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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 67 Bahasa Indonesia

A Torn Bai Xiaobai

Tl/Pr note we changed it from Xiaochun to Xiaobai, cause Xiaochun kinda sounds like little stupid, and Xiaobai is just little white. ¥ is Yuan chinese currency, exchange rate is 1 yuan for 15 cents.

So this is how it was!

After listening to Yang Rong, Chu Tian couldn’t help but to smile and nod.

It was similar to what he thought.

From the two encounters the day before yesterday, Chu Tian could tell that although this Sun Nana has a smile on her face and looks like they have a good relationship, some of her actions and speech clearly shows that she’s flaunting and competitive.

It doesn’t matter what area it is, it’s like she must be better than Bai Xiaobai.

Seeing Chu Tian’s smile, Yang Rong said, “Oh, deskmate, when you met Sun Nana, what did she do?”

“She didn’t do much,” said Chu Tian, “she just bragged about her boyfriend being rich and that her boyfriend is willing to spend money on her.”

Chu Tian then talked about what happened when they went to the zoo the day before yesterday, as well as what happened when he was escorting Bai Xiaobai back to the dorms and ran into Sun Nana twice.

“She’s just like that.” Yang Rong curled her lips and after she finished listening, “I know her boyfriend, his family is quite well-off, he had a girlfriend but somehow Sun Nana carried on with him and caused them to have a fall-out, then she became the girlfriend.”

“By the way, deskmate.” Yang Rong continued, “Don’t mind these things, to be honest, Xiaobai is really stressed about dating you, you don’t have to worry about Sun Nana, Xiaobai doesn’t care about her.”


Chu Tian frowned and said, “Xiaobai is really stressed about dating me?”

“Yeah.” Yang Rong said, “Some of the things you don’t know about, but I know, Xiaobai actually genuinely cares about you, so she’s scared of putting you at inconvenience, her thoughts are way more than what she shows.”


Chu Tian looked at Yang Rong in confusion and said, “Deskmate, I don’t understand, what do you mean?”

“She’s scared of putting you at inconvenience,” said Yang Rong, “if you were dating some other girl, let’s say me, if you were to date me, then no one will talk about us because the way I am, I’m only an ordinary girl, and your circumstances aren’t too great either, we’d have similar backgrounds, no one will care about us two.”

“But Xiaobai… people nowadays are really materialistic, and with her circumstances, if she doesn’t find someone who’s super rich, anyone who dates her will be talked about behind their backs.”

“Only money is useful, as long as you show the family’s economic foundation, as long as you have money, as long as you don’t look like a pig, everyone will say that these two people are such a good match.”

“So Xiaobai has actually been worried all this time that if you were with her, these comments behind your back would make you unhappy.”


Chu Tian nodded and smiled, “Xiaobai never told me.”

“There’s a lot she’s never told you.” Yang Rong said, “Like the jersey she bought you yesterday, do you know what your Xiaobai wanted to buy you originally?”

Chu Tian frowned again, “What?”

“She originally wanted to buy you a whole set along with shoes.” Yang Rong said, “She took a fancy to a pair of basketball shoes, she liked it a lot, I also thought it suited you, but it was a bit expensive, like 5000 something yuan, so she thought about it and didn’t buy it for you.

“Uh…” Chu Tian smiled and said, “it’s too expensive right?”

“What’s too expensive.” Yang Rong rolled her eyes and said, “She was worried about making you stressed, Xiaobai is actually pretty well-off, although she’s from a single parent family and doesn’t have a dad, her family owns a small supermarket, her mum is quite good at managing it.”

“And since she’s the only daughter, she gets ¥9000 per month for living expenses, a pair of shoes that costs ¥5000 is affordable for her, but the problem is, if she bought it for you, would you be able to return a gift at a similar price range?”

“If she gave you a pair of shoes like that, there’s no way you’d give her something that’s only ¥10.”

“She was worried about this, she was scared that if she gave you the shoes you’d buy her a present around the same price and then it’ll add stress for you.”

“You didn’t see her then, she was so happy when she saw those shoes, she took it and went to pay for it straight away, saying that it’d definitely suit you and that you’d look cool wearing them.”

“But when we were paying she suddenly stopped, then put those shoes back disappointedly and ended up buying the jersey only, it’s not too expensive, about ¥200.”


There was something like this?

Chu Tian thought for a little and said, “Then why didn’t you tell me yesterday?”

“Don’t you wanna keep up your reputation?” Yang Rong said, “If I told you this, it’d be the same as saying you’re poor, Xiaobai was scared of you finding out and forced me to not tell you, saying that men like protecting their reputation, that if you knew you’d be sad that you lost face.”

“So Xiaobai really does think a lot, she really does care about you a lot, but she also worries about your reputation, as well as your financial circumstances, she has to show you the respect for men and not make you feel stressed to be with her, she really is stressed.”

Chu Tian smiled and nodded, “I understand, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even know about these things.”

“Don’t tell her about it.” Yang Rong said, “Xiaobai asked me to not tell you and I promised.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything.”


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