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Chapter 14

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Axel walked into a large classroom that had at least 100 students at the moment. He had barely made it in time.

There was a Black tabby cat on the table, staring at all the students with its yellow eyes.

Axel went straight to the last table to sit and took out his transfiguration textbook along with his wand.




The tabby cat turned out to be Professor Mcgonagall which kinda impressed Axel. He wondered what animal he’ll turn into, his excitement, however quickly died down. He’d been called a street rat too many times. He’s terrified that it’ll turn into reality.

Mcgonagall ignored the surprised reaction of the students as she began the classes.

“Welcome to your very first class of Transfiguration.”

“Transfiguration is a very systematic, exact magical discipline, working best for the scientifically-inclined mind, and as such, it is deemed very hard work. Especially compared to Charms, which affords a much larger margin for personal creativity. Also when transfiguring, it is important to make firm and decisive wand movements. Do not wiggle or twirl your wand unnecessarily, or the Transfiguration will certainly be unsuccessful.”

Axel instantly started to dislike the subject just by the description. But then, Mcgonagall, as if knowing what the students were thinking, pointed her wand at the desk which instantly turned into a pig.

“Though, with experience and practice, you can do things with transfiguration that can help in infinite ways,” she said, turning the desk into a few more things before turning it back into a chair.

The students grew excited upon seeing the magic so she gave out a warning.

“Transfiguration is some of the most complex and dangerous magic you will learn at Hogwarts,” she said. “Anyone messing around in my class will leave and not come back. You have been warned.”

Mcgonagall had the students write a lot of complicated notes, none of which Axel could write with his crippled hand.

There were a number of factors a wizard had to take into account when carrying out Transfiguration spells. The intended transformation (t) was directly influenced by body weight (a), viciousness (v), wand power (w), concentration (c), and a fifth unknown variable (Z),

Only after she was done explaining did she allow the students to turn their matchsticks into needles.

Axel frowned.

[System, was Mcgonagall also considering these theories and this complicated formula during her transfiguration?]

That was instant magic, with no precise wand waving, chanting, or calculation.

[No, Axel. After a large amount of practice, you can gain enough control over your magic that it simply listens to your will and executes it. Most of these formulae and theories will be useless by then.]

Axel frowned as he tried the spell following everything instructed by Mcgonagall. With his trembling hand, he couldn’t even perform

the wand movement correctly.

Not a single change happened to the matchstick.

When he looked at Rose’s table, he saw that she had already changed hers into a silver pointed needle. Though he saw that most of the students were in a similar situation as him. Only those who had practiced with a wand before were able to do it.

Axel shook his head.

‘Nope, this won’t do,’ he thought. Just like in charms, wand movements are a no go for him.

“Professor?” he called out, raising his hand.

Mcgonagall, who was praising Rose, turned towards him.

“Yes, Mr. Hunt?”

Oh, so she did remember his name. Her Occlumency must be impressive. There were so many students.

“Can I get more matchsticks?”

“Yes, how many do you want?”

“Ah… about a hundred will do, ma’am,”


That got a few raised eyebrows, a few turned heads, and some snickers.

Mcgonagall frowned, but she did humor the boy.

“You are only allowed to use one at a time.” She said, before sending out a box of matches to his desk.

She remembers his name because the Master Healer Andromeda Black had personally sent a letter to her, requesting her to take care of Axel since he had recently suffered debilitating injuries which have rendered him unable to use magic and write his homework. Mcgonagall has also passed on the message to other teachers.

Thus, just now when he made the weird request, she just let the boy have the matches if that’s what he wanted before turning her attention back to the other students.

Axel, not knowing all this, thanked her before getting to work. This time, he skipped all the complicated stuff and straight up ordered the matchstick to turn into a needle while chanting the spell. He also made sure to shield his face with his other hand.


And he was right in doing so. The matchstick broke into pieces due to excessive magic. But he noticed that there were traces of silver in the splinters.

Wand movements are there for directing and controlling the flow of your magic. Without them and with no practice, the magic is splashing colors on a canvas instead of painting with a brush.

‘Alright, less output,’ thought Axel as he ignored the intense pain that was caused by using magic.

This time, the match didn’t break into pieces right away, but the shape got disfigured and it still broke in the end.

With every attempt, he’ll take observations and make changes to his magic. He was not blindly wasting matchsticks. He was getting better results with each broken stick.

After about 20 tries, Axel was in a much worse condition. And his head was throbbing. But! He also had a somewhat passable silver needle in his hands. Meanwhile, the others who had never tried it were still struggling to make any changes using Mcgonagall’s complicated method.

[Very good, Axel. Transfiguration is supposed to be very difficult compared to charms. You managed to bring results using a practical approach that complements your extreme mental talent.

