I Can See a Few Minutes Into the Future, but I Don’t Know What a Woman’s Mind Is Like – Chapter 80

Episode 80 – Use what’s available

Moving from the station, we walked together through the crowd.
I have not been to Nagahama, a neighboring town, very often, except once when Fujibayashi took me along.

The bookstore where I was killing time until I met up with Suika was also near the station, so my range of activities was extremely limited.

When I was accompanied by Fujibayashi, I was just following behind her as she walked quickly.
I don’t remember where I was going or what was there.

So I had never been to the place we were about to go.
In contrast, Suika seemed to have used the facility many times, so I asked her to show me the way.

“Are you sure about this? Like movie.”
“Yes, it’s fine! I’m totally fine with it! I haven’t been to the movies at all recently. I don’t get a chance to go to the movies unless it’s an occasion like this!”

I asked her if she would go out with me, but there wasn’t anything in particular that I wanted to do.
The purpose of this time is to refresh Suika. I had to do something for that, but I don’t know what to do in such a situation because of my lack of experience with women.

Just when I was thinking that, I received a helping hand.
I received a message from Okai-san, the one who left me alone with Suika.

“Invite her to a movie or something! By the way, Suika likes action movies!”

So, remembering a recent commercial advertising an American comic book movie, I invited Suika to join me.

“I’m looking forward to it! I just wanted to see it! I didn’t think Arase-kun liked heroes too!

I can’t say I’ve never been to a movie before. Okai-san also told me about it.

“Suika like it too?”
“Yes, I do. I get really excited when I see a flashy scene! Like explosions!”

I was relieved to see her looking more energetic than I expected, perhaps because she was excited to see her favorite movies.

I knew Suika should be like this. I had only heard about her in a bad mood from other people, so I couldn’t really imagine her in a bad mood.

“It’s just like Suika, isn’t it?”
“Is that so?”
“It’s just my own opinion, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen girls in that kind of situation. I always imagined it was a love story or something.”
“Ah, are you trying to say that Suika doesn’t look like a girl?”
“……, no, no, no!”

Suika looked at me with a stern look and I hastily denied it. It’s kind of like an bad excuse

“Well, it’s okay,. Suika is aware of it, too. Suika isn’t girly anyway.”

Apparently, she turned her navel.
I should not say anything bad about it. It would be meaningless to offend her even though she has regained some of her energy.

As I was thinking about how to explain myself, a brief image flashed through my mind.



Suika was hit by a big guy from right behind her.
Suika lost her balance and fell down on the spot.

The man, perhaps because he was talking with his friend, did not notice Suika at all, ignored the collision, and walked past her.


“Even my clothes aren’t too cute—eh!?”

I quickly came to my senses and tugged on Suika’s arm, who was about to say something.

The man who was supposed to bump into her went through the planned spot, and this time he passed by without bumping into her.

“….. phew.”

I let out a small breath.

“…Ah, umm …… Arase-kun?”

Somehow, it seems, I’ve managed to change the future. If I can tell that even a small event is not good, there is nothing better than avoiding it.

“Ah, Arase-kun, ……!”
“Ah, ……”

It was so unconscious an action that I had no idea what to expect after I pulled Suika.

“U-Umm…… close …”

I looked in my arms and saw that Suihana was red-faced and shrunken.

I panicked and released Suika.

My own face was hot. I was so desperate to spin out my excuses.

“I’m sorry. Someone was about to bump into you from behind!”
“I-I see. ……”


It was a complete accident.
If a friend of the opposite sex suddenly hugs you in the middle of a conversation, it is more than just gross.
It’s not just a matter of being grossed out, it’s a matter of being sued for sexual harassment.

“Hey! Don’t stop at that place!”
“I-I’m sorry. ……!”

I was also scolded by a lady who came up behind me. It was only natural that I would be in the way if I stopped on the side of the road.

“F-for now, let’s just go.”
“Y-yes. ……”

The air was still awkward as ever as Suika and I headed for the building where the movie theater was located.

“What a crowd. I’ve never seen a place this big before.”
“That’s right! Suika was also surprised when she came here for the first time.”

The awkward atmosphere gradually disappeared as we headed to the movie theater, and by the time we arrived at the theater, we were already back to normal and able to talk.

Arase-kun, when he suddenly hugged me, I wondered what was going on. I wondered what I would have done if things had remained awkward forever.

