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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 44: Rachel? Bahasa Indonesia

I ignored the blood on the floor to run up the stairs. All the time, my mind only focused on one thing. That thing was the safety of the girls.

There has never been any bloodshed on Rachel and Han’s first night together. Therefore, the sight of that thing could only mean something horrible was going on.

My body has been on high alert since my eyes caught a glimpse of that familiar color. I know damn well what blood means in a world where yanderes wander the earth. These girls did not simply hurt one another. They always went for the kill.

My heart started beating faster, pumping adrenaline to all cells. At the same time, the muscles in me were all engaged as my fight or flight reflex was activated. Finally, a deep, dark feeling of anxiety quickly consumed my being.

I was worried. Deeply.

In my nightmare, I saw Laura mercilessly cut Rachel’s neck and leave her bleeding to death. The scene ended with a crimson-covered Laura standing alone in the room. Honestly, I never expected to see such a dream since past Lauras never had the chance to become a yandere. Why she cut Rachel’s throat, I had no clue. The weird thing is Rachel did not fight back at all.

“Please, hurry!!” Rachel’s plea for help once again pierced my ears.

Somehow, I got that nightmare where Laura killed Han’s childhood friend in such a cold-blooded manner. My mind wondered whether or not that nightmare was something like foresight. I would laugh it off in a normal situation because such a thought was ridiculous. Regardless, at that point, anything out of the ordinary was acceptable.

Was it because of me bringing them here? Was it some kind of butterfly effect that I could not fathom? That still did not explain why I had that dream, though. Could I be subconsciously afraid of Laura? She did say a few scary things, but I never expected her to kill someone like in that dream.

Nevertheless, I needed to see Rachel. I needed to be sure she was safe and sound. After checking her out, I would find Kurokawa and Laura. I knew I should be checking on my girlfriend first. Yet somehow, I could not get rid of Rachel’s cry for help.

I felt I would regret it.

Very strange…

The closer I was to that room, the more nervous I became. With all that I had in my body, I prayed that what I had seen in the nightmare was only a fabrication of my exhausted brain.

From then on, if she did not want to do it, I would not try to force the two of them together any longer.

To hell with the plot! It had only brought me, nay, it had only brought us nothing but pain and despair. Why should I stick to something that will hurt its own people? Why should I stick to a God that would make things tremendously hard for their believers?

I was stupid.

Now is a time for changes.

Rachel is not a character.

Laura is not a character.

Kurokawa is not a character.

They are like me. Real people.

The girls were born here, raised here, and will continue to do so. Just because they do not act like me with sentience does not mean I can treat them as objects. If I force the plot onto them, does that not mean I am the same as the system?

No way! I despise it to my core!

There is one thing clear, though.

I need to apologize to Rachel…

Thinking like that, I climb up the staircase and arrive at Han’s room. Since the door is open, so I walk in. It was like that in the previous runs, also.

Right when I step foot in, that girl greets me like an old friend.

“You…c-came…at last…” With a stiff and coarse voice, she turns to look at me.

All of a sudden, a wave of nostalgia hits me. Have I seen something like this before?

“I’m here.”

Puffy and red, her eyes are really swollen. She must have been crying a lot.

Although they are full of tears even now, the aquamarine color of her iris still shines brighter than the moon of this night. They have none of the craziness I saw in the first Rachel of the first dream.

They are filled with…hope.

Those are the lively eyes of the second Rachel. The one who looked at Shadow person with feelings, emotions, regret, and pain.

Those are the eyes of humanity.

That look of Rachel pierces my heart like a spear. It is so transparent, so clear. She does not blame me for anything. After all that I have done until this point, she still believes in me to help her.

How I wish for her to hate me…because at least my conscience will be better than this…

Oh, god…what have I been doing? Playing with their feelings like they are toys? Who gave me the right to act all high and mighty?

I was a total jerk to her. Instead of helping her out of her fate, I help bring it to fruition.

I…was wrong…I…

C, you fucking bastard…


No, self-loathing can wait. At least I am not too late.

In front of my face, Han’s childhood friend is in her lingerie. It is the type she wore in the past trials just for this night with the white color, signaling a commitment similar to a wedding dress. She never had the chance to wear a white dress with a bouquet of flowers in her hands, so she compromised with this lingerie.

Her body is as gorgeous as ever. With the addition of her makeup, Rachel is twice as stunning when compared to her usual self. Her luscious lips are polished with one layer of pink lipstick, while her face has a whitish pink color. The eyeliner she does makes the light of her eyes even more exuberant. She certainly wants to make this night a night where she can call someone a husband. Sadly, that guy never sees her in that sense.

