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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 53: Maybe… Bahasa Indonesia

In the end, the girls left me alone to do my thing. Not going to lie, but I had to thank them repeatedly in my head because of that. Judging by the looks on Rachel’s and Laura’s faces when I went inside the bathroom, they definitely had something naughty on their minds. Their lusty eyes clearly betrayed their facial expressions. No matter how hard they tried to hide it, I could still see steam coming out of their mouths.

Most likely, they were trying to go in together with me. Maybe taking a bath, or even worse…

These thirsty girls…

Even though I was unsure why Rachel switched her target from Han to me, I had no doubt she would pin me down the moment she had the chance. As for the class representative, I felt she would give me one of those back scrubbings. However, just because she would not do anything too drastic did not mean I should let it happen.

I had to protect my fragile virginity first! Begone, horny heroine!! Do not stand in my way of becoming a wizard!

How did it come to this situation anyway? What did I do to attract these girls so much that they became like that?

Such mysteries may or may not be uncovered…

You know what? Let us analyze my current situation to grasp a deeper understanding of the girls. I think it is about time I do so. For some reason, I feel like the more I postpone this, the worse the circumstances will be.

First and foremost, Laura, the class representative. For one reason or another, she became my girlfriend. Contrary to previous iterations, Laura has been strictly paying attention to me rather than the protagonist of this world. Also, she was the one who asked me out and gave me the first piece of warmth in this world. Thanks to that, I was able to smile for the first time.

Grateful as I was, her motives were greatly oblivious to me. As a person born in this yandere world, there was no way Laura would be in love with me without a particular reason. One thing that I should also note is her protection. Laura has been keeping an eye on me almost all the time. From going home together to spending the night at Han’s mansion, the class rep has always been there for me. We even woke up together!

The second one is Rachel, a.k.a Han’s childhood friend. Now, seriously speaking, Rachel is a weird one. Throughout the day yesterday, she has had a drastic change of personality. When we first met in the morning, she was giving me glares. Then, slowly, it turned into many other things. Especially after lunchtime, she was behaving very weirdly. As if she was lost or something.

The most unexpected change was that Rachel single-handedly changed the original storyline into something unknown to me. Because of me, Laura, and Kurokawa, everything set up for her event was ruined beyond fixing. Well, probably my fault was the biggest. But it was a team effort! Our invitation has made it impossible for her to proceed with her route.

Now that I am thinking about Rachel’s event, I should also try to understand what happened during the short time I was in Han’s room. I had no idea what she needed, but Rachel needed help. Her whole body was shaking violently. And to add on top of that, she was crying while clutching onto the fabric.

At that moment, I knew what she was thinking. She did not want to go with the story anymore, but the system probably forced her to do it. I could understand that, to be honest. After years of trying, I gave up because the system would always find a way to force the heroine to go back on their route. But now, in this iteration, somehow, they can be safe from it.

They can be free.

Maybe, I should start fighting once again.

This time…maybe…things will change for the better…

Regardless, before igniting the long-dead fire in my heart, I need to finish the current challenging task.

“First, you need to tilt the brushes a little, C. If you make it so straight, it will hurt your gums like before. They are especially delicate since they are connected to your nerves.” Laura patiently explains to me the contents of my mouth. Not just that, but she is holding a brush herself to demonstrate like I am some kind of kindergartener…

Oh…the shame…

Please, allow me to explain why my girlfriend is here.

First, you would think Rachel would be with me since the girls would not leave me alone, just like they were the whole day yesterday. That would be correct if Rachel did not leave the scene to make lunch for us. Laura, my legal girlfriend, was then entrusted by her with helping me with anything I needed.

However, before leaving, Rachel even went as far as threatening the class representative to behave when she was gone. Of course, Laura did not take that so well, yet she had to. Not that she did not want to be there for me, but she was slightly mad because of Rachel’s attitude. In Laura’s words, Rachel acted “as if she was your girlfriend instead of me.”

To which I stayed silent. Like, dead silent. For a moment, I swear I was deaf. There was no need to talk about something that would bring me my demise.

By the way, in the end, I asked Rachel if she had a spare toothbrush. The thought of having a stinky mouth was not pleasant for me.

Personal hygiene has always been one thing I care about most. After all, it was the only thing I could control. I could wash under the shower and in the bathtub relatively easily. It was not rocket science. Hence, I have been doing so for thousands of years.

However, having a mouth, another problem arises for me to deal with it. The main issue was that I never tried to copy Han, Rachel, or anyone since there was no need to learn how to keep it clean. Without previous experience, I have no idea how to use the brush and the paste. After a while of struggling with the items Rachel gave, I have given up on trying to brush my teeth by myself. I did try, but it was my first time, so accidents occurred. Because of a quick movement of my hand that caused my gums to bleed, the class rep is now helping me clean my teeth as if I was a baby.

But that is not the reason for my shame. Okay, maybe about 50 percent. Honestly, I am still a tad bit surprised by her sudden appearance. She outright busted the door open when I accidentally squealed due to the pain from scratching my gums. Not only that, but she also had the chance to take a good look at my naked body. Laura’s face got noticeably red because of my dangling dongle. However, contrary to those cliches where a girl would run outside while screaming, Laura took her time to examine my nether region. Her amber eyes clearly lit up with curiosity and fascination more than anything else. The class rep even mumbled to herself about whether or not it would fit her.

I wish I could find a place to die of shame…Is my key to life really that big? Truth be told, I know Han’s size. It is not as big as mine.

But people! Be not afraid!

Size is not all! It is about technique.

Having a big dick only gets you 99% of the way. Besides, what use of such a meat rod except for breeding? I can not possibly use it to hit someone.

Can I?


The class rep waves her hand in front of my face to get my attention.

“C? Are you okay? You have been staring at me for a while.”

“Oh, sorry! I was a bit distracted. So I should brush my teeth like this?” I mimic Laura’s hand movement. We both choose not to speak about the previous ordeal. I swear to God I would die if someone mentioned it.

“Yes. A bit more. If you can get it to 45 degrees, that will be ideal. Yes, just like that!”


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