My face gets a little hot when I remember it now.

“Is the ticket booth that way?”
“Yes. There are a lot of people lined up. Let’s get in line!”

At first, Arase-kun was silent, but now he was acting as if nothing had happened.

I, on the other hand, can talk now, but I am still a little embarrassed.
I feel like I’m the only one who is embarrassed, and it’s a complicated feeling …….

Arase-kun, as I recall, has a lot of girl friends, right?
That means he’s used to …… it……?

“Suika? What’s wrong?”
“Oh, sorry, nothing!”

Arase-kun called me over, and I interrupted my thoughts and immediately lined up at the ticket booth.

There are more than 10 screens in this movie theater, and the size is reasonable. The entrance alone is crowded with many people.
So, it was a hard job just to get in line. Arase-kun frowned a little at the sheer number of people.

I wonder if Arase-kun is not good at places with many people.
Huh….Then why did he invite me to play with him today….?

I heard from Natsu that Arase-kun really wanted me to play with him,…… but I don’t really understand why Arase-kun wants to play with me.

I mean, would Arase-kun ask me like that?
It’s also strange that Natsu suddenly had something to do and stopped coming,…….

“Ummm ……?”

I don’t know, even after thinking about it.

Still. It might have been nice to have been invited today.

I’ve been feeling down lately. I was actually on the fence about going out to play, but I’m glad I came.
I would have felt bad if I had practiced alone, because I would have remembered so many things.

And I don’t feel so bad when I’m with Arase-kun.

Well, maybe it’s just that I’m excited to be able to watch my favorite movie.
Still, I have always thought that Arase-kun is a mysterious person. It was the same at the very beginning, and even today. He acts as if he knows what’s going to happen.

Anyway. I thought that since he invited me out, I would change my mind and have some fun today.

“Welcome. How many people?”

While I was thinking about this, the line got shorter and it was our turn. I usually buy tickets from a ticket machine, but only if I have made a reservation online. So this time we bought our tickets from the staff at the counter.

“Umm, I would like to buy tickets for two for this movie.”
“What time would you like to see the movie? For the next showing, there are seats available at the end of the theater. ……”
“Suika, what do you think?”
“Yes, I’m fine. If it’s available, I’ll take the next one!”
“Then, I’ll take that seat.

Luckily, we seem to be able to secure tickets for the next showing. It seems that there was just a cancellation.
But only the back end of the theater was available, but that was no problem. Besides, it would be another two hours before we could wait for the next one.

“It’s couples day today, so we’ll give you a 10% discount on the price for two.”

For a moment, I was a bit nervous, but we split the price and paid it together.

“If you are a couple, you can continue to use the facilities at a reduced price after this. If you like, you two can make some happy memories together.”

We received a warm look from the ticket sales lady and left the sales floor.

Couples …… look like that ……? We weren’t really a couple, but we had no choice at that time.
It was too natural and I was led along. And it was a good deal. Arase kun didn’t say it out loud either, but I’m sure that’s what he meant.

There’s no need to go out of your way to lose money, right?

“S-sorry. I’m sorry people thought you were a couple with someone like Suika.”
“I don’t mind, so don’t apologize. That way, it was a good deal for me.”

Uwa, that’s so kind. If I said the same thing to a guy on a male basketball team, he would have made fun of me for sure.
But I’m the one who’s embarrassed, aren’t I? This…….

“Uh, let’s see,……, there’s still time to buy something.”

But Arase-kun hurriedly changed the subject, and I understood. I’m sure Arase-kun was a little embarrassed as well. The ears were a little red.
So I was a little happy to hear that and answered immediately.

“Of course! Speaking of movies, popcorn is a must! Do you prefer salt? Or caramel?”
“Butter and soy sauce.”
“Oh, that’s a wicked way to go. But it’s delicious too. They don’t sell it here, though.”
“Then, salt. If Suika wants caramel, that’s fine too.”
“Well! Then, why don’t we have half-and-half? Then we can eat both of them and get a good deal!”
“Let’s do that”

We bought what we wanted at the concession stand, had our tickets cut by the cinema staff, and headed for the seventh screen.

Incidentally, there was also a couples’ discount at the kiosks, which again made things a little weird.

Come to think of it, it was the first time I had ever been to a movie alone with a boy. ……
Oh well. Let’s just have fun for now!

I shook my head and sat down in my seat with Arase-kun.


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