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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 237: Ghost Town Bahasa Indonesia

“Second Princess?” Olivia exclaimed as great concern engulfed her.

Until now, she only thought that these people were from ordinary noble Families as they didn’t have any guards with them. However, the reality was that they were all from the top families of Yann? This was even more dangerous.

She couldn’t help but glance at Princess Xin before looking back at Gabriel. If a Princess was killed here, things were going to be even worse. A noble dying and a Princess being killed had entirely different significance as the latter ensured that there was definitely a war!

‘No matter what, I need to ensure they stay alive!’ Olivia clenched her fist.

‘Princess and kids of Dukes?’ Even Gabriel was slightly surprised. The Dukes held the most important position in the Yan Empire after the King.

The Dukes were even allowed to possess their private armies, which weren’t weak. Just why were such important people here in this small town of the Lumen Empire? Just why did they want to meet with the Town Head? There was definitely something going on here.

“The Town Head won’t be back soon. Why don’t you tell us your purpose? We should be able to help you any way we can,” Gabriel stated, trying to get some answers.

“Why we’re here? That’s none of your concern, brat. Mind your own business,” Rong arrogantly stated. It was unclear what he was angry about, but whenever he talked to Gabriel, his tone was always worse than what he used with Olivia.

“It doesn’t matter if your Town Head isn’t here or not,” he further stated. “It would’ve been good if he was here, but even when he isn’t, it won’t change much. We’ll still finish what we’re here for!”

Rong’s friends didn’t find anything wrong in his behavior or the tone he used. It was quite normal since he was a noble and from a great family.

Rong momentarily glanced at Gabriel. ‘This kid… Despite being a commoner, his clothes are better than mine! He really thinks just because he has better clothes, he is equal to us and can ask us questions. He needs to remember his place!’

Even though all six of them were Royals, due to the attire that Gabriel received from the Ancestral Staff, he looked like the real Prince here. Even the calmness on his face and his expressions were a testament of someone who had gone through a lot. His temperament was also more of a Royalty, even without him realizing it.

Just that small thing gave Rong the impression that Gabriel was being pretentious, which made him even angrier.

Seeing Gabriel being scolded again, Olivia clenched her fist subconsciously. She had never seen such idiots! They were standing at the doors of death, and instead of stepping back, they were trying to break the door with a hammer to invite their deaths?

Gabriel could also feel Olivia’s grip around his hand tightening. She was still holding onto his hand.

“Please don’t misunderstand, my Lord. What my friend meant to say was that it’ll be our pleasure to be able to help you all. In case you need anything, please tell us. We will get it done right away.”

Before things could escalate, she took over the conversation again.

“Help? We don’t need much,” the second young man of the group, known as Huang, answered.

“Yeah. What we need, you can’t help. You two are too weak. Moreover, if we needed more help, we could’ve brought mages who work for us instead. So don’t worry about us.”

For some reason, none of the Nobles said what they were here for, keeping that under wraps for now.

Unlike Rong, Princess Xin was not angry at Gabriel. Instead, she was more intrigued.

She didn’t know what this was about that man, but for some reason, she felt as if the man was a deep abyss that she couldn’t see through.

She was a mid-tier mage who was on the verge of becoming an Advanced Tier Mage at such a young age, yet she couldn’t see through the young man.

She couldn’t feel any magic from Gabriel, as if the young man was nothing more than an ordinary man, but she felt there was more to him than just that. At times, she even wondered if she was overthinking.

“Who made your clothes?” she asked after some time, starting a conversation with Gabriel.

“I found them,” Gabriel answered.

No one made these clothes. Instead, he received them with his Ancestral Staff, so finding them was more accurate.

“Xin, did you really expect something else? How else can someone like him afford such clothes,” Rong once again chimed in. “Some Royal of Lumen probably tossed away his old clothes, and this beggar picked them up to show off.”

Insult after insult, Gabriel was really getting irritated at this point. He was on the verge of letting all his anger out, but he still controlled himself.

Olivia felt like slapping Rong! If he weren’t a Royal, she would’ve already slapped him! That idiot! She was sure that if the guy knew that Gabriel was a Dark Mage of the upper echelon, he would’ve already wet his pants!

“T-there is the guest house! That’s the best we have!” To reduce some tensions, Olivia pointed at the nearest house. They were finally at their destination.

She intentionally didn’t take them to the center of the town since she didn’t want them to see the destroyed Church of Light. It was better to keep them away from the center so they could easily leave and come to their residence without having to pass through the center of the town.

“You all, please stay outside. I’ll go talk to the owner and tell him everything.” She entered the house, taking even Gabriel with her inside. She couldn’t afford to leave him alone with these Nobles.

She also had to inform the owner of this guest house about the new guests and how important it was that they didn’t find out what happened in the town if they wanted to keep them alive.

Xin and the others waited outside the guest house.

“Did you all notice it as well?” A dark-haired girl known as Yui asked. Throughout the country, she had been the most silent, observing her surroundings more than paying interest on the conversation.

“Noticed what?” Rong asked, confused. He didn’t notice anything strange.

“The Town…” Xin agreed with Yui. Even she had noticed this strange phenomenon. “There is not a single person outside in this town. It’s like this is a ghost town.”


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