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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 48: Royal Bahasa Indonesia

Yann stood before Cain, holding his high-grade Sword. Similarly, Cain also had a High-Grade Staff.

Despite his family being kicked out of the Royal City a long time ago and not having the same amount of wealth as before, he still had a decent grade Staff. The High-Grade Staff of Light was the last thing he had inherited from his father before his death.

Cain’s blood boiled as he watched Yann. If there was anyone he hated the most in the world, it was the Raini Family.

“Heh, ten years ago, my father killed your father with his own hands, following his Majesty’s orders. It seems today I’ll get the honor of finishing you. Like father, like son.” Yann laughed. “Even your high-grade Staff can’t help you before my spells, kid.”

“Why don’t you try and see for yourself?”

No matter how much Cain hated Yann, he knew he couldn’t attack first. He needed Yann to attack him so he could have a justification for fighting back if he didn’t want to be arrested here. That was also a reason why he interfered in the conflict, which had nothing to do with him, all to provoke Yann.

He knew that hurting Yann wasn’t going to be enough for the pain Raini Family made him go through, but it could be the beginning… The beginning of the storm which was yet to come.

Yann also understood that Cain was provoking him yet didn’t want to hold back. He believed he couldn’t lose! He was a Second Year Mage at the academy, while Cain was just here to join the academy.

He lightly tapped his staff on the ground; however, before he could even cast a spell, he heard a cry of pain as a figure flew past him, landing in the distance.

“Huh?” Yann gazed at the figure, stunned. It was none other than Hawrin! His lips were bleeding, and he seemed to be in quite a bad condition.

This made Yann turn around, finding another figure flying in his direction. This time it was the Mage of Wind who appeared to be flying uncontrollably in his direction.

At the last moment, Yann dodged to the side, avoiding the person who flew past him to land on the ground.

Even though Yann’s battle hadn’t begun yet, there was a battle that had… A battle which he hadn’t expected to go like this.

Gabriel had started attacking, and his attacks… They weren’t weak at all. The Spells, the control… Everything was impeccable. He didn’t appear like a person who had just started learning magic.

Seeing two of their friends being defeated that easily, the other youngsters were also taken aback. They all took a step back subconsciously.

They had thought that Gabriel was also a weakling, yet he turned out to be much more.

As the Wind Mage was sent flying, the young man who was being trapped in the chains of wind dropped to the ground, finally being free of the Chains of Restriction.

The young man was just saved by Gabriel, but he was also in a daze at what he saw. In this city, he was thrashed, yet no one stepped forward to save him, not even guards. The only person who did was Gabriel.

After seeing a similar badge of a newcomer on Gabriel’s chest, the young man had assumed that Gabriel was also going to be hurt like him. It was only now he realized how wrong he was.

Gabriel hadn’t even used his Element of Death and Necromancy, yet he was already at an advantage.

Not only the youngsters but even Yann was amazed at how easily Gabriel had defeated two of his minions. Despite that, there was not even a frown on Gabriel’s face, as if it was nothing concerning.

“Does this guy really not fear death?” he wondered.

Even Cain was amazed. He honestly didn’t expect Gabriel to be so strong. He thought he would have to save him after dealing with Yann, yet the reality was different.

“That control… it’s pretty good.” Even Cain subconsciously complimented Gabriel.

He was also a mage of light and understood that element better than anyone else here. He knew how hard it was to control such spells and the precision that was needed to master them.

“It seems there’s another Talent Prodigy of Light here.” Cain believed it wasn’t possible for Gabriel to learn spells like this with such precision at such a young age unless he was a Talent Prodigy.

Since Gabriel looked only twenty, his assumption made even more sense to him.

“Yann, you shouldn’t let him have all the fun, should you? Attack me so I can also have some fun.”

Seeing Gabriel’s spells, even Cain was itching to use his spells and get some exercise today.

“You!” Yann could sense a mocking tone behind Cain’s words.

Infuriated, he decided to give Cain exactly what he needed.

“Then so be it!” Yann raised his staff.


“Young Master Yann, wait!”

Yann chanted a spell yet stopped in the middle as he heard someone call him.

“Who dares?!” He roared but calmed down as he realized it was one of the youngsters who worked for him. “What?!”

“The Royal Carriage… It seems a Royal is coming here. I don’t think it’s good for us to be fighting at this time. The guards won’t interfere in the battle, but it won’t be good if a Royal saw us fighting in the middle of the street like this.”

“A Royal Carriage?” Yann grimaced.

Even though his Raini family was influential in the city, it wasn’t the most influential in the city, and it wasn’t even close to the Royal Family.

Despite hating it, he could only decide to retreat at a time like this.

He glared at Cain. “You are lucky. Next time you won’t be.”

“I’m lucky?” Cain let out a disappointed sigh. This was such a good opportunity for him, yet the Royal just had to come at a time like this.

Yann turned his back on Cain before glancing at Gabriel. “I’ll remember you as well.”

He walked back to his own Carriage along with his friends. Even Hawrin also stood up, wiping the blood from his lips. If his glares could kill, Gabriel would’ve already been dead a thousand times by now.

“You have made the biggest mistake of your life. You’ll regret it!” He declared a threat before running after Yann.

All the youngsters entered the Raini Family carriage with Yann. This wasn’t how they expected everything to end. Unfortunately, their luck didn’t support them today.

“The Royal Family… Not for long…” Yann muttered, glancing out the window as the carriage started moving.

“Are you alright?” Gabriel reached out his hand toward the Young Man who was still lying on the ground.

“I-i am fine. Thank you for saving me.” The youngster thanked Gabriel. “If you weren’t here, I probably would’ve been hurt so bad that I couldn’t have taken part in the trial tomorrow.”

He held Gabriel’s hands using his right hand while holding his aching chest with his left as he stood up.

“I should also thank him… Huh? Where did he go?”

After thanking Gabriel, the young man wanted to thank Cain as well. Unfortunately, Cain wasn’t there anymore. He had disappeared as well, leaving them behind now that there wasn’t anything for him to do here.

Gabriel noticed the figure of Cain in the distance, walking away. He didn’t even glance back as he left.

Shaking his head, Gabriel shifted his attention back to the young man.

“Why didn’t you fight back? You have the Element of Earth. It’s said to be a powerful Element for defense and even for attack. Why did you take the beating?” he asked, noticing the Mark of Earth in the hands of the young man.

“This Mark?” The young man flashed a weak smile. “This mark is useless for now since I don’t have any spells. That’s also a reason I came here to join the academy so I can learn some spells and become strong enough to protect myself one day.”

Hearing the explanation of the young man, Gabriel really found it to be strange. The man… He was really too similar to the old him.

When he was killed, he had the Element of Light but had no spells. This man, on the other hand, had the Element of Earth yet no spells. Both of them were hurt by Hawrin. Both faced the chains of winds. The similarities were uncanny.

As Gabriel marveled at the similarities, the Royal Carriage finally reached this place and stopped not too far.

The door of the carriage opened.


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