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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 75: Rewards of coming forward Bahasa Indonesia

“If only it were possible…” Lelin glanced down at the ring on his finger, subconsciously turning it. “Time is eternal, never moving in reverse. Even Gods can’t change the flow of time.”

Gabriel was about to speak when the Head Teachers came down, landing before them. Everyone observed the students, extremely sure that the killer was one of them.

“As you can see, a person has died here. And we believe it’s one of the Students that did it… Students from this Dorm.” Yoan took the responsibility for interrogation without asking the other Head Teachers.

“I’m sure the killer won’t come forward if we simply ask. But let me make this absolutely clear. We have many ways to find out who the killer is. I hope you won’t make us use those methods. So whoever is the killer, step forward.”

He walked from the group of First Years to the group of fourth years before stepping back, observing everyone’s faces to see if he could find even a single trace of fear.

“I promise you will be punished with leniency if you come out on your own. If you don’t, we will still find you, even though it might be time-consuming and a bit heavy-handed. But in that case, there will be no mercy! You will be executed without any questions asked!”

He stepped back after finishing his warning. “The choice is yours!”

Despite the warning, not a single person stepped forward. One had to be an idiot if they came forward. Gabriel stood with a poker face as if he was totally innocent. Even though he didn’t let it show on his face, on the inside, he was slightly worried.

Until now, he thought that there was no need to worry since no one knew about him. He also wanted to use Hawrin’s death as a distraction to keep the teachers busy for the next few days for him to have an easier time. Unfortunately, it appeared as if Lelin knew that he had something to do with this.

He was slightly worried that Lelin was going to speak. Even if he spoke, Gabriel was sure he could talk his way out of it since the words of someone couldn’t be an evidence against him, but still, he wanted to avoid that situation.

Fortunately, Lelin didn’t speak. Instead, he looked slightly bored.

Xinci took the lead this time, trying a bluff.

“I’m sure you people know about the Crown of Elisus? At least most of you do. It’s an artifact that can check if you’re lying or telling the truth. If the culprit doesn’t come out, we’ll be forced to use it!”

Even though Eliana had rejected the suggestion of using the Crown of Elisus, these youngsters didn’t know that which made her use the bluff. Fear was the best tool and saved some time as well.

“We honestly don’t want to use the Crown since it can affect your Talent and Spiritual Strength in unexpected ways, but we won’t have a choice. So if you are the killer, come out. Because there is no way for you to escape. As Yoan said, we’ll have mercy if you come out on your own.”

“Also, if there is anyone else who has any clue about this murder, they can also step forward since the Crown will affect you as well. Everyone will have to go through the Crown until we find the killer!”

The threat of the Crown of Elisus appeared to work. It made everyone nervous. They came here to become stronger, but to become weaker. Everyone waited and hoped that the killer would come out and help them indirectly, but no one stepped forward.

Gabriel glanced at Lelin in surprise. Even under the threat of losing his talent, he didn’t speak. It was very strange. Lelin still didn’t seem to care. He just stood, lost in his own thoughts.

Lelin didn’t step forward, but there was one person from the Senior Batch who stepped forward.

“You did it?” Xinci frowned, observing the youngster.

“I didn’t kill him, but I do have some information that can be of help.”

The man was none other than the person who had stopped Gabriel in the hallway. The only person who concerned Gabriel at the moment was Lelin. He didn’t care about anyone else.

“What information?” Eliana inquired.

“I think I might’ve seen the killer,” the young man answered.

“Huh?” Everyone exclaimed in shock. So the killer was seen? They sighed in relief. It appeared as if they were saved. However, they were still curious as to who could be the person that dared to kill a student on campus.

“A few hours ago… I was leaving the dorms when I noticed this guy walking inside.” The man pointed at Hawrin. “I didn’t think much of it, even though it was too late for first years to arrive at this late hour. However, not too far from him, there was another first-year student.”

“I didn’t think much of it at that time, but now that I think about it, it looks like the young man was trailing the dead person. I even stopped him to ask him why he was out so late. He said he dropped something outside and went there to take it back.”

“I had to leave after that, so I didn’t ask many questions, but I did notice him moving faster… In the same direction as the guy. I really should’ve been more careful.”

The young man explained everything that he went through, from meeting Gabriel to leaving.

“Who is that person?” All the teachers looked at the First Year Students. From this explanation, it was clear that the killer was a first-year student, which was also what everyone was suspicious about at the start.

Since Gabriel and Lelin were standing in the lead, the man’s eyes went on them first. However, he shifted his gaze to others. He couldn’t recognize the Karyk Illusion of Gabriel.

“That student isn’t here! He must still be inside the Dorms!” The man shook his head before turning around, failing to find the man.

“Are you sure?” Eliana grimly asked. “Was the person you saw really a first year?”

“I am sure he was a first-year student!” the man confidently stated. “And the first-year student I saw isn’t one of them.”

“That isn’t possible,” Eliana responded. “All the first-year students are here. I personally accepted their invitation today. I know how many of them are there. They’re all here.”

“So he was lying?” A youngster exclaimed, taken aback.

“Maybe he’s the killer? He wanted to shift the blame but didn’t know he was going to be caught so fast.”

“That would make sense. He was really scared at the thought of being caught. It would make sense if he made a lie in his nervousness.”

“Good thing he’s caught.”

One after another, all the students started talking about the same thing, believing that the man was the killer instead.

Lelin scoffed, finding the entire situation sad yet funny. But he still didn’t interfere. He wasn’t here to interfere in things. He had goals of his own.

The man who had come out to talk about the killer found himself in the middle of accusations. His face went pale in fear.


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