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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 245: The Test Bahasa Indonesia

Olivia’s legs healed. The pleasant energy filled her body, giving her the strength she had lost.

Olivia’s vision was still somewhat blurry, but she could still realize who the person before her was.

“You will be fine. Just rest here,” Gabriel lightly patted the cheeks of Olivia before he stood up, turning his back to her.

He looked back at Xin. Seeing Gabriel looking back at her, Xin couldn’t help but take a step back subconsciously. That feeling of suppression was too much. She could feel that she wasn’t strong enough to face him.

Even if she tried to fight him together with the others, there was no chance of victory.

Rong was still in Raphael’s grasp, but she couldn’t do anything. It was evident that if she even tried to do anything, she was going to die as well.

She decided to take Gabriel’s offer. One person dying here was better than all of them dying.

“We are leaving!” She declared as she turned around. The other youngsters were somewhat hesitant but even they weren’t stubborn enough to fight after seeing the skills that Gabriel had shown.

The man was just too strange. He could use the Dark Spells, and the Spells of Light. Something was really wrong with him according to them.

The other youngsters also turned around and followed Xin.

Rong couldn’t speak anything as his tongue was burned, but he still cried in pain, as if calling them to stop and help him.

Xin could only clench her fist and avoid those calls for help. She and Rong were friends. She didn’t want to leave him to die. It was torture for her, but there was nothing she could do.

Without enough strength, she could only lead her other friends to death as well. If anything, she could only hope that these people were going to let Rong live until their army arrived.

Gabriel watched the youngsters leave but didn’t stop them.

“Are you sure you want to let them leave?” Raphael asked Gabriel after the youngsters disappeared from their sight.

He also tossed Rong back to Gabriel as if the man was a toy.

“Don’t worry. They will return in a few minutes,” Gabriel calmly responded as he caught Rong. He carried Rong back to Olivia.

“What do you mean they will be back? How can you be so sure?” Infernal King Raphael wondered just what it was that Gabriel knew and he didn’t.

“There is a small army outside the town, having quite a few advanced Tier Mages,” Gabriel explained without showing much worry.

“The Churches are here?” Raphael was somewhat surprised that Gabriel could sense the enemies before he could.

“I don’t think they are from the Church. The forces are too weak to be sent by them to catch us. This isn’t the work of the Church.”

“It doesn’t matter who they are from. I’ll go and handle them,” the Infernal King stated. For him, there was no different between the forces of the Church and other forces.

He was already quite irrigated as he had to run away from a battle last time. This was a perfect opportunity for him to leave everything in the past and focus on the present.

Surprisingly enough, Gabriel didn’t stop the Infernal King either.

Gabriel was sure that these forces were white weak by Gabriel’s standard, despite having a few advanced tier Mages.

“Don’t spend too much time. We have to leave as well,” Gabriel told the Infernal King. From no angle did it look like Raphael was going to fight hundreds of Mages. Instead, from Gabriel’s reaction, it looked more like Raphael was going to play with some kids.


“There,” After the Infernal King left, Gabriel gave a knife to Olivia. “Get your revenge with your own hands. You can either kill him, or let him live. The choice is yours.”

After giving the knife to Olivia, he stepped back. He had already made up his mind. It was a test for Olivia to see if she was really someone who deserved his help.

He had already decided. If Olivia let Rong live, even after all he did, he wasn’t going to interfere in her matters and leave right away. He had already paid them back for helping him after all.

However, if she was brave enough, he was going to help her family to migrate to a different town where they could start a new life and not worry about being hurt by Yan. It was all her choice now.

Rong was lying on the ground. For some reason, he couldn’t even move his body. Because of all the bloodloss, his body felt really happy for some reason.

He didn’t have a tongue to cast his spells, nor his hands to fight physically. He felt as helpless as he never did. He had already stopped resisting, as if he had given up entirely.

Olivia held the knife in her hand firmly. If she wanted, she could kill the pitiful guy who wanted to strip her before the whole town. But still, in the corner of her mind, there was a thought about the future. Could she really afford to kill this person? He was the son of a Duke after all.

“I-i don’t want to kill him. Please let him leave. It’s enough…” After a long time, Olivia dropped the knife, still hesitant.

Gabriel just looked at Olivia who was on her knees now. She had made up her mind.

Hearing her decision, Gabriel was quite disappointed. But he didn’t do anything. He had already given her a chance to decide. If this was her choice, then he didn’t feel like there was any need for him to go out of his way to help her. The ones who couldn’t help themselves even this much, they didn’t need his help.

“If that’s what you want.” Gabriel turned to the old man. “Take the gift from the mountain and leave this town with your daughter.”

Even though Gabriel talked in his usual manner, for some reason, Olivia felt as if Gabriel was quite distant now. Previously, she didn’t feel this way. Previously, she could feel some friendliness in his tone, but now, that was missing. Did she really make him upset by not killing him? She wondered.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t kill him and bring a calamity onto her people.

Her father bowed to Gabriel before holding Olivia’s hand and leaving the town.

Even as she left, Olivia occasionally glanced back at Gabriel.

Back on the ground, Rong felt somewhat relieved. Since Gabriel left his life in the girl’s hand and she let him leave, did that mean he finally avoided the calamity?

Before he could even sigh in relief, a foot stomped on his head, crushing his skull.


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