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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 27: Eat You Alive Bahasa Indonesia

They thought that they would be able to determine Shadow’s identity from the China Construction Bank’s 30 million transfer record. Never did they imagine that not only will they fail to determine his identity, they instead discovered Shadow was much more terrifying than they expected.

After pondering for some time, the woman took out her cell phone and dialed a number.

“Hello? Is this Citizen Wang Xiaofeng?” asked the woman, “I’m with the Ministry of State Security. I was at your home earlier. Did you manage to reach Shadow?”

“Oh? You’ve reached him? The money was also transferred over to him? Oh, it’s nothing, I’m just asking about it. Since that’s the case, I wouldn’t bother you anymore.”

After saying those words, the woman immediately hung up the phone. She said, “Let’s go. Mouse, we’re going to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China that’s around the corner.”

As they’ve just transferred 55 million to Wang Xiaofeng’s account, the woman knew of Wang Xiaofeng’s bank account number. She knew that he banks with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Since Wang Xiaofeng had transferred the money over to Shadow, they rushed over to check out the transfer record.

As there was a Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch located less than 500 meters away, the two agents arrived at the bank in less than ten minutes.

But, the result they found left them speechless again!

There was 54.9 million less in Wang Xiaofeng’s account. Yet, there was no record for the 54.9 million that disappeared.

This situation was exactly the same as that of the China Construction Bank!

54.9 million disappeared into thin air. It was simply impossible to determine who the money was transferred to.

First it was the China Construction Bank! Now it was the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China!

Of the four major banks, two of them had encountered this sort of thing. At this moment, no matter how much that woman didn’t want to believe this situation to be true, she had no choice but to believe it. They had underestimated this Shadow. He really possessed the ability to hack into the four major banks.

The man looked at the woman and frowned, “Big sis, what do we do now?”

They had given the reward money. Yet, they failed to track down Shadow. Furthermore, the current outcome had exceeded their control.

The woman took a glance at the man. She said, “We can only report this matter as is.”

After she said that, the woman took out her phone and dialed a number, “Code name Nightingale. ID 5529b7. I have a very important matter that I need to connect with agent one. Please connect me immediately.”

“Agent one, it’s me, Nightingale. An uncontrollable variation appeared. We had underestimated…”


At the same time!

Haicheng. Chu Tian was lying on his sofa. He couldn’t help but sigh, “Sigh. Sure enough, women aren’t that punctual. She said it’s going to be half an hour. It has been over an hour now. It would appear that my breakfast is going to turn to lunch.”

Li Sisi told him that she would arrive at his place in half an hour or so. But, Chu Tian has been waiting for over an hour already. Yet, there was still no sign of her.

Chu Tian even began to suspect if Li Sisi was messing with him.

He was on the verge of sending a wechat message to her when a sudden knocking sound came from his door.

She’s here?

Chu Tian got up from the sofa and opened the door.

Li Sisi was outside the door with a bag of stuff. She was wearing a sexy red body-fitting skirt and smiling at him. Seeing that, Chu Tian immediately offered to help her carry her bag, “I was planning to call you. Big sis Sisi, where did you go? Why did you arrive only now?”

“What’s this? You’re so impatient to see your big sis?” Li Sisi smiled. She said, “I went to the supermarket outside of your university. I saw the fruits they’re selling to be quite fresh and brought some over for you. With how hot the weather is, you should eat more fruits.”

As she said those words, Li Sisi removed her high heels and walked into Chu Tian’s place barefooted. She smiled as she examined his rental apartment, “Seventh floor. I’m tired as hell getting up here. My, it’s a rare opportunity for me to come to my young master’s house, I must make sure to properly check out my young master’s mansion.”

Young master?


Chu Tian smiled, “What mansion? This is nothing more than an old rental apartment.”

Li Sisi nodded her head and continued to check the place out, “Say, young master, are you planning to pretend to be poor to the extreme? The conditions of your living place are quite difficult.”

“It’s alright,” Chu Tian placed away the items Li Sisi brought over, “There’s air conditioning, a refrigerator and a washer. Most importantly, this place is very close to the university.”

After Chu Tian finished saying those words, Li Sisi seemed to suddenly recall something. Still barefooted, she ran over to Chu Tian’s bedroom.

Seeing that, Chu Tian immediately followed over.

Seeing Li Sisi smelling his pillow, Chu Tian couldn’t help but smile, “Big sis Sisi, what are you smelling?”

“I’m smelling for scent,” said Li Sisi as she turned around with a smile on her face, “You’re not lying, you’re actually living on your own. There’s no woman’s scent here at all.”

“That’s of course,” Chu Tian said, “There has never been a woman on this bed before.”

“Then, there’ll be one from today on,” Li Sisi turned around and sat on Chu Tian’s bed, “Let big sis borrow your bed to sleep for a bit later. I woke up very early today. I’ve yet to change my sleeping schedule and am very tired now.”

Chu Tian knew that Li Sisi was still working at the Legendary Club in downtown last night. Thus, she must not have gotten a lot of sleep last night with how early she had to wake up today. As such, Chu Tian said, “That’s no issue at all. If you don’t mind how lousy my place is, you can even live here.”

“Oh? Really?” Li Sisi stared at Chu Tian with a smile on her face. Then, she spoke meaningfully, “I really can live here? If that’s the case, big sis wouldn’t be leaving your place in the future.”


Chu Tian had a look of defeat, “Big sis Sisi, please stop teasing me. I’m really not capable of being teased like so.”


Hearing those words, Li Sisi began to sway back and forth in laughter. She said, “Your skills are simply too tender. Big sis doesn’t even have to put in any seasoning to eat you alive. Well then, let’s go and eat the food I brought over. We couldn’t have our young master starve.”


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