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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 2: Envy of the Damned Bahasa Indonesia

The High Priest lazily glanced back. “Roan, as I told you before, I can’t accept him. Tell your son to get admission to the Royal Academy of Magic and prove himself there. He can join the Church of Light after graduating from the Academy like other Light Mages.”

Hearing the response, Roan became even more nervous. This was about the future of his son, after all. “But Your Holiness, that will take a lot of time. Since you’re already here and accepted one member, can’t you make this exception for me? Please accept my son in Church of Light as well.”

The High Priest glared at Roan in response. It appeared as if he was starting to get angry.

“Roan, don’t forget your position. Are you questioning my decision? So what if your son awakened the Element of Light? There are thousands more like him. He is already twenty-three years old. By twenty, almost everyone who has the talent of becoming a talented Light Mage awakens the element. By that standard, your son is already below average.”

“Moreover, the only reason I came here is for the kid called Gabriel. There has been no person who awakened with the Element of Light before the age of Nineteen. Meanwhile, this kid awakened the element before he even turned eighteen properly.”

“He is the most talented Light Mage I’ve seen in my entire life. That’s the only reason for his direct selection into the Church. Don’t think I’ll make that exception for everyone. Next time, don’t even raise that issue with me anymore!”

The High Priest rolled his eyes before he left the hall to go prepare for the initiation ceremony tomorrow, after which he was going to take Gabriel to the Royal City where the Church of Light was established.

Gabriel stood respectfully, watching the High Priest leave. He couldn’t help but wonder what the High Priest talked with the Priest of this small town. However, it was none of his concern. After the High Priest left, he also started leaving, excited for tomorrow.

Even though Gabriel attempted to leave the Church, it wasn’t easy for him as there were many people on the way waiting to congratulate him.

Everyone knew that Gabriel was going to become a really powerful mage in the future with his talent. Maybe he could even become the Head Priest one day as well? They all wanted to maintain a good relationship with him.

After lots of struggle, Gabriel somehow managed to get out of the Church of Light.

As he stepped into the sunlight and out of the Church, he breathed a sigh of relief. He gazed at the clear sky as a beautiful smile spread across his slender face.

He showed the back of his hand toward the sky. “Look, Mom. Your son has made you proud today. I’ve been selected in the Church of Light!”

Ever since he was young, he had never seen his father. Let alone him, not a single person in this town had seen his father. When his mother shifted to this town eighteen years ago, she was already pregnant with him. Moreover, she never talked about his father.

In the absence of his father, his mother was his everything. Unfortunately, even his mother left him all alone in this world, dying when he was just five years old.

Even though Gabriel had lost his mother at an early age, he never felt alone. He always knew that his mother was watching over him from heaven, and he didn’t want to make her sad. Instead, he wanted to make her happy. That’s why he had been working hard to make her dream come true. Today, he believed she must have been really happy.

“Mother, you always used to say that you wanted me to be the light that illuminates the whole world.”

He gently brushed his fingers on the beautiful symbol of Light which was on the back of his hand as evidence of his awakening. “Look, I’ve taken the first step towards that goal! I wish you were here so I could’ve hugged you today. I’m missing you so much, mother. But don’t worry, I won’t be sad.” As he talked, a small tear appeared in his eyes.

“Gabriel!” A melodious voice came from the distance.

Gabriel glanced back, only to notice a lady who appeared to be a few years older than him running towards him.


The beautiful blue-haired lady was wearing a dark blue dress that wrapped her slim figure perfectly.

“Wait, why are you crying? Wasn’t today supposed to be a good day for you? Don’t tell me something bad happened inside?” Maya instantly turned serious as she saw the tear of Gabriel.

She had been waiting near the Church for Gabriel since she wasn’t allowed inside. She didn’t see anything that took place inside.

“What happened inside?” Gabriel let out a deep sigh, wiping his tear. “They praised me and wished me luck for my academy years.”

“What? Only that?” Maya grew stunned as the pitch of her voice became louder. “The Head Priest came all the way from the Royal City only for that? What about the rumors that he was here to accept you in the Church of Light? What happened to that?”

Gabriel shook his head. “That’s not happening. It was just a rumor apparently.”

While talking, he looked down as if he was really sad.

“That… D-don’t worry about anything. It’s their loss!” Maya stepped forward and hugged Gabriel tightly. “So what if you can’t join right now? You’re still a prodigy. In the Academy of Elements, you’ll learn lots of things. I’ll take great care of you. I’ve been there for a year, after all. You’ll be the star of the Academy! The Youngest Light Mage!”

During the hug, Maya felt Gabriel trembling.

She asked, “Are you crying?”

Unfortunately, she soon realized that she was wrong. Gabriel wasn’t trembling because he was crying. It was because he was trying really hard to control his laughter.

Ultimately, Gabriel couldn’t control himself as he burst into laughter. “Hahaha, alright, alright. I accept; I was joking. I was just teasing you! I got selected into the Church of Light. Tomorrow is my initiation ceremony.”

“You!” The beautiful woman puffed her cheeks, unable to believe she was fooled like that. “You Stupid Idiot!”

She freed Gabriel and raised her hand toward the sky. A beautiful blue formation appeared above her head, and a wooden staff came out of the formation, landing in her hand.

The two-meter tall staff was an elementary level staff of Element of Water which was the element of Maya. It had a small blue gem at the top to help new mages channel their elements.

“Hey, hey! Maya, don’t! I’ll get hurt! It’s cheating!” Gabriel waved his hand as he started stepping back. “Maya, stop! I have a ceremony tomorrow!”

“Water Blast!” Maya ignored the words of Gabriel as she chanted.

The blue gem on the staff shone brightly. A massive sphere of water appeared before her out of thin air.

“Hey, you can’t bully a Mage of Light! Just because you awakened your element before me, you can’t bully me! Wait! Wait! No!”

“Well, maybe that Mage of Light should’ve thought that before teasing me.” Maya flashed a grin as the sphere of water shot towards Gabriel.

Gabriel tried running, but it was too late. The ball of water hit him. Even though it didn’t hurt him, the water drenched him from top to bottom. All his clothes were soaked in water along with his beautiful silver hair, which stuck closer to his body now.

“Now, you look better.” Maya flashed a cheeky smile as if she was equal now. “Next time you pull a prank like this, I’ll drench you in three water blasts!”

“Is that so,” Gabriel rolled his eyes. “You little bully, just you wait!”

He started running towards Maya, stretching his arms wide as if he was running towards her to hug her.

“Wait! No! Stay away! You’ll make my clothes wet! Gabriel, no!” This time, it was Maya’s turn to run as Gabriel ran to her to hug her with his wet body as revenge.

As the two childhood friends had fun running around, a young man watched everything from a distance. His face was already twisted in anger. His eyes were filled with bloodthirst.

“This bastard! It’s because of him that I didn’t get a spot! If I can’t get that spot, I’ll make sure no one gets it!” The dark-haired man clenched his fist as he hatched a dark plan… Unaware that his one plan was going to bring forth a storm.


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