I Reincarnated as the Little Sister of a Death Game Manga’s Murder Mastermind and Failed – Chapter 49


(This is Makoto’s POV)

The atmosphere before summer vacation was not my cup of tea. Please read this at ChocoCats.

Teachers became busy and harder to catch as the school enters a long break. Meanwhile, students got excited and started piling up bothersome things, saying things like, “Because it’s right before summer vacation” or “Since we’re finally going on summer vacation.”

“Kurobe-kun, can I have a moment?”

On a sunny afternoon, just a day before the closing ceremony, the student council’s final task before summer vacation was assigned: cleaning the pool. It was a simple task of scrubbing the inside and outside of the pool which boasts a depth of about 1.4 meters and its perimeter with a deck brush and water to a certain extent. All the student council members and a few volunteer students were chosen for this task, and the girl who stopped me was from a different grade.

She could be a junior, first year or second; I couldn’t tell.

“I, um, I think you are so cool when you always take care of everyone and are always at the top academically… I like you. If it’s okay, would you go out with me…?”

The sun-baked floor was scorching, and just standing there was uncomfortable enough, making me feel even worse.

“That’s really nice of you. Thank you. But I’m sorry, I have to focus on my exams, and right now, the student council work is more important.” Please read this at ChocoCats.

Politely declining with the usual words, the girl teared up and ran off. What a bothersome ritual. If handled carelessly, it would spread a bad reputation and become even more of a hassle. As I tightened my grip on the deck brush, a hand gently rested on my shoulder.

“Onii-chan! Someone just confessed to you, right? You turned them down, didn’t you?!”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

She was my step-sister, brought along by the woman my father married. Mai hopped around like a frog, sticking to me noisily.

Taking care of her, who didn’t seem particularly intelligent since childhood, had boosted my reputation among those around me.

So, while letting it be to the extent of not dying, I occasionally took care of that creature, and as a result, it seems to have grown fond of me. It frolicked around without showing any concern for the summer heat. I sincerely felt relieved that we weren’t connected by blood. It’s somewhat difficult to bear the thought of sharing the same blood as that thing.

“Mai, have you had enough water? It’s hot, so you should be careful.”


Casually prompting her to move away, she dashed along the poolside and picked up the PET/plastic bottle she had placed in the shade.

Both male and female students were wearing gym clothes, designed to withstand getting wet. My step-sister was the same. As I caught a glimpse of the legs peeking out from the shorts, aligned uniformly along the line, a sudden thought crossed my mind. Please read this at ChocoCats.

Even if insects lost their legs, they could still survive for a while. I wonder if humans were the same. Everyone was making plans for the summer vacation, and maybe it was a good idea for me to follow suit.

The moment something lost its life, my heart became clear and I felt a surge of excitement. I wondered if my heart was only moved by the act of killing something. It made me curious and made me want to investigate.

However, I felt like insects alone wouldn’t be enough for an experiment. After all, insects didn’t make a fuss when they were killed, but humans wouldn’t be the same. But as an experience, I’d like to push someone off, whether it was in the sea, a river, a pond, or even this pool.

Behind me, the male members of the volleyball club, who joined this cleaning activity under the advisor’s orders, were pushing and shoving each other, trying to push someone into the pool. Perhaps it was just a complete farce since the pool has already been drained. However, I became curious about how someone’s head would shatter if they fell in.

That’s right, there was a park nearby. The pond there was used as a place for elementary school children to play in the water. If I make a slight mistake in pushing someone, they’ll hit their head on the rocky shore.

“Kurobe, I heard someone confessed to you!”

As I gazed absentmindedly, I was nudged in the side. The lukewarm touch was unpleasant, and to conceal it, I took a step back and feigned surprise, saying, “Huh?” Standing next to me was a male classmate from the same class, brazenly pointing at the girl who had taken up my time earlier. Please read this at ChocoCats.

“She was really cute. Why did you turn her down? She’s smart, pretty, and has a great personality. There’s no reason to reject someone like that.”

“I have exams this year, you know.”

“Exams shouldn’t matter, right? Normally, you could just date her. Such a waste.”

A waste. I didn’t quite understand that sentiment.

Somehow, by observing others, I could tell that it would be the right answer to date and marry someone who is suitable and causes minimal inconvenience in the future.

But I didn’t feel inclined to do so myself. It’s convenient to be liked by others, so I act accordingly, but I don’t see any benefits in genuinely liking someone. Being liked to a certain extent, enough to be utilized, and simply enjoying that is sufficient for me.

“Eh, what a waste! I always get asked about you, you know,” he exclaimed.

“Why is that?”

“Because we’re best friends, aren’t we? Me and you!”

“Is that so?”

“Kurobe, you’re terrible!”

I didn’t understand what was funny, but the male student always laughed. He was deceived by my unenthusiastic laughter and probably thought it was a joke. Please read this at ChocoCats.

“Are you secretly have a sister complex or something?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Liking your sister?”

“No, I get what you mean. But she’s my sister, you know? My dad asked me to look out for her.”

There wasn’t much I thought of my step-sister, who was close in age, apart from her usefulness. If I must say, she was noisy and troublesome.

If I casually responded to her unproductive words, I would be considered a “good person.” It was like feeding a poorly trained dog without much thought.

“But she’s cute, right? And she’s your step-sister, isn’t she? I wish I had a step-sister like her.”

“That sounds like a criminal mindset.”

“Come on, we’re only one year apart. It’s fine.”

I would give her to you if you want. I didn’t really need her anyway. I was just using her because it was convenient, not because I wanted to.

However, saying that out loud would be troublesome, and I kept my mouth shut upon hearing footsteps approaching from behind. Please read this at ChocoCats.

“Onii-chan, are you almost done with the pool cleaning? And once we finish, do we have to fill it with water? I’m starting to get tired of it.”

“I’m not sure,” I replied.

I had no interest. About the cleaning or anything Mai had to say.

But Mai never doubted my words and innocently grew fond of me. It was convenient.

“I heard from a senior before that some teachers let us play in the pool at the end. So maybe we should do a good job.”

Even though I had never heard of such a thing. Mixing in some daydream imagination, Mai started to become motivated. However, in this scorching heat, I couldn’t muster any enthusiasm and instead wore an anxious expression, thinking, “I wonder if they have organized the kickboards…”

“Well, I’m not sure. Maybe they haven’t done it…”

“In that case, I’ll go check it out. I’m worried about that area.”

I turned my gaze towards the boys from the volleyball club. I had no intention of getting involved in this troublesome charade.

“See you later then, Onii-chan! Take care!”

“Yeah, see you later.”

This summer vacation, it might be a good idea to try something new. Maybe by doing so, I could break free from this chronic boredom, at least to some extent.

I walked away from the poolside, turning my back on Mai, and looked up at the vivid blue sky as I strolled along. Please read this at ChocoCats.


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