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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 183: The Blood of Words Bahasa Indonesia

“Shall we go to the Church to ask them directly?” Someone suggested.

“That’s useless now.” Eliana shook her head. With Lelin, they were stuck between a rock and a hard place. They couldn’t even go to the Church of Light to ask them directly since, either way; they were going to be on the worse side of it.

If Lelin’s story was true, then the only person who knew about his existence here was the Holy Priest of Light. Only he could confirm this theory. Unfortunately, according to the information they received from the Holy Church of Light, the Head of the Church of Light wasn’t even in the city.

“Why are you telling us about Lelin if we can’t even do anything about it in that case?” Yoan inquired. Eliana had mentioned Lelin and the two possibilities, but she herself agreed that they couldn’t do anything about it. Then why mention it?

“I just wanted to remind you all of something. I mentioned his name for a specific reason,” Eliana answered after a brief pause.

“No matter which of the possibilities about Lelin is true, we will be in trouble from both ends. If he were an enemy, then it would be embarrassing if someone found out that we were fooled by two people. And if he were a friend, we would be blamed for our failure to protect him inside the Academy.”

“That’s why I want to tell you that you must stick to one story. For the sake of our Academy, we need to create a lie and live with it.”

Eliana was quite grim as she talked about this topic. She hated the fact that they had to lie about it and that they had to live without getting answers about the true whereabouts of Lelin, but it was the only option they had.

She told them what they had to do regarding it…


While the Academy was discussing how to solve Lelin’s issue, Lelin was still standing before a place that looked like a temple. The door of this Temple was sealed, and it looked to be that way for a really long time.

It even looked like the door hadn’t been opened in over a century.

Lelin stood all alone in this place, as even the Spectre was gone. The only thing which Lelin had was a small white orb that he was carrying openly.

“That should be the last of it,” he commented as he tossed a dirty piece of cloth away.

He had spent his last few days trying to clear the entire temple, which was huge. The cleaning took him over a week, but finally, he was done.

After cleaning the walls and the doors of the Temple, he took a few steps back. The tower previously looked quite different. However, after being cleaned, it was like an entirely different place altogether.

Previously, the outer walls and the door were covered in some black material, which made the tower look quite strange. However, now that the Temple was cleaned, its beautiful blue luminance was quite clear.

Moreover, there were also some characters that seemed to be written on the wall, which was previously hidden behind that dark material. After being cleaned, all those words were quite clear.

The entire tower was covered in words that seemed to be written using blood! As for whose blood it was, it was unclear.

Even though these words were clearly written centuries ago, they still looked very fresh for some reason, as if they happened just yesterday.

“I must say, he certainly had a knack for art,” Lelin commented, seeing the blood on the walls.

Even though the bloody words were covering all sides of the Temple, they still looked more like an art than anything else. It was like each stroke… Each character was telling a story in itself.

“No wonder these people hated him so much… He really didn’t know how to control himself when he was upset.”

Lelin placed the white orb in his spatial storage before bringing out a scroll and a pen.

Using the pen, he started writing all the words on the scroll that were written on the Temple with blood.

The temple wasn’t very small either. Just like cleaning, it took him over a week; even writing all the words that were written on the tower took him hours.

After he finished writing, he sat on the ground with the paper and started going through the words that were finally forming coherent sentences.

The language of the characters was different from what was usually used in this world currently, but despite that, Lelin was able to understand the words.

He had just managed to read the first sentence, which in itself was shocking enough. However, he had to stop right after the first sentence as he felt something.

His fists clenched as he stood up, slowly turning around. He could sense a strange energy that the world hadn’t seen for a long long time.

Turning around, Lelin noticed a door… It was just a door that had appeared in the middle of nowhere, not too far from him.

The door looked beautiful, seemingly made of a material that was quite similar to pure silver. In the middle of the door, there was only one mark… The mark of an hourglass.

Seeing the symbol, even Lelin seemed taken aback.

“Well, that was fast..”

It didn’t look like he was shocked at their arrival. Instead, he seemed more appalled that they had arrived sooner than he expected. He didn’t even have the time to leave, and they were already here.

He scratched the back of his head, seemingly disappointed at his slow speed. He closed the scroll and sent it back to his storage.

The Majestic door opened, revealing timeless darkness on the other side. Even Lelin couldn’t see anything through the darkness, but his Mark of Light had already started to react.

His Mark of Light was already sending a burning sensation all over his body.


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