I Refuse to Try to Max Out Any Stat So I’ll Just Start Finding My Own Way Around! A Healer That Doesn’t Specialize in Anything, Separates From His Friends, and Goes on His Own Journey – Chapter 277


~3rd Person Perspective~



“Weapon enhancement, huh?” (Brydon)



 Brydon, the innkeeper, mumbled as he polished the plates with a cloth.


 He remembered the boy who had just been eating at the counter.


 The boy, who looked like he was just starting out as an adventurer, was trying to strengthen his weapon. A reasonable adult would have given him a word of advice.



“But Nick is the one who introduced me to him.” (Brydon)



 Nick Batt. He’s not the most conspicuous type, but he’s capable and a good judge of character. If he’s the kind of guy who recognizes you and introduces you to him, there’s no problem.


 And that boy’s moves. He has more experience with weapons than meets the eye. I don’t think I should think of him as just any boy.



“Well, it’s none of my business.” (Brydon)



 It’s not something I would deliberately advise.


 Yes, Brydon concluded.


 It is not customary for adventurers to pry into other people’s business. However, as a senior adventurer, it is the duty of elders to offer advice. When it is necessary to say something, it is necessary to say it. “But–” he thought, looking up and exhaling,



“I’m getting old too.” (Brydon)




 He never thought about it when he was young, but as he gets older, he tends to think about it in a preachy manner. It also makes him want to say something to young people, like the drunken adventurer he used to dislike when he was younger.


 Brydon put his plate on the counter, poured lager from the keg into a cup, and downed it.



“Pwah! Even so, weapon enhancement, huh…” (Brydon)




 He switches his mind to another memory.


 In his younger days, Brydon also trained his body and tried many times to enhance his weapons.


 He had experienced many successes, but he had also experienced many failures as well, and of course, each time he burned his weapons to nothing. Even now, just remembering it brings back a bitter pain from the back of his head.


 But those of them who are adventurers and have attained a certain level of strength will one day reach the point of enhancing a weapon.


 Whether it is a barrier to their own growth or a limit to their abilities… there comes a moment somewhere when they feel that they cannot advance to the next stage without taking up the challenge of weapon enhancement. It will come. Then the rest is either move on or give up on a glorious future as an adventurer and be satisfied at your position.


 That is why so many adventurers have taken up weapon enhancement and scattered.


 It was a foolish and vain thing to do, but now that he was older, Brydon realized that this was what being an adventurer was all about.



“However, with such a fragile body, you won’t care about that legend.” (Brydon)



 Saying that Brydon chuckled.



“I believe it was, ‘if you show the gods your well-trained body, you will succeed in enhancing your armament’.” (Brydon)



 Brydon muttered, “I couldn’t succeed with this hardened steel body, even when I forced myself to do it,” and started polishing the plates again.



 Another squeak sounded in the dining room.


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