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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 139: The buyer is about to show up Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 139: The buyer is about to show up

“Damn, this kid’s strength really great. He almost threw me out.”

Looking at Chu Tian and Sun Nana, who were quickly knocked down, the man who had rushed up to hold Chu Tian’s arms and waist was the first to pull out his cell phone. He looked at the van in excitement.

“Big brother, what about this little girl?”

Another man looked at Sun Nana, who was unconscious on the ground. He could not help but look at the leader.

“Drag her to the green belt.” The leader said, “Hide well, and don’t let anyone pass by.”

“Ah?” The man said. “You’re not taking her away?”

The boss glared at him. “What do we do with her? They just want this guy, and they’re going to get her for free? What should we do if they don’t want this little girl?”

“That’s what we want; after all, the little girl is very tender and appears to be a slut, so she must be very strong.”

“Get the fuck out of here! What will you do with her later if you take her away now? Are you going to kill her or let her go later? Is a good kidnapping noteworthy? Use your brain with 10 million in hand. You can grab any woman; hurry to drag her in and hide!”

“Okay, boss.”

Hearing the leader’s words, the man dragged the unconscious Sun Nana into the green belt and hid her in bushes.

However, the three of them did not notice that Chu Tian, unconscious on the ground, suddenly opened his eyes.

Seeing Sun Nana being dragged into the green belt, Chu Tian smiled and then closed his eyes.

Stimulus or not?

It is estimated that Sun Nana’s life cannot be forgotten tonight!

When the man had finished hiding Sun Nana, the van drove over.

The door opened, and the three of them raised their arms and legs. When they had stuffed Chu Tian into the van, they quickly escaped.

Time passed, about an hour and the van stopped.

Chu Tian remained motionless and closed his eyes the entire time as if he was truly unconscious.

“Fourth brother, give this kid some more medicine. Don’t let him wake up.”


Very quickly, Chu Tian felt a wet towel covering his mouth and nose. Then he felt dizzy, but after the towel was taken away, he didn’t feel this way anymore.


This abnormal recovery ability was too much to hope for.

Chu Tian sighed in his heart. Suddenly, the door opened, and he felt like someone was pulling his leg and dragging him out of the car.

Then, someone helped him with his arms and body.

Then Chu Tian felt like he was lying on a person’s back and being carried.

“Boss, we’ve already obtained the prey. Hurry up and send a message to the buyer. Let them pick up this.”

“Yes, Boss.” Another man said, “Ask them to bring the remaining 8 million with them. They have to hand over the money. They have to be careful if they don’t agree.”

“I know.” Another man said, “Let’s go in first. Let’s send them photos first to ensure we’ve caught them. Let’s go.”

Not long after, when Chu Tian felt like he was thrown to the ground, he opened his eyes again.

Looking at the environment, this was an abandoned broken workshop surrounded by iron machines and a dim light bulb.

In his sight, four men were very cautious. They were all wearing masks and hadn’t taken them off.

Seeing that one of them took out his phone to take a picture of Chu Tian, he slowly closed his eyes again.

“Crack! “

“Crack! “

“Crack! “

After the sound of several phone number tones in a row, the man immediately dialed a number.

Soon, the phone was connected, and the man pressed his voice and said, “You’ve seen the photos, and you’ve got the man you want.”

“Oh, that’s for sure. We’re professionals and he is just a college student. It’s as easy for us as catching a kitten or a puppy.”

“Don’t worry; we’re professionals. We didn’t leave any traces behind. Hurry up and pick him up. We’re only responsible for binding him, not storing him.”

“Also, remember to bring the remaining eight million and hand over the money. If you dare to trick us, don’t blame us later, what we will do to you.”

“All right, I’ll wait for you.”

After saying that, the man hung up the phone.

Seeing this, the other three hurriedly asked, “How is it, big brother?”

“Big brother, are they coming tonight?”

“Where’s the money? Are they bringing money?”

“Alright, alright, don’t be so excited.” The man said, “They said that they’d be here soon. However, they’ll need to spend some time on the road. Money is in cash, so there’s definitely a lot of money.”

“Yeah!” A man excitedly clenched his fist and said, “Big brother,10 million is a huge amount; for us 2.5 million each one of four can take. Damn it. Why is he so valuable?”

“That’s right, big brother. I do not know what’s so special about this kid. He can’t be some rich second-generation kid, right?”

“Who cares who he is?” The man said, “It’s a matter of time. Do not think about anything else. 2.5 million per person is already a lot of money. Otherwise, the gains won’t be worth it if something bad happens.”

“Understood, big brother. Don’t worry; we definitely don’t have any other ideas. 2.5 million is already enough. It’s just that it would be great if we could have a few more jobs like this.”

“That’s right. This kind of work is like picking up money. If it’s like this in the future, then we’ll die of joy.”

“That’s right. After this job, let’s rest for a while. I’ve not touched a woman for almost two months. I have to find a woman to have fun with.”

“Whatever. Let’s get through the night first.”


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