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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 46: To do or not to do? Bahasa Indonesia

It was already late at night, and the exams were supposed to be the next day, so Gabriel looked for a hotel.

As for the money, he didn’t lack any as Lira provided him with quite a lot of it in case he needed money. Moreover, even if he didn’t have money, he had the Soul Crystals that could be used in place of money or sold.

Along the way, Gabriel noticed many Mages of Light who had the special robe of the Church of Light, highlighting their high position. As the city hosted the main branch of the Church of Light, it wasn’t rare to find the Priests of Light.

Only the Head Priests were harder to find, roaming around the city. As for the Head of the Church of Light, finding him was like finding a needle in a haystack. He was never seen even in the city.

Glancing at the Priests, Gabriel couldn’t help but imagine what his life could’ve been if it hadn’t changed this much on the last day of his old life.

Even though it was close to midnight, the city appeared as lively as ever. It was filled with light. Not even a glimpse of darkness could be seen anywhere. There was a reason this city was called a city that never slept.

Even now, hundreds of people could be seen in the city. Most of the shops were still open as well.

“I’ll never find a hotel like this. I need to ask someone for directions.”

Gabriel stopped the horse near one of the shops and got down, approaching the shop owner.

“Excuse me.”

The shop owner noticed the attire of Gabriel which made him appear like a wealthy mage. He also noticed the badge on his chest, meaning he wasn’t from the city.

“Yes, Young Man. How may I help you? Are you looking for some items for your exams tomorrow? We did get some really amazing Magic Weapons in stock if you need. They are created by the Zoan Family.”

“Magic Weapons? You are selling Numens?” Gabriel grew slightly surprised. Weren’t Numens supposed to be precious? How was this guy selling them? Or was he bluffing?

“Numens? As expected, you’re certainly from a wealthy family to know about Numens. Unfortunately, no, I’m not selling Numens. I’ve never seen a Numen myself. They are so rare to find that the ones who do don’t even tell anyone, let alone sell.”

The old seller laughed out, hiding his embarrassment. “A Numen may make an appearance once in a blue moon in some auction house, but even the weakest go for millions of gold coins. A poor seller like me can’t even afford to buy one, let alone sell.”

“Then what Magical Weapons you speak of?” Gabriel asked with a frown.

“A magical weapon or a magical artifact is something that is reinforced by the Spiritual Energy, created by expert artificers. You can call them similar to Numens yet way weaker than a real one.”

“For example, A treasured sword can be more durable or sharper than ordinary swords. It might be really light while having all the weight and properties of a heavy sword. Or a treasure shield that could protect you from flaming attacks of Mages of Flames. There are many treasure items, and the Zoan Family is an expert in creating them.”

“Why don’t you come in and buy some for your trial tomorrow. Who knows, you might need one? Since you’re from outside the city, I’ll even give you a discount. How about it?”

“A Sword… a shield?”

As a mage, Gabriel didn’t believe he needed a Sword. Moreover, even if he did, he could get it later. He wasn’t here for an eternity after all. He was only here for seven days. As for a shield to protect himself, he had the best shield in the world in the form of his first spell: Shield of Undead.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not looking to buy anything yet. Maybe later. For now, I’m really tired and need a hotel. Can you point me to one?”

Even though the old man was disappointed that Gabriel wasn’t going to buy anything, he still told Gabriel the direction. He believed Gabriel was rich. Even if he wasn’t buying anything today, he was still a potential customer in the future.

“Thank you.” Gabriel thanked the old man before going back to the horse. He was just about to climb the horse when he heard someone yelling in the distance.

The loud yell attracted his attention. Frowning, he gazed in the distance, noticing a group of youngsters beating up a young man.

There were many people in the surrounding area, yet no one stepped forward to help the man. Even the guards didn’t bother.

“Young man, I understand what you’re thinking, but I’ll advise you against helping. This city isn’t one where you should do something like that.” The old man’s calm voice fell in Gabriel’s ears.

“Why aren’t the guards helping him?” Gabriel inquired, confused. “Isn’t this city supposed to be… better? Even if it’s for pretension.”

“Better? Heh, people give this city more credit than it deserves. Rules only apply to the poor here. You see the blonde man who is beating up the young man?”

Gabriel glanced at the only blonde man in the group. “Yeah. Who is he?”

“His Uncle is a Head Priest in the Holy Church of Light. He’s also part of one of the most influential families in the city, the Raini Family. They control most of the markets in the city and outside. They are also very close to the Royal Family, so the guards wouldn’t interfere in whatever their young heir does.”

“So you should stay away from the conflict, or you’ll be in trouble yourself. Just go back to the hotel and rest. After these people are tired, they’ll leave the boy. They won’t kill him.”

“Moreover, you’re here to join the Academy, but Yann Raini is already in his second year in the Academy. So avoid him.”

Gabriel took the advice of the man. He really didn’t need to enter this conflict, especially if it could involve a Head Priest of Light. That could be counterproductive.

Gabriel climbed back on the horse and started advancing ahead, in the same direction as the group since that was the only way to the hotel.

“Hmm?” As Gabriel was leaving, not bothering to even help the young man, he stopped, gazing blankly in the direction of the group, noticing a young man he didn’t before. It was only now that the man came into his view.

“Hawrin!” Gabriel’s fists clenched on their own.

He saw Hawrin whisper something in the ears of the blonde man.

The blonde man nodded in response before instructing another man in the group.

The young man who was thrashed had his lips bleeding already. His clothes were covered in dust. Fortunately, he wasn’t seriously hurt until now.

Following the instructions of the blonde-haired man, a Mage of Wind in the group stepped forward, bringing his staff out before casting a spell.

The bleeding young man’s body started rising in the air. Both his hands and legs appeared to be tied by the chains of winds.

Noticing the situation of the young man, Gabriel remembered his own condition back on the mountain. The same thing was done to him, making him unable to even react. He was sure this was the idea of Hawrin.

He was still doing the same thing. He still hadn’t changed.

Gabriel had decided to avoid this conflict, but the more he gazed at the man hanging in the air, the more he saw his reflection in the young man. Turning his back on the man was like turning his back on himself, especially when Hawrin was present there as well.

Biting his lower lip, Gabriel finally got off the horse, unable to resist. Even though his mind said he shouldn’t do this, his heart made him unable to leave. He didn’t want another person to suffer the same fate as him, especially because of his own enemy.

The entire group surrounded the young man, laughing as if it was fun for them.

“Hawrin, since this was your idea, go ahead.” The Blonde Haired man lazily exclaimed. “Make sure you don’t go easy.”

“I won’t.” Hawrin licked his lips, moving before the bleeding young man who couldn’t even move his hands. “You know, you remind me of someone. That trash was also like you. And since you remind me so much of him, I also hate you more for it. Since I can’t hurt that bastard, I’ll have to make do with you!”


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