I Became a Magical Cheat Loli Witch ~My Different World Life With My Reincarnation Privilege [Creation Magic] and the [Seed of Magic]~ – Chapter 26

Chapter 26 –

After I received Sheal’s promise to move out from there, I started to prepare for the teleportation of the floating island.

<Maid team, are you done with the preparation?>

< < <——Yes, Head Maid!> > >

In 10 years, all 20 of the service dolls led by Baretta managed to evolve into Mechanoids.

I thought about the reason behind their simultaneous evolutions and deduced that it may be due to their exchange with the residents of the floating island.

It might have set the service dolls’ evolution towards the Demonic Race – Mechanoid into motion.

The maid team was now deployed to the designated places for teleporting the floating island.

This was prepared just in case we missed the teleportation point for the floating island and caused it to fall, so the maid team was there to cope with the varying situations that may occur due to this with <Psychokinesis> magic.

Yuishia, Sheal, and Yahada, on the other hand, were——

“Everyone, we’re going to start the final act of the festival! So please gather at the village plaza for safety!”

“The witch is going to bestow us with the greatest gift! You’ll absolutely regret it later if you miss this! Ah, you, where do you think you’re sneaking away without permission!?”

“All the residents are here, and the mythical beasts are also on their way. You can start at any time, Majou-dono.”

“Just in case, I’ve done one last check with <Mana Sense>, and it’s all green. Besides, the unusable <Transfer Gate> is also closed so there’s no fear of anyone using it.”

“Now, it’s just Dragon Grandpa left.”

<Aye, it should have been fine to leave me behind, and yet… You’re really a virtuous person, Majou-dono.>

Just as I told Sheal, we were now going to relocate the floating island together with Dragon Grandpa, but I was still skeptical if we could really pull it off.

<You really don’t need to go through with this troublesome and tiresome matter.>

“There’s no other option. I mean, there are many who wish for this. It’s in my nature to want to fulfill this wish for them.”

After saying that, I stood in front of Dragon Grandpa and held my wand tightly.

“Teto will support you, Majou-sama!”

“Yes, please. Then, I’m starting——“

I channeled my mana into the wand and then stabbed it into the ground.

The <Magic Crystals> that had been laid at every place of the island linked to Dragon Grandpa with him as the center lit up, and began to take the shape of a giant teleportation magic circle.

The spell wasn’t just inscribed on the ground surface of the island, it even showed up under the bedrock at the bottom of the island in mid-air and took the form of a globe-shaped, 3D-layered magic circle.

The three-dimensional magic circle that shined with a bluish-white light began to revolve like the gear of a machine, and an intense torrent of mana enveloped the entirety of the island.

“I had trained my mana control ability just for this day. Nevertheless, it’s still hard to handle.”

“Hang in there, Majou-sama!”

It wasn’t just Yuishia alone who was training her skills in magic over these ten years. I, too, was polishing my mana manipulation skill together with Baretta to teleport this island.

Teto supported me just when my grip was loosening on the wand from the dazzling radiance and the pressure from the mana, but the teleportation magic circle still looked to be on the verge of dismantling.

We also took into consideration this scenario by putting measures to prevent the spell’s activation just to be on the safe side, but if we missed this chance, it would take another three or more years to prepare another attempt.

Just then——

<It’s all for my sake, so let me help out as well.>

With those words, Dragon Grandpa touched the wand with the tip of his claw and took the difficult part about the 3D layered magic circle to himself.

“Dragon Grandpa…… Thank you!”

“You’re amazing! How did Dragon Grandpa do this?”

<Hahaha, I haven’t lived for so long in vain after all. I’m just following a bit of the procedure of the ceremonial magic used by humans.>

He said it in an easygoing tone, but ceremonial magic was a rite where multiple people simultaneously worked to activate a single magic.

Aside from this characteristic, he even joined in the middle which should be even harder……

“Well, so be it. Let’s do it at once.”

The magic circle lit up even more as its rotation began to accelerate.

And at last, the island floating in the air above the ocean disappeared from that place. All that was left was the residual mana glow, which scattered and disappeared not long after.

SIDE: Yuishia

All the residents were gathered in one spot. It was so that if any problem were to arise, then my magic or the barrier magic tool that Chise-san prepared may come in handy.


“Oh, Kuro-san. You also came to see it?”

Cat Sith Kuro-san arrived by my legs, ran up on my back, and perched himself on my shoulder.

Then as I watched the sky together with Kuro-san, a bluish-white radiance began to appear in the northern sky. The radiance gradually increased and in the center of it, I was able to see the silhouette of a floating island.

The bluish-white radiance then bloomed like a firework, and the teleportation of the floating island was finally finished.

Soon after, the wind pressure from the aftermath of the magic arrived to where we were, making my robe flutter.

“Beautiful…… it’s like a flower of light opening its petals to fully bloom.”

“Wait, isn’t that our island!?”

“Which means… Grandfather must be there too!”

I could see the bedrock at the bottom part of the island scattering and flaking away due to the impact of the teleportation, but that too was handled by Baretta-san and the other maids who were waiting down below.

“Wha! Grandfather!”

“Ah, Sheal-san, it’s still dangerous! ——<Fly>!”

I hopped on my wand and chased after Sheal-san, who flew into the night sky, quickly.

My forte was water magic, but I also had a knack for wind magic which I had the lowest aptitude for by following Chise-san’s example and training myself so I was now able to use flight magic to fly using my wand.

Though I say that, tracing a three-dimensional trajectory was difficult for me and the best I could do was fly a straight path and mitigate the falling movement……

Anyway, I chased after Sheal-san while riding on my wand, and saw Chise-san and the others when I reached the floating island.

“Phew, I’m dead tired, Teto. Just the thought of doing it again makes me nauseous.”

“Let’s take a break for a while after this.”

<Majou-dono, Guardian-dono, you have my gratitude. Thank you really, this has eased my responsibility.>

Chise-san, who had been leaning on Teto-san who was sitting on the ground, flashed a faint mischievous smile after hearing Dragon Grandpa’s words.

“We still have to sever the connection between you and the floating island. I’m going to have you help out with the reformation of the <Empty Wilderness> once that’s over.”

<Kuhahaha, very well! I swear to protect this place together with Majou-dono.”

In this way, the floating island above the ocean vanished, and its residents completely became the residents of the <Empty Wilderness>.

Afterwards, as the residents and the mythical beasts formed a line to meet Dragon Grandpa and continued their festival, I left the place to meet Chise-san with Kuro-san and saw her sleeping in the arms of Teto-san.

“Sshh-nanodesu. Majou-sama is tired and currently sleeping.”

“Alright. We’ll leave after seeing her sleeping face.”


Applying teleportation magic on a large scale, it was a spell straight out of a myth that was used to evacuate believers facing a crisis to a safe place, and today, I experienced its grandeur right before my eyes.

Looking at the sleeping Chise-san, the mature aura she usually had wasn’t present, and at this moment, she had an adorable sleeping face matching her appearance.


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