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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 124: Acting like an Old Mother Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 124: Acting like an Old Mother


Sending out beggars.

Once Chu Tian said this, the room fell silent.

Chu Tian caught Luo Piao’s attention as she momentarily went limp. The two Vice Presidents around her also froze, seemingly not expecting Chu Tian to refuse so simply.

Not only the three of them but even Li Niannian, who was beside Chu Tian, could not help but be stunned.

This was a little harsh!

Chu Tian could reject it with other words, but he chose to use these. The beggar would make the other side feel awkward.

Li Niannian put her foot under the table and secretly touched Chu Tian to tell him to be more diplomatic with his words.

Luo Piao stared blankly at Chu Tian. After two to three seconds, he suddenly smiled and said, “So, isn’t Mr. Chu too satisfied with this price?”

Chu Tian nodded and said, “Completely dissatisfied.”

“Completely dissatisfied?” Luo Piao frowned and said, “Then, how much does Mr. Chu want?”

“How much is not the goal?” Chu Tian said, “Director Luo, the problem is that you don’t have any sincerity. Being able to sit here for this meal today is to give your Xiang Piao group a face.”

“If you had said it was one hundred million in advance, I wouldn’t have even bothered to come.”

“That’s right, I, Chu Tian, am not old, but this doesn’t mean I don’t have a brain. You think I’m an idiot?”

“Although my White Milk Tea Shop hasn’t been open for long, a lot of people have wanted to join before you guys. When they say it, it’s 20 million. Your 100 million isn’t enough for me to open five franchise stores.”

“If I want to open a chain, I can’t just open a few hundred.”

Hearing Chu Tian’s words, the two Vice Presidents couldn’t help but look at Luo Piao.

After the three of them exchanged glances, Luo Piao smiled and said, “Don’t misunderstand, Mr. Chu. I really didn’t mean to fool you. We haven’t had time to investigate the market.”

“That’s why you were unhappy. I’ll apologize first. How about this? You should have a rough estimate in your mind. Why don’t you tell us your price first? We’ll discuss it later.”

“Let me tell you?” Chu Tian said, “That’s good,100 billion is the base. If you bid 100 billion, I will feel that you have a bit of sincerity, but don’t misunderstand. The end result might not be 100 billion, maybe 200 billion,300 billion, maybe even 1000 billion. It’s just my sincerity to negotiate.”

When she heard Chu Tian say that, Luo Piao’s eyes widened.

Luo Piao glared at him. “100 billion is just sincerity? Mr. Chu, aren’t you talking too much? Do you know what a hundred billion is? Do you know that there are only a handful of people in China who can spend this money?”

“I really don’t know much about this.” Chu Tian shook his head with a smile and said, “The main thing is, I have never seen that much money before, but I think Director Luo shouldn’t care about this problem. You’d better do market research on White Milk Tea. If you think it’s worth it, we’ll talk about it. If you think it’s not worth it, then we won’t talk about it. This thing is not sweet, right?”

Luo Piao stared at Chu Tian’s eyes for nearly three to four seconds. She smiled and nodded her head, “Alright then, let’s study it again.”

“Okay.” Chu Tian stood up and said, “Director Luo, then goodbye. If there’s a chance, I’ll talk to you next time.”

After saying this, Chu Tian turned around and left the room with Li Niannian.

Leaving with Li Niannian, Luo Piao first frowned and smiled before saying, “100 billion? He really didn’t know what to say.”

“A rash young man.” The Vice President said, “There is no point in forcing the number, 1,000 billion, like plutonium?”

“Miss, what should we do now?” Another Vice President said, “I can’t talk about it. How the damn can I talk about it?”

Luo Piao said as she took a deep breath, “First, I’ll call my father to go.”


Outside the Roewe Hotel, it was completely different from when they came here. There was no one to pick them up. Chu Tian and Li Niannian walked out just like that.

Li Niannian smiled and said, “Young Master, are you crazy? If you say 100 billion, the entire Xiang Piao Group won’t be worth 100 billion. How could they get so much money?”

Chu Tian smiled and said, “A year’s sales go worldwide several times. Why did they go around?”

“Are you angry?” Li Niannian smiled.

“No.” Chu Tian said, “I feel this old lady is pretentious. She’s only 100 million, although still very confident. She thinks I’m asking for food, but I can’t understand. Did she use her butt to think of it?”

“Sister Nian, if I asked you to make an offer, how much would you say?”

“Well…” Li Niannian thought about it and said, “If you want to say it, it will cost at least a billion to two billion. As for the final price, let’s talk about it.”

“It’s over.” Chu Tian said, “Sister Nian, you even dared to open up a few billion to two billion, but she was still so confident to open up a hundred million. Of course, I would have slapped her face with the soles of my shoes and treated her like a fool.”

“Giggle, giggle,…”

Li Niannian chuckled and said, “Alright, alright. Don’t be angry. Just treat it as a free meal.”

“Well, it’s true. The 580,000-piece package is different. The abalone, the seafood, it’s delicious…”


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