Nevertheless, her beauty can wait. What is more important right now is why she called me?


Hearing that, I come closer to the bed and notice many things instantly.

There is no definitive answer I can come up with to explain what is happening. Rather than just sitting there, Rachel’s entire body shakes continuously while her hands are clutching onto the bed sheet. As if refraining her from doing something irreversible, her hands are clenched so tight I can see some holes in the fabric where her hands are. She effectively tore the thing open with her bare hands.

Next to her, Han is still sleeping without a care. He still has his clothes on.

For all I know, it looks like nothing has happened yet.

“I-I wa-waited!!!”

Truthfully, I breathe out a big sigh of relief. I have been seeing Rachel’s reactions to Han. I might have done something terrible if she did not wish to be with her childhood sweetheart.

Still, I do not get it.

Why is she doing this if she does not want to? She can easily stand up and walk back to her room, right?

Unless, just like Laura’s inevitable death, this event is also inevitable?

Is the system behind this? That makes perfect sense, though. If so, how do I even change this?!

I have never messed up this event, so I do not know.

“What can I do?” I ask her. “And don’t kill me for seeing your body like this…”

“G-give…me…your h-hand…” Making a crooked smile, Rachel struggles to make a sentence.

Seriously, not going to lie, but I am terrified. Seeing Rachel being fine, reality starts to get back to me. The rush I felt created by the adrenaline in my veins is gone. Since my reasonings are coming back, I am scared of giving out a hand to have it chopped off…

It has happened to me before…


Fuck it.

If I die, I die.

I extend my arm toward Rachel.


You do know I am looking at your whole body, right? Closer means more booba for C. Not like it is the first time, though…

Anyway, I comply. The guilt I have will not be solved that easily.


She takes it.

Her hand is cold. Not as much as a corpse, yet very close. How long has it been that way? It feels as if she has given up on life.

Immediately upon our contact, Rachel’s body stops shaking.

All the tension inside her fragile body has disappeared in a snap. Okay. This may sound ridiculous, but I see something similar to invisible shackles leaving her body. I do not have eyes, so who knows for sure.

Well, clueless as I am, I take it as a good sign.


After grabbing my hand for a few seconds, Rachel stops looking at me and lowers her head. I thought she would let me go, but no. Her grip only tightens on my hand.

Ah, too tight, Rachel! It is a little painful.

Oh? She reduces her strength. Thanks!


What is that sound?

*Tap tap*

There it is again. It sounds like water droplets falling onto a piece of fabric. I swear I am not hearing things. The sound is easy to hear since there is literally nothing and no one around us.


Now that is a weird silence. Hello? Rachel? I do not know if my voice is too small that she can not catch it. It should not be, though. We could have had an almost-normal conversation a few seconds ago.

Looking at her bare back closely, I notice Rachel is shaking ever so slightly. Sometimes, her body would do something similar to a hiccup as it jolts up and then goes back down.


She is crying, alright.

“Are you okay? Did I do anything wrong?

“…no…” Her voice is clearly shaken.

“Is this because I am looking at you like this? If so, I’m sorry. Should I turn my face away if you are so embarrassed?”



She stands up from the bed slowly to stand in front of me, not saying anything else.

The full view of her body is revealed to me. From her head down to her toe, I can see every single detail there is to see.

A delicate hourglass waist is in full view. Rachel’s ample breasts are so wonderfully complemented thanks to the intrinsic design of her lingerie. Behind the white strap, I can see two clear notes standing out. If I follow the line of her outfit, then the end of it will show me her cleanly shaved nether region.

I am stunned in my way. My mouth can do as much as gasps only.

“I am showing this because I want you to trust me.”


How am I going to respond? Thank you very much?

This is the first time Rachel is showing me her own body like this. To my surprise, Rachel does not hesitate anything. In fact, she keeps getting closer and closer to me until her breaths can be felt on my skin.

Since we are so close, the tears running down her face are very prominent. The same thing can be said about her look on her face. It is flushed.

“You don’t need to say anything. Just promise me this.” Rachel once again pleads.

I do not have the heart to say no to her.

“I’m listening.”

“Please, don’t turn me away this time.” She says, still with a shaken voice.

“I’m sorry for forcing Han on you.” I look down at my feet.

“No, it’s not like that.” She grabs my face with her soft hands. Interestingly, those have a little bit of warmth now. “Don’t turn me away this time!”

“I don’t….*UMPH*!”

My lips are taken by hers.


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