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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 16: Things are always worse than it seems. Bahasa Indonesia

A gentle reminder for all of those listening or reading this.

I feel no hunger whatsoever.

There is no need to feel hungry since I am only a background character. I have never been given a chance to experience food in the entire time I gained my sentience. To me, that feeling must be described in words to understand. And even so, hunger is still something unrelatable.

Thus, I feel envious of the main characters, who obviously need to eat to survive. I really wish I could have a mouth of my own to eat something for one. Sometimes, I would try to guess the feeling of chewing and swallowing. But to be completely honest with all of you, it made no sense. The need for food did not exist within me, and that was it.

Besides, what do you do at lunch break if not for eating? I mean,…what you need to do is already included it in the name, right?


I can not be having sex with the heroines like Han. That would be ridiculous! Only the main protagonist of this eroge can pull off something like diddly doodly with his girlfriend on the roof while everyone else is studying downstairs!

If I were to do something like that, Laura would use her paper knife to cut my dick off!

Okay, maybe not that bad since we are still at the beginning… However, things will possibly end up with me being castrated or dead.

While being dead sounds horrible, the first scenario is the most unfavorable of the two choices. Who would think otherwise?! It is castration!!! Nay. PHYSICAL castration. The worst of the worst!

My friend down there wants nothing to do with that!

After some careful consideration, there is only one thing for me to be doing with her.

Converse. Talking. Exchange verbal information.

Argh! Damn it!

What do I even have in my head to talk to her?! I am not well equipped enough to do this! Heck! Why does a background character have to deal with a freaking side character!? Isn’t that the job of the main character?! Now that push comes to serve, I should have rejected her offer!

Staring straight into my face, Laura tries to get my attention away from my train of thoughts.

“C, I’m not really hungry. Do you?”

Ah! Lucky! It would have been a hard time if she were to talk about food, a hard time indeed!

“Oh, me too! I’m not so hungry!”

Let’s just go with her flow for now. My head is a mess…

Behind Laura, I can make out the images of Han and Rachel walking out of the class. They should be heading to the roof right now.

Obviously, I want nothing to do with the two, so I will stay away from the place. That leaves me with the rest of the school ground. As long as I do not get further than that, my memories should be fine.

“Can we go to somewhere a little bit more private? I want to have a heart-to-heart discussion with you!” Out of the blue, Laura gives me an earnest look.

To be fair, I would like to sit in this room and wait for the lunch break to pass. There is nothing for a background character like me to do.

Then again, this is the first time Laura has given me such a chance of friendship in my lonely world…

It is hard for me to reject her.

Currently, the classroom is almost empty except for the bookworm still enjoying her novel. I probably do not have to care about Kurokawa as much. She is just here for the show, anyway. Not until tomorrow evening that Kurokawa will start to have more screentime.

If we keep it down, I do not think Kurokawa will be able to catch our words.

Unexpectedly, Laura pleads.

“I know this is asking a bit too much of you, C, but I want to head somewhere with just the two of us.”

“Just the two of us?!” I reply immediately.

She looks at me with confusion in her eyes.

“Yeah. Is there a problem?”

Uh oh, there is a big ass problem…


Red alert! Red alert!

I can already hear annoying siren noises in my head!



Why?! When someone is asking for a private talk at school in my world, it means two things:


Support in a confession.

Both are equally bad.

A confession means someone is getting killed. While a need for support will get the supporter killed!!

The ongoing situation is probably the second type!

Wait! No, hold on, C. Do not jump to the conclusion that fast! This is Laura, not Rachel!

Phew! Whoo boy! Did me a scare right there!

The only person that has a tragic fate is not me but her! If someone is dying, maybe she will go first.

In that case, should I accept this?

“C? Are you hesitating?” The class rep is persistent.

Why am I scared now? Worst case scenario is me jumping off the school’s roof to reset everything! There is literally nothing for me to lose. Didn’t I already say I would wing this?

Come on, C. Be the gentleman!

“Ah, no. I’m just surprised, that’s all! We have not had many chances to talk, so I was just thinking about what you would need to talk to me about.” I try to explain to her in the simplest way possible.

Laura nods.

“I understand. The ‘current’ us have not had many interactions.”

Why is she stressing the word ‘current’ so much?

She then continues. “But everything is forever changing, wouldn’t you think so, C?”

I know so. The script of the game can vary based on the bug.

“Yeah! Nothing will remain the same.”

“Exactly!” Laura walks closer to me and extends her hand. “Here! Hold my hand. I’ll pull you up from the seat. Let’s go somewhere with fewer people.”

Not sure if I should take that hand or not, though…

“You wouldn’t leave a girl hanging like this, right?” She looks a bit sad somehow.

Do not look at me with those puppy eyes! That makes me feel guilty…

Ugh! You win, Laura!

“Fine! I’ll take on your offer. By the way, don’t call me rude afterward!”

As I put my hand up to catch hers, she also lowers it down for me.

The class rep is really considerate for sure.


But the moment our fingers touch, Laura instantly yelps and jolts.

I think she has a reaction similar to how a person who is electrified should be. What is up with that?

Do I conduct electricity or what?

Curious, I ask her while standing up. “What’s wrong, Laura?”

No reply.

“Laura?” The second time I call out to her.

Still no reply.

“Hello? Earth to the class representative? Houston, are you there?”

Eh? Her eyes? I can see water building upon her eyelids!

She is crying?!

I can feel the gaze of another person in the class. Yet I pay it no mind. What is going on with Laura? Why is she crying?

“Hey! Hey! Class rep! Are you okay?!” At this point, strangely, I do not care what she will do to me anymore. Grabbing both of her shoulders, I shake her whole body, trying to wake her up from this abnormal event.

*Tap. Tap. Tap.*

Suddenly, there is nothing else besides grief and sadness on Laura’s face. It was hard to believe that she was still the class representative just seconds ago. From the straightforward and genuine person I admire, she turns into someone else completely different.

She is now just a girl.

A crying, lamenting girl.

This Laura does not feel like a character. Even though I liked the previous class reps, this Laura is…more human…

Two clear lines run down from her cheeks and converge under her chin. They keep on gathering until the weight is too much to handle, making droplets of tears fall onto my desk and my notes.

“It is a sin for me to be falling for you.” Laura mumbles something exceptionally creepy.

Okay! This is not fun anymore. I need to understand what is going on!

“C!” She finally wakes up and calls out my name, trying her best to hold back the sobbing in her throat.

“I’m listening.”

Stressing every word, Laura looks me dead in the face. “I am here for you now.”

That confused the hell out of me.

“You don’t get it, do you?” Still streaming down tears, she continues.

I shake my head left and right. “No, sorry. Is there anything I can help you with?”

If I had my own personal handkerchief, I would have given it to her.

Sadly, I did not. What I can do is offer my support!

“There is no need for you to run away anymore. Stay here, with me! This time, it will be different because I am different.”

“Laura, I just can not understand a single word you say! What are you implying?!”


She hugs me tightly.


“It is NOT a sin for you to fall in love, C!”


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