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Humanity’s Greatest Mecha Warrior System – Chapter 42: Minor Miscalculation Bahasa Indonesia

“But forget that, where did you learn to fight like that, Nico?” Russo continues and her laughter fills the speakers.

“Did you ever play Chomp Man, the video game?”

“The kids game where you eat rocks and spit them at your enemies? Of course. Oh, Seriously? Well it worked out pretty decently.” The stocky Cadet laughs, then goes silent as memories of the simulated battle fill his mind.

Max looks into his memories and sees what caused him to freeze. Extra sensitive hearing coupled with the sounds of hundreds of soldiers burning alive, all at once. Having seen that, Max totally understands, and wishes he’d never looked in on the other man’s thoughts.

[Cadet Max, targeting effectiveness 82 percent, 104,823 confirmed kills. Civilian casualties exceeds threshold, Command Officer notified.]

Max thinks that’s a bit unfair, it’s not like he fired the nukes. But the Colonel should understand the situation. The others must have gotten their results as well, since they’re all logging out of the simulation already.

“Welcome back Cadets. Very impressive results in today’s mission, that is record time to bring a city into compliance in this scenario. The odds of a cascading reaction from a damaged warhead might be infinitesimal, but success against minuscule odds is still success.” Colonel Marino greets them once Max exits his simulator.

“Ibanez, you need to be more aggressive on the attack. A Crusader Class Mecha has more offensive than defensive power. Russo, we will talk later about you freezing, and you will be taking additional lessons in the proper combat techniques for close combat Mecha.” Russo winces at that, their days are already long, with extra lessons he won’t be getting much sleep this week.

“Nico, the flamethrower into into the munitions bunker was a nice touch, but at least try not to get shot constantly. The repair crew would hate you for what you did to that Mecha, no matter how effective it was.”

“Yes, Sir.” Nico doesn’t even try to hide her smile, and Ibanez makes chomping motions with his hands in her direction.

“Cadet Max, overall, decent strategy. However, as team lead, it was your duty to get Russo back to reality. Don’t wait for anyone else, demand full capability at all times. You will have leadership practice while Ibanez and Russo take piloting supplements. Cadet Nico, follow Corporal Fritz to the repair bays. You can return to piloting classes when they say you’ve learned your lesson.”

“Corporal Fritz. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Given my history with damaged Mecha, I expect to see you again in the future.” Nico gives the fist to the chest Kepler Salute and follows the mechanic to the repair bays.

For Max what comes next is a virtual reality set of leadership drills. Ineptitude, insubordination, going off mission, personal misconduct, there is no form of disciplinary issue that he doesn’t face during the missions that afternoon and through the next day.

When he gets to breakfast the third day, only Cadet Nico is there, already eating. It’s the first time he’s seen her in days, so Max grabs the seat next to her and realizes she smells like burnt welding rods and grease, despite still being damp from the shower and carrying a gentle overtone of citrus body lotion.

“Having fun with leadership training?” Nico laughs, seeing the bags under his eyes and the way he barely dragged himself to the dining hall.

“You have no idea. It’s like leading first year Cadets into battle. Anything that can go wrong does, and it is all I can do to attempt to correct their mistakes.” Max sighs, but Nico smirks at him.

“Don’t wait to correct their mistakes. Does the General wait? No, he tells you off in advance, because he expects you to screw up. Do the same with your missions and I think you’ll have an easier time of it.” Nico suggests.

Max is thinking that over when Corporal Fritz comes to get her again, looking as rough as Max feels.

“Nico, let’s get a move on. One more day of double shifts and we should be through the worst of the repairs.”

“You sure you’re up to it Fritz? Didn’t you pass out in the middle of second shift yesterday?” Nico teases with a laugh.

“That wasn’t my fault, the sensors failed to detect the compressed gas leak.” Fritz complains as Nico gets up to join him, clapping Max on the shoulder, still having to reach up a little, despite Max being seated.

“Good luck, Max. Don’t forget what I told you, I’m sure it will work out better.”

The first simulation of the day is to lead a group of fresh University Cadets in Line Mecha through a Parade drill. One of the simulations that Max hates the most, as they’re so unforgiving.

“Good Morning Cadets. Today we are having a parade drill. Now, I’m a reasonable and understanding man, so I will go easy on you. The entire unit will do one lap of the academy at Parade March for every time a step is missed during today’s drill.”

“You’re awfully quiet, aren’t you thankful for my mercy?”

“Sir, Yes Sir.” The Cadets call back, and Max can hear the change in their voices from the times he gave orders over the past few days. The advanced reminder of consequences has made them all focus on the task at hand.

“Cadets fall in to parade formation, Double file. Face Right and March. Knees up Cadets, you’re on parade not creeping through the swamp. Left, Right Left, Right. Keep your timing. Unit C7, your other left. Do we need to go over that again? Get back in time with the others.”

Thankfully that’s the only mistake the simulated unit makes this time, and they finish up without further incident. “Good work everyone. Now thank unit C7 for your extra lap of the Academy and March.”

Colonel Marino, who is watching the simulation play through, smiles at Cadet Max’s drill instructor impersonation, but the results are impressive. Only one failure to keep time is impressive, given the limited skills and the personalities that these Cadets were programmed to have.

Russo and Ibanez are not having any easier time of things. They’ve been running the most nightmarish of combat drills sixteen hours a day the past few days, and this morning, both slept in. They thought that the Colonel assigned to watch them was strict before, but today, he’s not just strict, they’re also on punishment detail for showing up late.

They’ve been blown up in ways they never thought possible, shot in the back by incompetent allies, sent on suicide missions and basically tortured all day. But the worst of it is, they know they’ll be doing it all again in the morning.


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