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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 31: So Freaking Fierce Bahasa Indonesia

Time passed in a flash. It was already 4PM. At this time, the temperature had decreased. Gradually, more and more people came to the basketball court. Because of this, there were no longer any empty baskets available.

Right at this moment, five tall fellows wearing basketball jerseys came dribbling a basketball. They arrived at the basket beside Chu Tian and the three others.

In the entire basketball court, Chu Tian’s height could be said to be very tall. With a base height of 182cm and wearing gym shoes on top of that, Chu Tian stood at least 185cm. But, after those five people appeared, his height was no longer tall by comparison.

Those five men were practically all roughly 185cm. Furthermore, the fellow wearing the number 11 jersey was at least 190cm. Furthermore, he had a very robust build.

Once the five men appeared, they began to warm up by scrambling over the basketball and shooting for the basket. The squeaking sound caused by their gym shoes rubbing against the hardwood floor and their intense stand off against one another immediately captured Chu Tian’s attention.

That’s what playing basketball is like!

Gotta be more hot blooded when playing basketball. If people played like the four of them, lukewarm and all, and especially Chu Tian with his height advantage and having no one to obstruct him, it would be quite boring of a basketball game.

Perhaps because they were lacking a person, after the five men played basketball casually without rules for a bit, the fellow with the number 11 jersey looked to Chu Tian while dribbling his ball, “Hey! Mate, you wanna play together?”

As Chu Tian was taller than the three people he was playing ball with, number 11 asked him directly.

Chu Tian smiled, “Sure. I’ll join you guys.”

After saying that, Chu Tian said to the other three, “You guys continue with your thing, I’ll go join them.”

With Chu Tian joining the five men, their number became even and they split into two groups of three for a half-court game.

Chu Tian was grouped with number 14 and 16. Number 11 was grouped with number 21 and 23.

Guarding man-to-man and cooperating with one’s teammates during their offenses, Chu Tian’s state of mind went from a lukewarm state to one of passion and intensity.

As the six played, their shoes rubbed against the floor nonstop. Soon, they became the focus of the entire basketball court. Some students that were bored even started to stand around the court to watch them play.

Time passed in a flash. The six men were playing for twenty minutes already.

Faced with number 11 guarding him, Chu Tian forced himself into the three-point line and shot a hook shot toward the basket. Score!

Seeing the basketball falling into the basket with a beautiful arc, number 11 smiled and wiped the sweat from his face, “Mate, you’re quite good. What year are you and which department and class are you from?”

Even though he clearly possessed a height advantage over Chu Tian, he was still unable to prevent Chu Tian from scoring. This caused number 11 to become interested in Chu Tian.

Chu Tian also smiled and wiped away the sweat on his face, “Freshman. Nursing Department Third Class.”


Number 11 pondered for a bit before asking, “You didn’t join the Basketball Club?”

There’s a lot of clubs in the university. There’s the Weiqi Club, Breakdancing Club, Roller Skating Club, Bicycling Club et cetera.

[1. Weiqi is also known as Go, the Japanese name that’s better known in the West. It’s a board game in which your intention is to use your pieces to surround your opponent’s pieces and eat them. Much more difficult than chess since there’s countless times more options for a player to take and then there’s the counting points system or something to determine who wins. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go_(game) If you’re truly bored, check out Hikaru no Go by the same dude who wrote Death Note.]

Students would generally join clubs according to their interest.

But, due to the same reason, Chu Tian would have to rush back home to write the moment he had free time. Thus, he had never bothered to join any clubs or activities in the university.

“I only play basketball occasionally,” said Chu Tian.

“That’s truly unfortunate,” said number 11, “With your skills, you should join our Basketball Club so that we can play together.”

Right at this moment, a deep and resounding male voice sounded from afar, “Hey! Lei Boy! Come, let’s do a full court!”

Chu Tian turned around to look and saw four fellows wearing the same sort of basketball jersey walking over. The one ahead of the group was even taller and more robust than number 11. He wore a jersey with the number 27. His height was at least 2 meters tall. He was so robust that he resembled an ox. The atmosphere he gave off was extremely pressing.

Evidently, these nine people knew each other. They were most likely all from the Basketball Club.

“Gang bro, what brought you all here?” said number 11, “There’s people on the other half-court. How are we supposed to do full-court?”

“We just have to ask them to let us play,” number 27 came over. He took a glance at Chu Tian, “Look, we have the perfect number of people. Let’s do a full court. Half court’s not interesting.”

After saying that, number 27 looked at the male students playing ball on the other side of the court and yelled, “Hey! You guys over there! Let us borrow your half court, we’re going to play full court. Make it quick.”

Perhaps because of how tall number 27 was and pressing of an atmosphere he gave off, the men on the other half-court, although having unwilling expressions on their faces, still angrily walked away from the basketball court.

Chu Tian was naturally not against a full court. As such, the ten men gathered around and began to split into teams again.

They decided to spin the basketball, with the inflation hole as the pointer, to determine the teams. The first five people pointed out by the ball will be on one team whereas the remaining five would be on the other team.

After the teams were determined, Chu Tian, number 6, number 10, number 16 and number 23 were a team.

Number 8, number 11, number 14, number 21 and number 27 were a team.

“Gang Bro, number 11 signaled at Chu Tian with his eyes, “You should guard that kid. I hate to admit but I can’t guard him. He’s freaking fierce.”

“Oh?” Number 27 took a glance at Chu Tian and smiled, “Really now? Sure, I’ll try him.”

As the full court began, the ten men began to run back and forth through the entire court.

Meanwhile, outside the basketball court. Arm in arm, Bai Xiaochun and Yang Rong had just left the library and were on their way back.

[2. I guess this is a common thing for chinese women besties to link arms.]


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