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Chapter 40

A.N.: Jeez! I fell I asleep while writing. Here are the chapters double chapters. Thanks for your support and sorry for the delay


Daphne sighed as she sat in the compartment of the train back to Hogwarts. This was probably the worst Christmas and New year she had ever had. And THAT is saying something, considering who her dad was. And that was all because of one person: Axel Hunt.

Daphne had never been an ordinary girl. Being raised by her father, along with her mental maturity had made it such that she couldn’t quite connect with any of the children her age. The thing is, if she really bared even some of her thoughts to those kids, they’ll probably start thinking she’s some sort of Dark lady in making.

The only exception was Axel.

He was a big mystery to her. But from the very first time she had seen him, she could see at least some similarities between the two of them: Both didn’t have a good childhood and both had to mature early.

In his company, she could be herself. Thus, over the months, she had come to really enjoy their friendship. But, being in his company could also be soooo frustrating sometimes!

She didn’t know much about him and couldn’t understand his actions. And, the problem was, he wouldn’t even tell her anything! Every time she’d ask something, he’ll either evade the topic or give a perfunctory response with a stop-being-nosy look.

He wouldn’t tell her who raised him, he wouldn’t tell her how he got his scars, he wouldn’t tell her much about how he got his body in such bad condition, he wouldn’t tell her how he was so abnormally skilled at some things, and he wouldn’t tell her why he’s been working himself half to death every day and pushing himself so hard. Heck, she couldn’t even tell why he seems to hate Rose’s family so much!

It’s always felt like she’s the only one who actually gives a fuck. That he doesn’t care at all whether she’s there or not. Especially since he wouldn’t acknowledge her as his friend. And it was beginning to remind her of someone else.

There was one other person who had always treated her coldly no matter what she did, and no matter how hard she tried. The only things he seemed to care about were money, power, and politics. This person was, of course, her father. She had tried her best to gain his acknowledgment until she was no longer naive and finally began to see the man for who he really was. After that, she had given up as she realized the fact that he’ll never care about her. And she was right, he never changed.

But she had thought that Axel was different. Especially after that time in the woods. He had even shared a little about his past with her that time.

That had given her hope. That yes, Axel will not always be the same. That he’ll come around if she put in enough effort. And she found an opportunity through Christmas, preparing his gift after putting a lot of thought into it. And, she was hopeful and excited about the outcome.

She had anticipated how he would respond. A Christmas gift in return would be asking too much from someone like him and she knew that there were low chances that he’ll accept being friends, but she had at least thought that even if he didn’t accept friendship, he’ll at least be moved and there will be some change.

But much to her dismay, he didn’t even acknowledge it, let alone thank her or be moved. She had waited for him to say something about it throughout the day, or even at dinner, but he didn’t.

And yet, she kept telling herself that there must be a reason. That no matter how much this seemed like something her father would do, he wasn’t like that man and there must be a reason why he didn’t respond.

Maybe he never got it? No way, she had gotten the notification on her Magic-mirror saying that it had been successfully delivered.

Then maybe he didn’t see it? No way, who doesn’t check presents on Christmas?

Then there must be some other reason, right? She hadn’t given up hope.

But then after dinner, when she saw her mother kneeling on the floor with her eyes moist with unshed tears, an image of her mother kneeling before her father had popped into Daphne’s mind. The reason she got angry wasn’t because she had misunderstood the situation. She knew her mother wouldn’t do anything inappropriate. The real reason was, Axel reminded her once again of her father at that time and she had lost it.

She was extremely out of her mind and got further unhinged when he refused to explain properly. No longer able to bear it, she had run away after saying what was bothering her, not able to face him any longer.

And, she had been miserable ever since. And that was the reason why on this return trip to Hogwarts, she kept silent while her friends were excitedly discussing their Christmas. Currently, the topic had shifted to what gifts they had given each other.

“I gave my Aunt a set of Odwill Candles that help with concentration. They are really popular these days and I had to order them one month early. She loved them! As for others, I gave Hannah an enchanted bunny, Neville: a Squill plant, Rose: some of the newest prank items on Zonkos, Daphne: a best seller called: “Magical Me” and Axel a box of HisHey’s Chocolates.”

They would have talked about the gifts but one thing was peculiar,

“You gave a present to Axel?” Asked Hannah.

Susan nodded,

“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?”

Neville shook his head,

“Why would anyone give a present to him? He’s always so rude and he rarely even talks,” he said as if he couldn’t understand it.

Susan shrugged,

“Well, a lot of people would disagree with you on that, I’m sure. Especially girls. He even has more than one few fans at Hogwarts,”

Rose began to snigger,

“Well, I also gave him a gift,” she said with a grin, “As long as he opens it, he’ll keep laughing at odd times for twenty-four hours,”

“Why would you do that?! That doesn’t seem right,” said Hannah.

Rose looked away with a pout,

“I was so pissed that I couldn’t help it. Besides, you have to admit, it’s quite funny to imagine him laughing,” she said as a smirk came to her face with just a thought of it.

Susan giggled as she found it a bit intriguing as well. She looked at Daphne,

“Oh right, you had invited him for Christmas, right? Did he come? Was he laughing?”

Daphne shook her head,

“He was the same,” she said helplessly. But then she began to think. If he was alright, does that mean he didn’t open the gifts?

