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I Started To Gain Sentience In An Eroge – Chapter 11: I have a plan! Bahasa Indonesia

“I do not think it is appropriate of you to tell us what we can and can not do in the middle of the class like this, Laura.” Kurokawa sends the class rep a chilling stare instantly.

Hearing that, Rachel quickly follows up with the same look. She is disregarding her childhood friend sleeping by the window. I somehow feel whenever he is not in the conversation, she has more freedom. It is a weird feeling, for sure.

Han…how can you be so carefree when your two wives fight with your side-girl?



I swear all of them just looked at me at once! I saw the face of Death!!

“Kurokawa is correct. Even Mr. OOO is not saying anything. What rights do you have to be the boss of us?”

Rachel, dear, do not bother the poor teacher. He is just a shadow man. Mr. OOO will not react to any of us unless it is in the script.

And this event you girls are doing is clearly NOT in the main story.

I mean, come on! Why does Laura have to confront the first two female leads of Han? Why now, all of a sudden?

“Because I am the Class Representative. I must keep an eye on you two. You are bothering others!” Still standing proudly despite the cold looks of the other two, the class rep maintains her stance.

Kurokawa scoffs. “Heh! I am not talking or making noise. There is nothing I do that can be called a burden. Laura, you really need to check your vocabulary. How about a dictionary recommendation?”

“I completely agree!” Rachel nods. “You are obviously abusing your powers!”

Whah!! Incredible! This has to be one of the rarest times I have seen Rachel siding with Kurokawa! Usually, Rachel would find a way to murder Kurokawa or vice versa. Even for Kurokawa, who always tried to push Han for a harem, she still could not accept Rachel in their ranks. I think that was because she saved Han from being killed by Rachel after Laura’s case.

The two were technically fire and ice.

“Oh, I am abusing my powers! All of that because I want you two to start studying more proficiently, see. We are going to colleges and universities. You should focus on your future more than ever!” Laura shakes her head like a disappointed mother.

Damn! Such straight-forwardness! She actually told them she was using her power! That is what I really admire about Laura.

“Hahahaha! Laura, dear! Future?! Hahahahaha!!!” Rachel laughs.

Lady, we are still in the middle of the class! How is this normal?!

Kurokawa also smirks. Although her bang covers her eyes, I can still see some gleams of sarcasm. “You should worry about YOUR future more than anything, Laura. You may have it rough!”

That is true! The class rep should still care more for herself than her classmates. After all, we will probably not stay together for long after high school. We will have to think about getting higher education, a high-paying job, and a family. It is a big deal for everyone!

Of course, the premise is IF Laura is still alive by then.

Sadly, she will be killed off by Rachel. Such a poor soul. I do not want to see her die again, especially when she shows me more humanity than a scripted program right now. Rather than a character, I feel like she is another human being. It pains me a lot!

This goes for the other two, as well. But Rachel and Kurokawa are only for Han. I am not going to do anything to them! Be as human as they may. They just scream DEATH FLAG to me.

You know what?

I have made up my mind!

This current run is probably busted, anyway. Out of nowhere came a ridiculous event that should not have happened at all. The reset is definitely imminent. I just do not know when it will be activated.

That is why, from here on out, I will not stick to the game anymore. I will do whatever I want to.

And, to be honest with all of you, I am now seriously considering suicide.

Before you get riled up, please let me explain.


My back is cold! I can feel the icy stare of three pairs of eyes. What are you going to do? Kill me? HAH! I am already thinking about doing that myself!

Huh? The class rep is sitting down?

And Kurokawa? And Rachel, too?

Suddenly everything is solved? What happened to them during my monologue?

I have no idea how that happened, but alas, great job, girls!

Okay, now that the commotion is over by some unknown means, I will talk to you about my plan.

First, do I look forward to joining Laura at lunch? Yes, I do.

Be true to yourself. Would you feel giddy too if a beautiful girl asked you to wait for her? Or a boy? Or a tank? I do not judge. You have your own preference.

Unless you are a furry… then I may judge a little. But you get the gist of it.

What I am getting at is that I do not think many of you can understand the gravity of living countless tries but only look at others having the time of their lives.

I have seen Han having fun with his female leads while I could only stand outside, looking at them from afar. Remember, I could not be too far from Han since my memories would be erased. Their laughter, their moans while having sex, I heard it all.

Not just once that I feel I wanted to be like him. I know I keep telling myself to not care, but I am just lying.

I want to know the touch of someone else, too. I have never had anyone care for me before.

Time to me is meaningless, I can tell you that. Until my role is over, I will not die. My script is paid so little attention that at some point, I just am there but not doing or saying anything. There is no scene in which I am killed by anyone in the script. So technically, I am immortal.

This game is my prison, my fortress of solitude. Although I may have sentience, that sentience is both a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Why do I have to be where everyone will have their own story but not for me?

So, Laura’s attention was a godsend.

Call me a simp if you want. You will never be able to understand the euphoric feeling of a lost wanderer finding their way into an oasis until you are them.

The three people looking at me seem to have calmed down. They probably got bored. Maybe even dry eyes? Possibly.

There is a tiny bit of a loophole in my life.

Again, I am Immortal, not invincible. I can still die on my own accords.

A good example would be chapter 10, where I tried to save Laura.

Once I am dead, then that is it.

I think the game still progresses without me until the heroine dies or Han dies. I will be spawning back at the school gate as usual.

This is a trick that I used quite a few times in the past to try and save the female characters in this game. Not just Laura, though. I tried saving even Rachel and Kurokawa, too. Even the other characters. If I failed, I would just find the quickest way to kill myself.

Of course, all the bugs would be returned back to normal. All the pain, the missing limbs, would be returned to me. The others would be oblivious to the past, too. Their memories of the previous trial will be wiped off completely. Ignorance is bliss, man…

I unconsciously look at Han and his childhood friend, who is wiping her eyes with her handkerchief. Did something fly into her eyes? They look pinkish.

Is Kurokawa doing the same thing? I have no idea. Her bang covers everything. It sure does look like so. How does she see through that thing? I have absolutely no idea! The hair should be poking in her eyes sometimes.

Lastly, my lunch date partner, Laura. She is not writing anymore. Still holding the mechanic pencil in her right hand, it is not moving. Well, not exactly. I do see it shaking left and right. She must be feeling tired from the previous commotion.


A cold? Hmmm. Makes sense! The window is wide open right now.

ALLERGY!!! That is it!! They are having allergic reactions!!

I am smart. Good job, C!

Anyhow, that is what I am going to do for now.

I am going to enjoy all of this for the day. Instead of thinking about others, I will try my best to talk to the current Laura. Maybe this is the only chance I have at a sliver of romance.

I am just so pathetic…

After lunch, there would be no more events, so the game would be fast-forwarded until the end of class. Rachel will go home alongside Han, and I will try to keep the furthest distance to avoid getting my memories wiped.

Let’s get concrete evidence that Rachel is having sex with Han tonight so that I do not have to kill myself!


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