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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 17: Entering The Female Dorm At Night Bahasa Indonesia

Time passed in a flash. It was already 8:20PM!

Busying all day, Chu Tian returned home with multiple bags.

He had finished all arrangements.

In the end, the Yang’s Family Restaurant was purchased for 34 million.

Nothing can be done about that. Perhaps because the price was truly not too high, Chu Tian and the restaurant owner discussed the price for a very long time but was unable to make him lower his price in the slightest.

Li Sisi accompanied and helped Chu Tian out all day too.

She helped him haggle the price with the restaurant owner and accompanied him to the real estate office to finish the purchase and transfer of property ownership.

Fortunately, the restaurant owner does not possess any loan on the restaurant and Chu Tian was also purchasing the restaurant in full cash. Thus, they managed to finish the transfer of ownership in a single day.

After that, Li Sisi accompanied Chu Tian to the mall and helped him pick out two sets of sportswear. Then, the two of them went out to eat dinner and chatted about how to renovate the nightclub.

But, as Chu Tian doesn’t know anything about nightclubs, he ended up having a headache from the discussion and told Li Sisi that she can be in charge of everything.

‘In a nutshell, you decide what to do. You can renovate the place however you want. I’ll just fork the bill. Don’t ask for my opinions, even if you ask me, I’ll say do whatever.’

“Sigh, I ended up spending 39 million in a single day. Fucking hell, it’s truly easy to spend money.”

Chu Tian possessed close to 47 million yesterday. Yet, in a single day, less than 8 million remained.

After muttering those words, Chu Tian first took a shower and then changed onto a set of newly purchased sportswear. Only then did he leave his rental apartment to take a walk outside.

Even though Chu Tian still had no idea how his special ability works, no idea how to trigger it, he had discovered through the times that it was triggered that it would be impossible to trigger his ability if he stayed home.

As such, he decided to have a walk outside. Perhaps he could hear some conversations that might trigger his ability.



Besides the Haicheng University of Medicine’s artificial lake, Chu Tian was holding a piece of bread and feeding the lake’s goldfish while listening to the conversations of the couples nearby.

As Chu Tian had no idea where else to go, he decided to walk around the university.

Thinking about it, this was Chu Tian’s first night strolling.

The reason for that was the same as before. In the past, he had to hurry back home to write after evening self-study.

Strolling, Chu Tian discovered that the university was filled with couples. Couples were practically everywhere.

This was especially true at the artificial lake and grove path. As he walked alone, Chu Tian felt that he appeared unconventional when compared to the couples everywhere.

“In that case, will you forever love me?”

“Of course. Not only will I forever love you, I will love you in my next life too.”

“Lies. You wouldn’t remember me in your next life.”

“Impossible. My memory’s great. I still remember the time we spent together in our previous lives.”


Seeing the corny conversation from a couple nearby, a young woman sitting on and being embraced by a young man, Chu Tian couldn’t help but make a face.

No wonder they say that all men are liars.

That man’s simply spouting complete nonsense!

Right at this moment, Chu Tian’s phone suddenly rang.

Chu Tian took out his phone and saw that it was Yang Rong calling him. He picked up the call, “Hey, deskmate.”

“Hehe. Deskmate, are you busy?”

Right after picking up the phone, Yang Rong’s laughing voice could be heard.

Chu Tian laughed, “Why are you laughing like you’re harboring some sort of ill intention? What’s going on?”

“Heh. Are you able to come to our dormitory right now?” asked Yang Rong, “There’s something wrong with our dormitory’s computers, they’ve been stuck with a blue screen the entire time.”


Chu Tian revealed a frown, “Your female dorm still allows for men to enter this late at night?”

“Yep,” said Yang Rong, “They start driving people out at 10PM. There’s still 50 minutes. Come help us fix our computers. Else, we wouldn’t be able to use them anymore.”

“Okay then,” Chu Tian smiled, “I just so happen to be by the school’s artificial lake. I’ll be at your dorm building soon.”

“That’s great!” Yang Rong was overjoyed, “Come quick. I’ll go downstairs to receive you.”

“Okay. I’ll be right there.”

After hanging up the call, Chu Tian tossed the half piece of bread that he was holding into the lake. Then, he turned around and began to walk toward the female dorm that Yang Rong was staying in.

Soon, Chu Tian arrived at the female dorm. Yang Rong was already waiting for him downstairs.

Seeing the incoming Chu Tian, Yang Rong spoke with surprise, “Dang! Deskmate, what’s with you? It seems like you’ve grown more handsome?”

This was the first time Yang Rong saw Chu Tian after his build was transformed.

“Enough with that,” Chu Tian smiled, “You don’t have to bother praising me.”

“No, no, I’m being serious,” said Yang Rong, “Deskmate, I’m serious. You really seemed to have grown more handsome. Furthermore, that sportswear suits you very well. It must be newly purchased, no?”

“Mn, I went to the mall this afternoon. I brought this set of clothes today.”

“Looks good,” Yang Rong began to size Chu Tian with a smile on her face, “These clothes made you appear more classy.”

Chu Tian smiled and made a face, “Hey, deskmate, is it really suitable for me to enter the female dorm at such a time? It’s so late already, I wouldn’t encounter female students with no clothes running around after entering the dorm, right? I’ll be in big trouble if that happens.”

“Hehe. You’ll only be enjoying yourself if that happens,” Yang Rong laughed, “But, you can give up on that thought. You wouldn’t see any naked girls running around. But, you must leave before 10PM. Quickly, follow me to sign you in with the desk lady.”


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