No… let’s not once again get her hopes up. The only conclusion is, it’s better to stay away from Axel Hunt. It’ll only hurt her since there’s no way he’s going to change. There’s no way he’ll ever agree to become friends with her. He most likely wasn’t even bothered a little bit after all this while she’s been agonizing over it all the time.


The train reached Hogsmeade and Daphne disembarked along with her friends. She was a bit apprehensive about facing Axel after that incident, but she thought that it shouldn’t be a problem for now since he rarely shows himself.

Though… it would seem that today was her unlucky day. Because… the guy was standing right in front of her.

“!!!!” Daphne wanted to hide. She wanted to take a different route. And apparently, she wasn’t the only one.

“Hey, it’s Axel! Hide me and don’t stop!” She said, gripping Daphne’s shoulders and hiding behind her as they walked.

Susan laughed out aloud,

“This is a first. Rose Potter scared after pranking someone,” she said in amusement.


Rose pinched Susan on her bum.

“Not funny Suz. Stop looking at him and walk in front of me.” She ordered, hiding behind both Susan and Daphne.

Having no choice, Daphne had to walk in his direction unwillingly. She saw that he was actually talking to Martina and there was even a slight smile on his face!

That made her angry. Here she is, all bothered after having fought with someone who was probably her best friend, and there he is, chatting with the most popular girl in Hogwarts, not looking bothered at all!

Feeling angry and stupid, she walked past him while ignoring him. Just when she thought she had crossed the hurdle, a voice called out from behind,

“Hey, Daphne!”

“Can you give me a minute?”

It wasn’t a question. At least it didn’t feel like one. Because she found out she somehow didn’t have a choice.

Axel and Daphne took a carriage together with just the two of them. Axel decided to clear the misunderstanding right away. He was tired of it.

“Listen, about that time in the dining room—” he began, but Daphne cut him off with a shake of her head.

“That’s not the reason why I was upset,” said Daphne quietly.

When she spoke, Axel sighed in relief. At least she was willing to talk. It could have been worse, right? But he got confused by her words.

“Really? Are you really sure what I’m talking about?” He asked.

Daphne nodded,

“My mother is not someone who’d do… those sorts of things,” she said while looking away.

Axel tilted his head. If that is not the reason, then why else would she cry?

Oh right, the gift.

“And your gift. I only found it after I left your house,” he explained. This should do, right?

Daphne gritted her teeth,


“That wasn’t a lie,”

Daphne looked at him incredulously, facing him for the first time.

“How is that possible? How did you not find it?”

Axel furrowed his brows.

“How is it not possible? My windows were closed all day and I only checked later,”

Daphne pointed a finger at him with a face that was saying—’At least find a better excuse’.

“There you go. Who doesn’t check their mailboxes and check the windows on Christmas morning for presents?” She asked him mockingly.

Axel’s fist clenched. Her question was valid, but it still pissed him off.

“Only those who haven’t gotten a Christmas present before in their whole fucking life,” he said rigidly.

That was true. The first Christmas present he got was the knife from Martina, who had given it to him a day before the holidays started.

Daphne, who had just thought that she had exposed his lie, went blank after hearing his response.

“Never… got a present?” She muttered insensibly before she looked back at him in shock.

“Yeah. Is it so hard to believe? It’s not that rare. Why are you so surprised?”

“This is the problem,” she said, glaring at him with teary eyes.

“I don’t know anything about you!” She complained in a muffled voice.

“And now I feel horrible,”

Axel heaved an exasperated breath. What’s the deal with her? If everything is already clear then why is he still not forgiven?

“Look, I called you here to clear the misunderstanding and reply to your question in that letter. You had finally convinced me of being friends, but—” he began saying but paused when he saw her head snap back in his direction so fast that it startled him.

“What… what did you say? You were actually going…” she asked, her eyes wide with disbelief.

Axel rolled his eyes,

“Yeah. But you are now making me reconsider my decision by being so annoying and confusing. Jeez, the misunderstanding is cleared why the hell are you still—”

“We…We’re friends?” She asked, interrupting.

A vein popped on Axel’s forehead,

“Yeah, you can say so—”


He couldn’t finish his sentence before Daphne had hugged him tightly, surprising him a ton.

“Um…Friends hug, right?” She asked, her voice out muffled due to his uniform.


Axel gritted his teeth.

“Yeah. But—”

“Also, I want to know everything about you,”

“Daphne?” Asked, pulling her off.

“Yeah?” She asked, smiling like a goof.

“Don’t push it,”

“As you wish, my friend,”


That night, Axel frowned in concentration as he solidified the last of his shields. He was almost done!

[99.5%… 99.6%…. 99.7%….]

The progress bar was flowing steadily. Looks like his mind was working well now. In fact, it was working better than ever. Looks like he had made the right decision, even if Daphne is a little more annoying now.

[99.8%…. 99.9%….]

Yes! Almost there! This is it! The final moment!


[Congratulations. You have achieved the first stage of Occlumency.

Beginner stage Occlumency: Reached.


->Potion recipe to cure the side effects of your injury

->+5% approval. Total 25%]

“Let’s fucking go!” Axel shouted in a rare moment of joy as he checked the interface to show the recipe.


A.N.: Yep. No cliffhanger since you already have the next one. Go right ahead 👍


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