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Humanity’s Greatest Mecha Warrior System – Chapter 12: Victory Bahasa Indonesia

“Congratulations on your wonderful display of undergarments class 1.” Major Payne begins as she walks into the common room and finds all her students waiting for her. “You did an, how in the Empire did you manage to get that? Is that the school flag from the roof?”

“Yes Major. We accept your appreciation for a mission successfully completed. Thank you for this opportunity Major.” Nico and Max say in unison.

It’s almost noon before the school understands what happened, the splice in the camera footage was so smooth they almost missed the hack. But in their review of the patrol mech footage, they saw the parked student Line Mecha rushing to the school as if to help and it all fell into place from there.

“That operation is beautiful. Whoever it is runs the machine as well as any student in the school.” One of the senior class supervisors sighs.

“Shouldn’t it be a first year student? How would they even manage it? It’s a trainer Line Mech, all physical controls, it’s not set up with a neural link.”

“I’d like to meet the first year that can even reach the foot controls from the chair. Could they have done it while standing up?” Colonel Black sighs.

“But I can guarantee I know who it was. Cadet Nico, the hacker. Clearly there’s more to her skill than just hacking the cockpit locks, and the school’s cameras.”

“I believe the raid on the dorms was all Cadet Max though. Unless we’ve overlooked another student with talent, it should be that Max was the one who opened the lockers.” An observer points out.

“By reading minds to get the override code when dorm inspections are being done? That’s a possibility as well.” Colonel Black agrees.

All day long the students of class 2 sulk about getting caught, claiming that class 1 set them up and tipped off the teachers.

The Academy doesn’t tolerate failure, so they’re all on extended hours this week, and a modified cafeteria menu, with all the lowest requested options. Max winces at the thought that such misfortune might have been their fate, had they been caught. Nothing but the most bland of recombined protein products, with a side of that strange soup that smells like old socks.

They’ve made it through the most restricted period of their education now though, and the luxuries and digital devices they brought from home are being returned to them, with the requirement that it not interfere with their school work.

This too is a test, to see if they can stay focused under temptation, but all content that wasn’t educational or school approved had been removed from their devices, and access to the open Data Net is strictly unavailable.

That’s not going to stop everyone though, especially a pair of hackers who are much too advanced in their schoolwork. Nico brought two full VR headsets with her, in case one broke. Packed full of her clothing, they took almost no additional room in her pack, and Max is incredibly grateful that she brought the extra.

An Academy Internal Network only, military approved version is available from the Commissary for 60 standard credits, and comes loaded with school work approved for their class level, but neither of them is willing to spend that much. In fact, they’ve spent nothing at all except for the first round of essentials. Max isn’t sure what they’re saving for, but the First Year Class is so restricted that anything they could get would be a waste of money.

With some careful hacking and borrowed knowledge, Nico and Max managed to obtain a VR simulator program for the Crusader Class Giant Mecha that is intended as a reward for top performing Senior Class students.

It took a little tweaking of their headsets user detection to adjust their body sizes in game to be able to work the Mecha, but they’ve got it functioning correctly now and it’s saved as a physics learning program in their VR units.

VR gaming is a popular pastime for students, but their access is strictly controlled, only approved and class appropriate learning materials are permitted to enter the school, and no outside network access is allowed at all. Still, it’s better than most of the options they have, especially for the Upper Classmen, who are already learning piloting and repair courses, and as such get access to related content.

“Should we reprimand the two first years and confiscate the contraband program now, or wait to see what they do with it?” The digital security officer asks Colonel Black after his weekly audit of the students network access, impressed the Cadets managed to get through his security and gain access to the program at all.

“Wait until the winter break is over and then delete it. Officially it never existed on their headsets, but bring me a copy of their mission scores.”

Colonel Black would never let a true talent be wasted with black marks on their record. Plus, it was from the academy, so they’re not accessing anything that the military would criticize him personally for allowing them access to. If he thinks of it as an advanced class, he can pretend there is nothing at all strange about his actions and even defend himself from accusations, should his superiors within the education Ministry object.

After the class challenge, the actual classes start to get more enjoyable, but the rate at which Max is getting gains from the system has fallen off dramatically. He had gotten two or more every day before that, but now that he’s near fifty points, it’s getting harder. Today his entire routine only gave one Strength upgrade.

[Compatibility Determined] Rank A

[Primary Attribute] STR 2.5x modifier

[STR] +30%

[DEX] +6%

[SPD] +6%

[Innate Talent] Mind Reading

[Additional Functions Locked]

He’s so close to hitting that magical fifty bonus points that he can hardly contain himself. The prospect of being as strong as a full grown adult is irresistible to him. Only a few more upgrades and he will be at the yearly goal, not even a month into his first semester.

Major Payne has been busy with the other students, getting them motivated and progressing towards their goals, so she hasn’t taken the time lately to see how the two star pupils are progressing.

She checks in on their routine daily, giving tips and making sure they’re balancing their workouts, so they’re not going to be suffering from any lingering muscle pains, strains or long term fatigue, but she hasn’t used her skill to see just what the results might be.


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