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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 256: Chapter 256: Isn’t the answer simple? Bahasa Indonesia

Through Shia’s story, Gabriel could feel that this was a conspiracy that was created to destroy the Arecia Clan, and no one thought about it deeply. Everyone went with the flow and started calling the Arecia Clan traitors!

“It was most probably the greed of the Major Clans which led to something like that…

“Are you alright?” Shia asked, noticing that Gabriel had gone silent. He wasn’t speaking much.

“I’m fine. I just hate traitors, so I was lost in some thoughts. The Arecia Clan was truly evil to go against their own people. The Major Clans did well,” Gabriel answered.

“So yeah, you can’t meet the Arecia Clan in the Knight Tournament. They are already eliminated completely. Not a single person was left alive.” Shia smiled. “You can still meet the current Royal Clan though. They are even better than the Arecia Clan! They are also more majestic!”

For a girl who was scared of watching a person being killed right before her eyes, she seemed quite amused to know that an entire family was wiped out.

“I’ll certainly attend the Knight Tournament as a spectator.” Gabriel agreed. “Anyway, thanks for the information. I will leave now.”

“Huh, what? You are leaving?” Shia was shocked. After helping her all this time, the guy was simply leaving when they were almost at the exit? Did he truly not want to be rewarded by her family?

“Yeah.” Gabriel didn’t speak much. He was so angry after hearing her words, he wasn’t sure if he would do something he shouldn’t. He believed it was better to just take his leave and spend some time alone to truly grasp all this and calm his chaotic heart.

After his mother, Novius, Cassius, and Raphael were the closest to him in his heart. He really treated them all like a family, which also made him feel the pain to understand that the family Novius cherished so much was wiped while Novius was trapped in the Tower, waiting for a new challenger.

Novius had imparted all his knowledge to him, and Gabriel couldn’t do anything in return.

Gabriel disappeared from the Shia’s view, not even looking back once. She just stood shocked.

“This guy…” She was quite fascinated by Gabriel. That guy saved her life. When he said he wasn’t after rewards, she didn’t believe him. She was sure that the rewards were why he was accompanying her back. However, right as they were near the exit of this outer area, he left?

Thanks to the stories of the Saint Knight protecting his loved one from dangers without any greed at all, Shia had always been really fascinated. She always wondered if she could ever find a person like that. But right now, she felt that she had found a similar person… A Mage who had the temperament of a proper knight.

“I hope we meet again…” She muttered as she started leaving. The longer she stayed here, the more dangerous this place could get.

“There you are!” Just as she was about to exit the outer area, she saw a group of Knights in the distance.

It was as if an entire search army was prepared to go into the Outer Zone to look for her! As soon as the Knights saw Shia, they all sighed in relief.

All the Knights were carrying precious treasures and seemed stronger than Yuan, who Gabriel met at the restaurant.

“You are finally here.” Shia nodded. She wasn’t very happy to see them. If it weren’t for Gabriel, she would’ve already been forced by that man! These people were too late!

“Your Highness!” All the Knights went down on one knee respectfully, except the one who was in the lead.

The Knight Captain observed Shia to make sure that there were no wounds on her.

“Are you alright?” The Knight Captain asked.

“I am, no thanks to you!” Shia rolled her eyes.

“Who told you to leave the Palace without informing everyone?” The Knight Captain sarcastically asked. “You’re lucky we found your maid dead on the streets and realized that something must’ve happened to you! Next time, please don’t leave without the Knight Squad! Even though it’s the Royal City, some parts are really dangerous for you!”

“I was left getting bored in the Royal Palace and wanted to see the City for myself without any guards. Moreover, everyone is already busy with the preparation of the Knight Tournament for my Elder Sister. I didn’t feel like disturbing anyone. Who knew that even with my disguise, I was going to be kidnapped…”

The entire experience left Shia slightly shaken. If not for Gabriel, she wasn’t even sure what would’ve happened. However, she also remembered that he told her not to tell anyone what happened there. She decided to keep her word.

Accompanied by the Squad of powerful Knights, the Fourth Princess of the Empire of Arecia went back to the Royal Palace.

Deep in the outer zone of the City, Gabriel was standing with his back resting against the wall, lost in thoughts.

He just looked at the moon. Every time he felt sad or lost, he just looked at the moon. Looking at the moon always provided him peace of mind.

Throughout the night, Gabriel just sat there in silence, not speaking even one word.

It was only in the morning that Gabriel felt someone touch his shoulder, bringing him out of his thoughts.

Looking to his left, he saw a woman who was in her late seventies from her looks.

“Young Man, is something troubling you?” the old woman asked.

Gabriel shook his head. “I am fine.”

“You’ve been sitting here like that since the night,” the woman further said. “I’ve seen you from my house. You don’t look like someone who is fine. If there’s anything, maybe I can help? Do you not have money to eat or something?”

Gabriel could only smile in response. “If money were the only problem, everything would’ve been so simple.”

“Then what’s the problem?” The old woman asked, sitting next to him. For some reason, Gabriel didn’t feel bad in the company of the old woman.

“A question has been troubling me.”

“What question?” the old woman asked.

“I promised my friend that I’ll look after his family. But I found out that his family is already dead. I don’t know what I should do. Should I kill everyone who killed them? But that won’t bring his family back either. In any case, I’ve already failed him after taking all the benefits.”

Gabriel didn’t even know why, but he felt that he could tell the woman what his troubles were. He didn’t go into specifics though.

“Isn’t the answer simple?” The woman responded.


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