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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up – Chapter 118: One Step to Heaven Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 118: One Step to Heaven


So that’s what happened!

When he heard Li Sisi say this, Chu Tian suddenly realized,

It was because of his family background.

Indeed, Chu Tian was alone, and his parents were no longer around, so if he wanted to find a wife, as long as he was willing, he would like it!

However, it wasn’t the same over there. With her boyfriend’s parents around and their son getting married, his parents would have to check on him. It would be challenging for Sun Nana to cross the threshold of a wealthy family.

“Also, there’s more.” Li Sisi continued, “Young master, don’t forget that your money is earned by yourself. You don’t rely on your family but Sun Nana’s boyfriend does. Although I don’t know what’s going on with this person, the family should mostly give him money.”

“So, the two of you aren’t comparable at all. I can’t say that the boyfriend’s future is not good either. But, based on the current situation, in terms of the stock market, Young Master, you have an outstanding potential stock. The future is unimaginable now that you’re already like this.”

Bai Xiaochun looked at Li Sisi with a strange expression. “Sis, you’re amazing. However, if I follow your words, Sun Nana’s schemes are too deep. She wants to be the Young Lady.”

“You are too naïve.” Li Sisi smiled. “Sun Nana knows very well that she and her current boyfriend are only in a relationship. Once they graduate, they might not even graduate, and they’ll brag about it.”

“It’s impossible for her to be Young Lady’s dream when she’s with her boyfriend. But, in our Young Master’s eyes, I hope it’s very big.”

“If I’m not mistaken, Sun Nana did not tell anyone about the Young Master’s wealth. Besides, she should have hinted to you that you should say nothing, right?”

Bai Xiaochun looked at Li Sisi in astonishment and said, “My God, Sisi, you’re too amazing. You know that. Sigh, she said that. You must keep a low profile to avoid being targeted by bad people and kidnapped.”

“Hehehe…” Li Sisi giggled and said, “Isn’t this a basic? She’ll tell you this. Don’t forget, and she’s already targeting our young master. He’s already her target.”

“As long as I kill you, she’ll surely win. But, if the news of Young Master being rich gets out, he’ll have many women like her who want to be rich and become Young Lady.”

“So, before she took down the Young Master, she must have hoped that no one would know that the young master was rich. The entire world thinks the young master is poor, and only she knows that the young master is rich. This way, no one will fight with him. She only needs to deal with you.”

Bai Xiaochun looked at Li Sisi blankly and said, “Sister Sisi, you’re too abnormal. However, if you say it like that, you should be quite popular with boys, right?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Li Sisi smiled. “Baby, don’t tell me you’re talking about this. Do you know how envious you are?”

“You’ll belong to the heavenly girl, a step to heaven, and the kind of domineering president of the heroine in the novel, possessed by fate.”

“What’s the future of your other classmates?”

“It’s time to go to college. After college, find a job, earn a few thousand yuan a month, and get married.”

“Look for a husband with good conditions. Don’t worry about the garage. Find a husband with ordinary conditions. The two families collect a down payment and then a loan for 20 years.”

“There are even more general conditions, even the house down payment to borrow money.”

“But baby, what about you? You don’t have to face all the realities that your classmates have to face. In the eyes of others, it’s like you’re living in a dream. Casually ask a female classmate from school. Which one of them does not want to be like you?”

After listening to Li Sisi’s words, Bai Xiaochun smiled and bit her lips, saying nothing.

“All right.” Li Sisi smiled and stood up. “You two play first. I’ll go down and take a look.”

After saying that, Li Sisi turned around and left the room.

Bai Xiaochun turned her head to look at Chu Tian beside him and said nothing. She only hugged his arm and leaned her head against his shoulder.

Chu Tian smiled and pinched Bai Xiaochun’s face, saying, “What’s wrong, baby?”

Bai Xiaochun looked into Chu Tian’s eyes and pursed her lips. “Hubby, I do not think I’m worthy of you.”

Chu Tian frowned and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. What’s wrong?”

“It’s true.” Bai Xiaochun said, “You’re so good, but I’m just an ordinary girl, just a little good-looking and not much ability; what makes me look good to you? What makes me have a dream-like life in everyone’s eyes? Tell me, what do I have?”

“I love you.” Chu Tian smiled as he pinched Bai Xiaochun’s nose and said, “Baby, your strengths are not as simple as you said. You might not know, but I can see it’s not about money.”


“Of course it’s true.” Chu Tian said, “Don’t think too much. In the future, you’ll have to give birth to my child. Don’t forget, and you said you’d follow me for the rest of your life. My Chu Family’s household register is waiting for you to reach the legal age for marriage. As long as you reach your age, you’ll have to go to my Chu Family’s household to register immediately. You can’t delay it, understand?”


Bai Xiaochun gave a faint smile, then, like a little cat, she crawled into Chu Tian’s arms and sweetly said, “I know, Baby, I will enter the Chu family’s house in this lifetime. I am not going anywhere.”


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