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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 23: The World Unknown Bahasa Indonesia

Lira’s words surprised Gabriel. Even he hadn’t expected her to say this.

His basic spell was really so strong? Was the Element of Necromancy really something that special? If that was the case, then this element really held too many secrets, starting from its origin to how it ended up with him.


Two days passed as the group of two continued traveling together.

Along the way, Lira also stopped occasionally and allowed Gabriel to take the lead. She taught him how to ride a horse, how to hold ropes, and everything in between. Initially, even Gabriel struggled a bit, but with time, he got the hang of it.

From that point on, the two of them took turns sitting at the front so Gabriel could get more experience.

As Gabriel rode, Lira also taught him how to correct his posture to appear more dignified like he needed to pretend to be.

Within two days, Lira had made sure that Gabriel went from a novice in horse riding to something that was no less than a Royalty.

Currently, it was also Gabriel who was sitting in the lead. Lira sat behind him with her hands wrapped around young Gabriel.

“We are near our destination. That’s the city,” Lira reminded Gabriel, pointing in the distance.

Gabriel observed a beautiful city in the distance which was situated in the middle of a desert. “Are there going to be Mages of Light in the city?”

“Hopefully not. This city is too far from the Capital. Moreover, it’s not one of those luxurious cities where the Mages would come for fun. In fact, it’s a city that most mages avoid. It’s a crime-infested City that no one wants to enter. So I doubt we will find any Mage of Light,” Lira explained.

She licked her lips in amusement. “And even if we do, I’ll make sure they are dead before they lay their eyes on us.”

“Who are we meeting in the city?”

“A man known as Lambard. He’s known as the uncrowned King of this city and also an antique collector. He is the one we came here for.”

“And how will he help us?”

“Not only can he help us, but his help might be the most crucial for us,” Lira responded.

Gabriel made the horse stop at the city’s entrance, where two guards were standing with spears, blocking the path.

“State your purpose!” The Guards said in unison.

“We’re here to meet Lambard,” Gabriel answered.

The guards flinched as they heard the answer. The two guards noticed the gloves on the hands of Gabriel, which seemed to be covering the back of his hands.

“Are you a Mage?” One of the guards asked. “Take off your gloves.”

Gabriel took off his left glove and showed the Mark of Light. “That’s right. I’m a Mage.”

The two guards looked at each other momentarily before one of them stated, “Master Lambard isn’t in the city. He left two days ago for the City of Sucem.”

“Let me handle them.” Lira jumped off the horse, not liking the fact that these guards were wasting their time.

“Tell Lambard that Lira is here to meet him, and if he doesn’t meet us, I’ll bring this entire city down.”

“You dare talk about Master like that?!” The guards exclaimed in a rage, seeing her offensive tone. “We told you he isn’t in the city. Go back and come after a few weeks!”

“You can’t claim I didn’t warn you,” Lira sighed.

She took off her gloves as well, revealing the Mark of Darkness. The guards’ eyes widened as they saw the Mark.

“Shadow Knights,” Lira commanded.

Two Shadow Knights appeared behind the two guards, killing them instantly.

After killing both the Guards, Lira sent the two Shadow Knights back before she walked back to Gabriel. She climbed on the horse.

“The mansion in the center of the City is our destination.”

Gabriel entered the city with Lira.

The roads were filled with people. The City appeared to be very crowded. There was barely any space to walk, let alone ride on a horse, but Gabriel didn’t need to worry about that since he had Lira with him. Lira didn’t even try to hide her aura.

That was one advantage of being a Dark Mage. Everyone was scared of you, so no one was going to dare to get close to you except the Mages, and even if there were any Mages here, Lira didn’t worry about them.

People on the street kept moving aside on their own, clearing the path for Gabriel and his horse.

“Are they selling the Staff of Dark Element? I thought those things were banned?” Gabriel asked, noticing a staff with a black gem being sold in one of the shops along with other elemental Staff. Only his element wasn’t there.

All these Staffs were novice tier though, so their quality was questionable.

“I told you, this is a city infested with crime. Rules are the last thing they follow,” Lira answered.

“How come the Holy Church of Light doesn’t shut this city down for ignoring rules made by them?”

“You think they didn’t try? They tried quite a lot of times, but they can’t destroy this city.”


“Because of Lambard.”

“Because of him? Didn’t you say he was a human? How can he stop the Holy Mages?”

“There’s a long story behind that. You’ll know it when we meet him. He does love to talk after all,” Lira smiled. “You’re about to explore a world that you didn’t know existed. Let alone you; most people don’t know about the things you’re about to find out.”

Gabriel was really curious about what this girl talked about, but then again, he decided to keep his patience.

Whatever Lira spoke until now pointed toward a mystery that ordinary people like him were unaware of. There existed a human who could stop the Holy Church of Light from invading this city?

He wondered just what kind of person that man was. He was soon going to get his answers.

Without any mishaps, the two of them managed to reach the central mansion in the city.

The entire city was in a really good condition. There were many luxurious houses and well-established markets. Even illegal work was done in the city with complete freedom, and no one cares about it.

Still, the mansion which was established in the center of the city was the most luxurious mansion Gabriel had ever seen. The mansion covered twenty acres of land right in the middle of the city.

Gabriel stopped the horse at the entrance, only to notice a woman standing there with a tray in her hand.

The tray contained two glasses of water. There was no guard present here.

“Welcome, guests. Master said you would be coming.” The young lady welcomed Gabriel and Lira. “Master is waiting for you.”

Gabriel gazed at Lira in confusion. Lambard knew they would be coming? And he was waiting for them? Then why did his guards at the city’s entrance not allow them in?

Amidst thousands of questions, Gabriel got down the horse, followed by Lira.

Lira picked up the glass of water from the tray.

“It might be poisoned. You should be careful.” Gabriel reminded Lira.

Lira only smiled back in response. “This water isn’t to drink. Pick the glass and follow the maid inside.”

Gabriel picked the other glass, still confused.

The maid turned around with the empty tray and stepped inside the mansion.

Gabriel also stepped inside the mansion with Lira, holding a glass of water, not knowing why.


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