I Decided to Not Compete and Quietly Create Dolls Instead – Chapter 58

Chapter 58 – Altirea vs Altirea – part two


That Altirea took a deep breath, narrowed her eyes, then spoke, “You’re the same as the other children in the different timelines. We were all %$!%$#&@% in our past lives, so why are you all so crazy? Why am I the only one who thinks straight?” She sarcastically muttered my name from my time in Japan.

“I’d like to ask you the reverse.” I looked straight into her eyes and said, “What if you were in my position? Would you be able to accept such high-pressure proposal?”

“That’s irrelevant.” The tone of that Altirea was as arrogant as what you’d expect from a villainous noble from an anime, “If you think about the gains and losses calmly, then following me is the best choice.”

“Seems like you can’t imagine yourself accepting it then.” I continued to fan the flames, “You too have a previous life as %$!%$#&@%, so why is your way of thinking so degenerate?”

That Altirea gritted her teeth. Tea spilled from her bangs and fell onto the desk.

“You lack tact and are far too conceited!” That Altirea exclaimed.

“Someone as haughty as you has no right to say I lack tact. It’s far too late to take this kind of stance.” I replied.

And that’s not the only thing she is far too late to, for I have already solidified my hostility.

In fact, I was secretly exchanging telepathic messages right now in order to prepare a surprise attack.

I just need to push her a bit more. To keep the attention of that Altirea on me.

Therefore, “Essentially, you just want someone to take care of you, but because I didn’t react as you expected, and didn’t give away my precious people, you decided that you’ll take away my will with your doll magic?

“You’re the worst kind of needy girl. The kind that would just cry ‘daddy’ over and over again to get your parent’s attention.” As I told her that in a disdainful tone…


I slapped her cheek with the palm of my hand.


“You damn brat…!

“Fine! I’ll get rid of it since you want it so much! Become a mindless slave doll, ‘Doll Magic: Queen’s Garden’!” Altirea glared at me as she said those words, showing her anger without holding it back.

I was completely unfamiliar with the last phrase, but I somehow understood its meaning. It was a type of doll magic. The same power I used on king Lereol the other day.

If she was able to fully activate it, I’d surely become unable to neither think nor feel anything.


“Now hold on just a second. ‘Isn’t it strange that there are two of the same person?’ After all, ‘if you think about it normally, isn’t it natural to conclude that you’re just a fake calling yourself Altirea?’” Tourus said.

While me and Altirea talked, Tourus had been preparing his negation magic on the corner of the room, making full use of his weak presence.

His power to forcibly overwrite the truth… For as long as it is active, this Altirea isn’t the future me, but a fake instead.

“’The real thing is the little Altirea’, because…

–’You cannot use any form of doll magic’.” As Tourus said that, this magical power of Altirea was scattered. He was able to stop the activation of her doll magic.

And then… (I won’t let you harm the young lady.) Kajero, who was waiting behind the door of the conference room jumped into the fray.

And he was not the only one, “I won’t forgive you for threatening Alty!” Feria headed towards Altirea with a bullet-like speed.

She pulled out her sword with a flash, while Kajero condensed the shadows and shot a jet-black arrow.

An explosion.

Smoke filled the conference room.

And when visibility cleared out… “Impossible… I was… Hurt?” Altirea muttered.

It was far from a fatal injury, but she was definitely wounded.

“A lie, a lie… This has to be a lie.

“Yeah, I’m just gonna go back home and sleep. After I wake up, I’m sure everything will be alright.” As she said that, a magic circle appeared below her feet.

Are you going to run away?

“I won’t let you.” Brother Tourus said.

However, Kajero was much faster.

Before her magic was completed, a dark arrow flew towards the head of Altirea.

At about the same time, the magic circle emitted a dazzling bright light–

And then… She laid down on the floor. Like a doll with a broken thread.

Her eyelids had fallen, and she was no longer breathing… She will not move again.

Is it over? It was too fast, so I was unsure if that was truly it.

I truly didn’t expect brother Tourus’ negation magic to be this strong.

“I think it was inevitable that I’d be able to do this.” Tourus muttered, as if he read my mind, “To stop my little sister, I’d develop the ultimate form of negation magic somehow.

“Then, I’d find a way to use the secret technique to convey my powers to a different self of a different timeline of a different world.

–Wouldn’t that feel just like what your older brother would do? Well, it’s fundamentally just a theory though.”

Actually, I’d say it’s a solid theory that explains how things worked out this well.

Or maybe my thoughts are just messed up after all this…

“For now, I think we should be happy that we’re safe. Let’s take a small break to recover, then leave for the empire’s capital once we’ve finished all our preparations. We have to help everyone who were robbed of their will by the fake Alty.

“But for now… Please excuse me. I need some time alone.” As brother said that, he left the conference room.

He seemed to be mourning her…

–Surely, he must be praying for her happiness, and also praying for a peaceful rest for her. As an older brother, that fits him just right.

And on the next day, we left for the empire’s capital.


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