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I Became A Third-Rate Villain In The Hero Academy – Chapter 47: Young King Young Boss (1) Bahasa Indonesia


“Amy Watson, I’ve arrived at the training field of the Hero Department as requested, young master.”

Amy entered through the door of the Hero Department training field.

All eyes were fixed on her.

“Oh, is that human Theo’s secretary?”

“She seems lacking in muscle and presence. She doesn’t appear to be a warrior yet. That human woman could use some of our traditional elixir.”

“Tarkan, you muscle-brained oaf. Looks aren’t everything. Did you forget what we learned during the lecture already?”

“Shut it, Kazim. I scored higher than you last semester.”

The orcs burst into laughter like mischievous schoolgirls.

With a simple wave of his hand, Theo silenced them.

“You arrived faster than I expected, Amy.”

“As your secretary, or rather, as your servant, it’s only natural.”

my bowed her head respectfully.

Her eyes lingered on the orcs intoxicated with the excitement of a secret mission and Siena, who was clinging to Theo’s right arm like a cicada hanging from an oak tree.

‘···That spirit attached to the young master must have been sent by that elf.’

Amy felt the energy of the spirits gathered around Siena.

‘But how did the young master manage to win over that unpredictable elf princess?’

Amy looked at Siena.

Still clinging tightly to Theo’s side, Siena resembled a large cat begging for its master’s affection.

‘···I need to act quickly at the guild. Anyway…’

She had hurriedly come in response to his summons, but the scene she saw was quite unusual.

Humans, elves, and orcs.

A peculiar blend of three races was enough to startle anyone.

To begin with, it’s extremely difficult for different races to get along.

‘Could it be…’

Did he attract different races to seek revenge on the humans who shunned him?

Amy had thought he had changed recently, but she never expected it to be to this extent.

Considering how he had the orcs under his control, it appeared his position was also solidified.


Amy gazed at Theo, her eyes filled with confusion.

Siena’s grip on Theo’s arm tightened as he spoke. “···Siena, it’s time to let go.”

“Hehe, no way. I’m going to make up for all the time I missed over the weekend.”

Siena clung to Theo’s arm even tighter.

Sensing the peculiar sensation traveling through his arm, Theo turned his head and glanced at Amy.

“You should be able to scout, at least.”

Theo’s eyes were burning with determination.

‘···How much does he know?’

Calling her here in the first place indicated that he had some understanding of her true identity.

“I will do my best, young master.”

After a moment of hesitation, Amy nodded her head.

“···Now that everyone is here, I will explain each of our tasks.”

Theo stood up from his seat and began explaining their duties.

“Originally, I had allocated two days for this mission, but we won’t need that long. If everyone performs their assigned roles properly, we will complete the mission by this afternoon.”

I looked around after explaining the plan.

To summarize, my plan is as follows:

1. Amy will secretly scout the culprit’s hideout.

2. The hideout will be raided by five orcs under Tarkan’s leadership.

3. The panicked culprit will attempt to escape through the window.

4. Theo, Noctar, and Siena, who will be waiting below the window, will apprehend the culprit.

Most of them nodded, understanding the plan.

‘With this team, we will succeed.’

Amy and the orcs will unquestioningly follow my orders.

The crucial part is step 4.

Whether we can apprehend the culprit.

‘He will only be aware of Neike and his team. He wouldn’t even imagine that the orcs and I will be there.’

We also have Noctar and Siena, who possess considerable power.

Even if the opponent is an active Hero, we can certainly subdue them.

Compared to Neike’s team, where every member is a star player, our team may seem rather inadequate.

Siena is the only one who can somewhat compete with them.

‘But a weak team has its own way of winning.’

A team full of flashy star players with strong egos will fail.

The majority must support the star player with selfless play.

The reason why the king of fish, the sea bream, stands out is because of the flatfish.

“I’ll take on the role of the captain. Any objections?”

In this kind of mission, there must be only one leader.

Even if someone thinks an order is wrong, it must be carried out efficiently.

If we keep having conflicts over opinions, the entire team will fall apart.


Noctar spoke up.

Naturally, the other orcs nodded in agreement.

And, of course, Amy and Siena had no objections either.

“Then, as the captain of this team, I say this: During the mission, follow my orders without question. I will lead you to accomplish a mission that not even the professors and top-tier students could achieve.”

