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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 144: Kidnapping Turned into Murder Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 144: Kidnapping Turned into Murder

At night-forty-five!

Four police cars sounded their sirens and turned on their lights in front of an abandoned factory in the north. They drove over quickly.

The factory was small, with only one workshop.

And in front of the factory, two cars were still parked: a silver-gray van and a black Mercedes.

It was unknown for how many years this factory had been abandoned. Weeds had long covered the cracks in the floor tiles at the factory entrance. Even the gate of the factory was covered with rust.

After the four police cars stopped, a group of policemen rushed out of the car.

After Xia Mo got out of the car, she first looked at the silver-gray van. It was the one she saw on the surveillance camera. “Leave two people behind to check these two cars. The rest of you come with me.”

Saying that Xia Mo pulled out the pistol on her waist and directly led a group of police officers into the factory and into the workshop.

Because there was a dim lamp guiding them, Xia Mo and the others, who had entered the workshop, chased after the light source to a corner of the workshop.

Finally, when Xia Mo and the others circled around the machines and appeared in the light range, they were stunned by the scene before them.

One bright red hundred yuan bill was scattered all over the ground. A person was lying on top of this pile of money. Under his head was a large amount of blood.

Not only that, there were five people lying around, four men and one woman, all wearing masks.

Looking around cautiously, Xia Mo held a pistol with both hands. As she led the team, she said, “Chu Tian?”

No response!

Xia Mo continued, “Chu Tian, I’m Sister Xia, are you here?”

So far, only a figure from an iron machine emerged from behind.

It was Chu Tian.

When Xia Mo saw Chu Tian, she quickly put her pistol away and walked over.

“Chu Tian, are you alright?”

Chu Tian looked at Xia Mo, bit his lips, and said nothing. He hugged her.


Being suddenly hugged by Chu Tian, Xia Mo hesitated for a moment, then patted his back comfortingly and said, “It’s okay. How is it? Are you alright?”

Chu Tian tightly hugged Xia Mo but did not say anything. He just shook his head.

Suddenly, Xia Mo seemed to realize that although Chu Tian was tall and strong, and he even had a masculine aura, in the end, he was only an 18-year-old boy.

He must have been terrified by this encounter tonight.

Thinking of this, Xia Mo hugged Chu Tian tightly and comforted him, “It’s okay, it’s over.”

Seeing this, the policemen did not need to make any arrangements. Instead, they put on gloves and started to split up to deal with the scene.

Finally, after a while, Chu Tian released Xia Mo and took a deep breath. “Sister Xia, I killed someone.”

When Xia Mo arrived, she noticed that the man lying on the pile of money had a dagger in his throat. He must have died long ago after losing so much blood.

“I didn’t mean it.” Chu Tian continued, “It was he who wanted to kill me, then I fought with him and stabbed him in the neck.”

“I know.” Xia Mo patted Chu Tian’s shoulder and said with a smile, “There’s no need to be afraid. There are clear rules in our country’s laws that all injuries and losses caused by kidnapping and other illegal actions that endanger the lives and health of others are caused by self-defense, and there is no legal liability.”

“But I still killed someone.” Chu Tian opened his mouth and said, “I really didn’t want to kill anyone.”

“The situation is dire.” Xia Mo smiled and pinched Chu Tian’s face. “I know you do not want to kill him, but if you don’t kill him, he will have killed you. Don’t worry, you did nothing wrong. If it were anyone else, everyone would be the same as you. Don’t have any mental burdens. Come, let Sister see. Are you not injured?”

Chu Tian shook his head, “No.”


The constitution of the damned death servers!

It would be good if he could get some injuries at this time. He had murdered six people and left no bruises on his body.

If he could get injured, he might hug Xia Mo more.

It had to be said that hugging Xia Mo was quite comfortable. It differed completely from Bai Xiaochun, Li Sisi, and even Li Niannian.

“That’s good.” Xia Mo said, “Sit down and wait for a while. Sisi will take care of it and make arrangements before taking you back.”

Chu Tian nodded.

“Don’t think too much. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

Finally, she comforted Chu Tian and walked toward the police.

A policeman said, “Captain Xia, come look.”

Xia Mo walked over.

The policeman squatted in front of the open suitcase and said, “Captain Xia, look. Pliers, tweezers, scissors, scalpels, and syringes. These 10 milligrams can make an adult live or die.”

“There’s also this bottle of dimethyl methacrylate. This thing is very harmful to the human body. If it exceeds 10 milligrams, it will lead to brain death. However, if the dosage is appropriate, this thing can reduce a person’s willpower and make them enter that kind of muddle-headed state. They can get answers to whatever they ask. These are all goods that are outlawed. This thing is not available on the domestic market. only in some research laboratories.”

“There’s also this thing.” The policeman looked at the corpse bag and continued, “The corpse bag.”

Xia Mo frowned and nominated, “They didn’t plan to let Chu Tian live.”

“That’s right.” The policeman replied, “They’ve already prepared the corpse bags. This was a plan to silence them. This is no longer a simple kidnapping. Just these things are enough to be considered murder.”

“It’s not enough.” Xia Mo shook her head and said, “With just these things, we can’t be convicted of murder. Get the images of all of these bodies and record them. Bring them to the police station.”

“Understand!” The policeman nodded.

Xia Mo had just stood up when Xiao Liu rushed to her side and whispered, “Captain Xia, I think something might have happened.”


Xia Mo frowned and said, “What do you mean? More than one person died?”


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