+1% approval. Total: 9%. A new system feature will be unlocked when you reach 10%]

Axel didn’t pay much attention to the system. He’d be happy to accept whatever help comes from the system but he doesn’t want to be too dependent on it. The new feature might be good, but isn’t it useless right now?

He decided to perfect this spell. He could feel his control over the magic getting stronger. He should practice on these matchsticks as much as possible since he’d not have many test subjects while practicing with a live animal or a larger item.

When it was approaching time to end the classes, Mcgonagall glanced at the boy on the last bench once again.

She was surprised to see a bunch of silver Needles lying on his desk, along with a number of splinters. He was clutching a handkerchief to his nose with one hand while practicing the spell with the other.

She frowned. Something was not right. When she walked closer and observed closely, her shock intensified by several folds.

The first thing she noticed was, that his condition wasn’t good at all! Bloodshot eyes, with traces of blood on the handkerchief, and veins on his trembling hands and forehead were popping out.

The second thing that surprised her was, that the boy wasn’t making any wand movements while performing the spell. He was only chanting the incantation. And the matchstick was slowly turning into a silver needle!

“Mr. Hunt, stop it this instant!” She ordered.

Axel stopped for a moment to look up.

“Yes Professor?” He asked in confusion.

Mcgonagall’s lips formed a hard line as she sternly looked at him.

“I was under the impression that you are suffering from debilitating injuries and are unable to perform magic until treated?”

Axel frowned.

‘What the heck? How did she know?!’

He shook his head.

“I don’t remember mentioning this to anyone, Professor. I am injured, yes. But I can still learn magic. It’s just a bit harder for me,” he answered, trying to downplay it.

“…A bit harder?” Repeated Mcgonagall, giving him a once over. She pulled off his handkerchief which was covered in blood from the other side.

“Clearly, it’s more than a ‘bit harder’ for you, Mr. Hunt. No more magic for the rest of the class.”

Axel considered explaining to this woman that he was in fact fine. But decided against it. He knew her kind. She’ll ignore him like a girl ignoring her ex.

Putting on a reluctant expression, he said,

“Yes Professor, I won’t,”

‘—let you catch me,’ he added in his mind in a deadpan. Like hell anyone can stop him from learning magic. With his skills, it’s just a minor inconvenience.

But he’ll have to get formal proof from the healer here stating that there was no harm.

Seeing the obedient boy, Mcgonagall’s eyes softened.

“That being said. You put in a tremendous amount of effort and managed to learn the spell while a certified master Healer said it will be impossible for you to cast magic. 10 point to Slytherin,” she said, and Axel could have sworn he saw reluctance in her expression.

Anyone a few years older would have been shocked silly witnessing this event. Mcgonagall, awarding 10 points straight to a Slytherin?

Now that’s something you don’t get to see often.

Axel nodded and thanked her. But in actuality, he couldn’t care less about some silly house points. Especially for Slytherin. He’d rather Slytherin come last in the House Cup.

On the other hand, Draco Malfoy, who was still unsuccessful in turning his matchstick into a needle gritted his teeth while glaring at Axel.

Axel spent the rest of the class practicing as well. Of course, Mcgonagall didn’t catch any abnormalities this time.

Flitwick’s class turned out to be much better since he could practice freely there after taking a back seat while hiding from the diminutive professor. Susan had invited him to sit with her but he had refused since she was sitting in the front. Plus, Hannah didn’t seem too eager to sit him.

Defense Against the Dark Arts though…

Axel had arrived early and claimed his back seat. What he didn’t expect was someone to actually come and sit beside him.


Axel looked at Daphne in surprise. He had noticed that most of the students from other houses would avoid a Slytherin. Even Rose and Susan’s treatment of him had subtly changed. So, he wasn’t expecting her of all people to come and sit beside him.

“Don’t look so surprised. I was planning on getting some sleep so I came here. My friends refused to sit in the back seat so they are in the front,” she said, pointing at a few Ravenclaw girls.

The meaning of her words was clear: I’m not a loner like you, bruh.’

“I need you to inform me if that woman comes here or looks our way.”

Axel raised his eyebrows.

“You’re not going to try learning?”

Daphne shook her head.

“I have already covered the first-year syllabus. My ‘father’ made sure of that,” she said, injecting the word father with a lot of venom.

The corner of Axel’s mouth tugged upward.

“Your father must have been a great Asshole,” he said with a smirk. After all, he had first-hand experience. It felt good to curse someone’s father right to their face without worrying about the consequences.

Daphne’s mouth opened in surprise upon hearing the crass word, but she realized that it was indeed an apt description of that man. She nodded.

“Yes… he indeed… an… a-asshole,” she said, saying the word for the first time. It felt… liberating. That man had forbidden her from doing anything unladylike.

