relationship with him!”

Hearing that, the blonde-haired girl brings her arm up. Although it is still intertwining mine, she can raise the index finger and moves it from side to side. “You are only half right. C is your boyfriend. That is undoubtedly the truth.”

“That’s not half-truth. Do not twist my words to your own liking!” The facial expression on Laura’s face is getting more annoyed than ever.

“Sharing is caring. Don’t you agree, C?” Rachel looks at me with beautiful blue eyes, hoping for a positive reply.

Being enveloped by two gorgeous women is a dream for men out there. However, I am not Han. I know that greed and lust will only lead to sadness and pain.

“Personally, I do think like Laura.” That is my reply. Laura is my lawful girlfriend. “This might hurt you, but I apologize. We are not in a relationship, Rachel.”

I have no idea what I should call my relationship with Rachel. Letting her know is the best thing I can give her right now.

“See!” Laura has a smug look.

Contrary to my imagination, rather than being sad or depressed, Rachel laughs it off like nothing.

“We are. You don’t know it yet!”

“It’s not how it works…”

How does she keep on doing this?

“You clearly do not understand how a relationship works.” Laura sternly says. “It’s sacred. It’s holy. Do not use your vile thinking to defile such a thing.”

Damn, the class rep is mad…

Smiling innocently, Rachel ignores Laura. “Oh, hey! Look over there, Kurokawa! She’s waiting for us!”

A short distance away from us, Kurokawa is standing all on her own. Seeing us coming closer, she waves her hand to say hi. Sadly, I can not wave back as my hands are literally busy.

Making our way toward her, I notice something is not quite right.

Did she have bandages on her face like that before she left Han’s mansion?


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