I made deliberate eye contact with each team member as I spoke.

“Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. We will be the flowers that bloom from the mud.”

With a stomp, the orcs rose from their seats.

Then, they raised their weapons high.

“We follow you, Captain!”


Amy too felt her spirit ignite.

‘As expected, a tiger wouldn’t give birth to a kitten.’

She had received extensive training in infiltration, stalking, and assassination from Equilibrium when she was young, but this was her first serious mission.

It wasn’t an assassination job that required extensive preparation, but a reconnaissance mission.

Amy clenched her fist, thinking, ‘I’ll definitely succeed.’

Her captain raised his hand.

“We will head to the staff dormitory immediately, where the culprit is believed to be.”


The orcs, caught up in the excitement, yelled loudly.

“Hehe, my intuition was right.”

Siena clung to Theo’s right arm once more.

Elinia Academy is an isolated place.

Aside from weekends─Saturday and Sunday─and special occasions, there’s hardly any reason to venture outside.

Being isolated, even if you go out on the weekend, you can only explore the remote areas of the kingdom.

The capital of the kingdom and the bustling areas of the empire, far from the academy, can only be visited during holiday breaks.

Because of this, most students suffer from unfulfilled desires.

One reason the academy encourages extracurricular activities and club involvement is to alleviate students’ frustrations.

Most academy students are late teenagers, bursting with energy.

Unless you’re an introverted necromancer, most people enjoy at least one sport.

Among male students, the most popular sport is, of course, ‘football.’


A sport for tough men where weaklings struggle to last the first half.

It’s a true test of a man’s mettle, drenching the dry field with blood and sweat.

“Pass it! It’s my ball! Pass it, damn it!”

“Nah, I’m an egoist!”

The male students of the Hero Department are engaged in a game of football on the department’s field.


A tackled student lets out a girlish scream.

It’s understandable – the tackle is actually a powerful low kick, strong enough to wreck a weakling’s leg.

“You bastard! Are you going to keep playing dirty like this?”

“Well, maybe. Stop whining like a bitch. Are you a pussy or something?”

“What?! You… you damn bastard!”

A tense psychological battle ensues.

The two men glare at each other, ready to kill.

The field is on the brink of an all-out brawl.

However, the standoff between the two men quickly dissipated.


All due to the appearance of a group on the road above.

“Wow, orcs.”

“It’s absolutely terrifying to see them all gathered like that.”

“Hey, you idiot. Look away. Don’t make eye contact.”

The manly football match resumes only after the strange group disappeared from sight.

‘There’s still quite a bit of time until lunch. The timing is good. I might be able to finish up before lunch.’

As I made my way to the faculty dormitory,

“···Where are all of you headed?”

A professor suddenly appeared in front of us.

“We’re on official business.”

I responded immediately.

···Well, it is official business, right?

I openly declared to Neike and the others that I would catch the culprit within two days, and nobody stopped me, did they?

“Is that so…….? What kind of business?”

The professor narrowed his eyes.

‘Damn, I don’t have time for this. This is annoying.’

I stared back at the professor impassively.

As expected from his strict demeanor, he didn’t seem to plan on letting us pass without an explanation.

If I told him we were going to catch the culprit behind the magic dungeon incident, he might try to stop us.

“Captain, what should we do?”

Tarkan, who had come to my side, asked with a serious expression. Following him, the orcs lined up behind me.

The professor narrowed his eyes.

‘Damn, I don’t have time for this and it’s getting annoying.’

I looked at the professor calmly.

As expected of his strict appearance, he didn’t seem to be planning on letting it go easily.

If I say we’re going to catch the culprit behind the magic dungeon situation, he seems like he’d try to stop us.

“Captain, what should we do?”

Tarkan, who had been by my side before I knew it, spoke with a serious look in his eyes.

Following him, the orcs lined up behind me.

···Ah, this is embarrassing.

They’re really into this.

Following that,

“···Young Master, please give us your orders.”

Amy bowed her head respectfully.

Why is she doing this again?


Bonus! Thank you, Tyberium and Sly_Shadow!

Also rather than ‘introverted necromancer’ it was actually along the lines of ‘someone who’s ostracized like a necromancer’ but an introverted necromancer sounded pretty funny to me so I went with that… sorry author..

And no the author did not write about an egoist. sorry author again…

Enjoy the chappy!


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