Axel smiled for real this time. She sounded so innocent saying the word for the first time. It was like he was corrupting an innocent little child.

This was turning out to be an interesting conversation.

Daphne continued, the subject of her father’s death being a really refreshing subject.

“When I realized that he was dead, I smiled a real smile for the first time in a long time! Same with mum. Really, the person who killed him must be an angel…”


Axel almost laughed out loud.

“Yeah… I am sure. He must have been chosen by the god,” he said, nodding in amusement.

While it was Daphne’s first time using a bad word, it was Axel’s first time having an enjoyable conversation with someone.

But, as interesting as their conversation was, it had to be cut short since a toad-like woman in pink had made her way behind the front desk.

“Well, good afternoon!” she said when finally the whole class had settled down.

A few people mumbled “Good afternoon,” in reply.

“Tut, tut,” said Professor Umbridge. “That won’t do, now, will it? I should like you, please, to reply ‘Good afternoon, Professor Umbridge.’ One more time, please. Good afternoon, class!”

“Good afternoon, Professor Umbridge,” they chanted back at her.

“There, now,” said Professor Umbridge sweetly. “That wasn’t too difficult, was it? Wands away and quills out, please.”

The first thing the woman did after entering was this?

The first years weren’t all too sensible and polite. One of the Slytherins asked the question in everyone’s mind.

“We won’t be using the wand?” Asked Draco Malfoy in dissatisfaction.

Umbridge gave him her characteristic creepy smile,

“What is your name, dear?”

Malfoy puffed out his chest.

“I’m Draco Malfoy. Pureblood heir to the Malfoy family,” he said arrogantly.

Umbridge smiled in approval.

“Oh, a Pureblood, very good. You see, Draco, magic should only be taught to people who are worthy. Now, do you think everyone here is worthy?”

Malfoy’s gaze swept over to some of the mudbloods he knew.

“No,” he said with a sneer. “Only—

“Very good!” Said Umbridge, cutting him off, “You see Draco, I have a lot of magic I can teach,” she said, levitating the book in front of her with just a finger.

“But, it’ll only be taught to the worthy! Meanwhile, in the class, we’ll be covering all the basic syllabus that you all will need to pass the exams,” she said sweetly.

Axel’s mood sank. He was somehow sure that he would not be among the so-called ‘worthy’ people.

[Host, you should stay wary of this woman. She has dark magical power hidden in her. It was undetectable until she used her magic just now. She can’t conceal it very well while using her magic.]

Damn… this woman… he knew something was wrong with her from the very beginning. Her eyes give him the same chills he got from Daphne’s Dear Dark Daddy.

[Nice instincts. They’ll help you live longer.]

‘No shit, system.’

Daphne frowned, no longer looking in the mood to sleep.

“I don’t like this woman,” she stated flatly.

Axel nodded, “You see it too?”

Daphne looked at him in surprise.

“What?” She asked.

“Those eyes. She’s bad news. I wouldn’t recommend sleeping,” Axel warned. It was none of his business really, but sitting beside her, he didn’t want to be implicated.

Daphne’s eyes widened in surprise. She wanted to say something but Umbridge tutted everyone into silence as she began teaching everyone from the textbook.

Axel realized that he wasn’t going to learn anything in that class. So, he started practicing levitating under his desk.

After this, it was dinner time but Axel didn’t directly go to the great hall. Instead, he first went to the library.

He was already feeling lethargic from all the exertion but it’s not the first time he’s feeling like shit.

He can count on his fingers how many times in the last three years he was feeling completely fine with no injuries, no hunger, not freezing with cold, not feeling feverish, etc.

Thus, he’s learned to stop complaining and just do it. While panting, he soldiered on to climb the stairs and walk the long corridors before finding the library.

‘Oi, system. Recommend me some books on offensive magic and other useful magic which are good enough that I can actually learn from them,’ he ordered. If this thing can’t even help him this much, he’s straight up rejecting the whole saving the world thing.

Thankfully, the system didn’t turn out to be completely useless for once, and recommended to him some books which he had to dig out and pluck out from all kinds of places in the library.

He realized that these smartass students had hidden the good ones at places where no one else would find them and these books had been hidden for god knows how long.

Anyways, why is he borrowing the books?

It’s because after attending these classes, he has realized that even with his crippled body, he is already getting ahead of what Mcgonagall and Flitwick are teaching the students.

Which is nothing to be impressed about, considering the strength of his enemies.

In fact, it’s quite funny and worrying how he is fretting about school bullies while he has to fight an army of creatures from another dimension along with the most powerful Darklord.

Thus, he’s going to have to learn magic on his own, ahead of everyone else. He needs to gain strength quickly.


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