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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 46: False Alarm Bahasa Indonesia

Things are going to be problematic now!

The Ministry of State Security made an evaluation of Shadow several days ago. They determined that he was not a dangerous individual.

But now, he actually suggested that he was someone who would sell state security breaches to foreign governments.

What the hell?

Had he sold those sorts of breaches before?

If he did, then his evaluation would be completely changed, he would be someone extremely dangerous instead!

In fact, he could very possibly become the next ‘Granddaddy 50M’ and become wanted by the government.

Only the desktop computers’ humming sound could be heard in the quiet computer room.

All because of that one sentence from Chu Tian, the four people in the room grew completely quiet.

After a long while, the woman, with a serious frown on her face, took a deep breath, “Try to worm information out of him. If this Shadow is different from our evaluation, then…”

The woman didn’t finish her words. But, the middle-aged man understood her.

He didn’t bother wasting time and sent a message in reply.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Ah? You’re kidding. Those breaches are that costly? Shadow bro, could it be that you’ve sold these sorts of breaches before?”

A Handsome Guy Who’s Unwilling To Reveal His Identity: “Oh no. I’m just joking with you. How could I sell these things? Selling those things would be akin to causing harm to our motherland and the citizens of our nation. No matter what, your big bro here used to be in the military. Even if you are to beat me to death, I wouldn’t do this sort of thing.”


He hasn’t sold national security breaches?

After reading Chu Tian’s reply, the middle-aged man turned around to glance at the woman.

The woman was still frowning, “Ask him how he knows about the market price if he hasn’t sold any before.”

The middle-aged man nodded. He started typing.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Shadow bro, since you’ve never sold that sort of thing before, how did you know these breaches are that costly?”

A Handsome Guy Who’s Unwilling To Reveal His Identity: “Are you stupid? While I’ve never sold any, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t buyers. Those buyers are offering millions or even tens of millions every time. Of course I know how costly these things are.”

A Handsome Guy Who’s Unwilling To Reveal His Identity: “Oh, let me remind you of this. You must not attempt to sell these breaches to foreign governments. What I hate the most in my life are traitors to our nation. If you dare to do this sort of thing, you can consider our friendship over!”


So there were people offering to buy them!

The woman slowly nodded her head, “A false alarm. Execute… Plan B-4. Try raising the price for him.”

The middle-aged man nodded and started typing.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Shadow bro, you’re overthinking things. The two of us are actually quite similar. Like you, I too hate traitors the most.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “That said, the pricing from the government is not fixed at 300 thousand. The pricing also depends on the seriousness of the breaches. If it’s an extremely serious breach, it is most definitely not going to be 300 thousand. There are many different tiers. It’s only the lowest tier that’s 300 thousand. Our government doesn’t lack money, I don’t think they’ll be so stingy to not pay us what the breach is worth.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “So, Shadow bro, what do you think? Do you want to take this project on? You can just do it during your free time while watching over your grandson.”

A Handsome Guy Who’s Unwilling To Reveal His Identity: “Yeah sure, that works for me. I’ll mess with it instead of idling around doing nothing. Send over the server address to me.”

Seeing the message Chu Tian sent over, the woman said, “Mouse! Your turn.”

“Got it big sis.”

The gum-chewing man took over the middle-aged man and sat before the computer.

After typing away on the keyboard, the gum-chewing man sent over five server addresses to Chu Tian.

A Handsome Guy Who’s Unwilling To Reveal His Identity: “Oh boy! Five at once? Well then, I guess I’ll have to start working then. I’ll send over any breaches I find. We’ll continue with how we’ve been working before, you can receive the money on my behalf and then transfer it to me.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Sure thing.”


Haicheng. Inside the rental apartment. Chu Tian looked at the five server addresses and smiled mischievously. Only then did he begin to type away at his keyboard.

He actually behaved the way he did earlier on purpose.

A single breach being 300 thousand was a rather low price.

After all, those were no ordinary website’s server security breaches. Those were all the important governmental agencies’ servers. The weight class was completely different.

300 thousand for a single security breach for governmental agencies’ servers? That’d be an utter joke!

Moreover, Chu Tian knew very well that this so-called ‘project’ he was offered to ‘join’ was absolute nonsense.

How could a hacker of Wang Xiaofeng’s caliber be able to find that sort of security breach?

If a hacker of Wang Xiaofeng’s caliber was capable of finding security breaches in governmental servers, it would mean that the government’s server security was utter trash.

If that was the case, the governmental agencies’ servers would’ve been breached repeatedly by foreign hackers on the daily.

Thus, Chu Tian already knew that this so-called ‘project’ was nothing more than a pretense. The truth was, the government wanted to obtain his help in finding those breaches.

But, since it’s the government that wanted his help, shouldn’t they show some sign of good faith?

300 thousand for a single breach? Did they take him as a kid that’s easily deceived?



After typing on his keyboard for close to two hours, Chu Tian finally stopped.

He was overthinking things!

While the servers possessed actual breaches, the servers did not contain anything at all. They were all empty.

Evidently, the government would not allow him to actually attack servers that contained classified information. They must be afraid that their secrets would be leaked by him.

Because of that, they reproduced those five empty servers. Even if they managed to be breached, no classified information would be leaked.

Chu Tian began typing again. He compiled the 36 breaches he discovered and send them all over to Wang Xiaofeng.

Chu Tian: “I found a total of 36 breaches in the five servers. There’s major breaches and minor breaches. You can hand them to the government and let them inspect them and pay up. I’ll go sleep now since I still have to keep my grandson company tomorrow.”

Without waiting for Wang Xiaofeng’s reply, Chu Tian turned off his computer after sending over that private message and went to wash up for bed.


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